Refund and Returns Policy

Our return & refund policy works as followed:



If you are not satisfied with you Knives please email House of Folding knives reviews shop IMMEDIATELY after opening your shipment.  All claims regarding Knives quality must be reported by email on receipt of product.  Digital pictures of ALL the Knives you are claiming, as well as the box and all box labels, are required.  Pictures should include a close up of the product, as well as a more panoramic or larger view of the product showing the Knives in question. We may ask for return of the Knives to process your claim.

Contact us within 14 days for return or replacement. Claims for return or refund made after 14 days of receipt of product will NOT be accepted. Cost of return shipping is at buyers own cost. Items returned must be packed back up in the same packaging as they were received. 

If you would like to return a Knife due to a change of mind this return will need to be within 14 days of delivery to yourself. Return must be packaged back up in the original packaging as it was received. Items that are returned must arrive with us in the same condition they were received. Refunds cannot be issued for returns that arrive with us damaged, or due to negligence by the customer in regards to postage and packaging. 


Complaints will not be accepted for issues relating to the stems of Knives unless in exceptional circumstances. Our guarantee only covers damage to the Knives head in question. Complaints concerning part of the order supplied cannot be a cause for rejecting the entire order. Although our system has confirmed your order in dealing with agricultural products and international deliveries there is always a possibility an order may not be filled. House of Folding knives reviews shop will only credit the amount of the undelivered order and will not be held liable for any inconveniences arising from these events.


House of Folding knives reviews shop will not be responsible for products mishandled by customers.  It is the customer’s responsibility to know how to properly care for the products they are ordering. 

House of Folding knives reviews shop cannot accept claims or returns of Knives where customers have re-potted, removed from their original pots or pruned.

House of Folding knives reviews shop cannot be responsible for quality of Knives in the event of a missed delivery by the customer or by contact details or addresses entered incorrectly during the ordering process. Our guarantee does not cover parcels that have been left in an outdoor setting by DPD at the customer’s request. 

Our policy includes the sale of bulbs, claims after this period cannot be accepted. We have no control over the conditions, sunlight, moisture and similar factors that may impact the growth of flower bulbs, we cannot guarantee that your flower bulbs will grow under any and all conditions.

If you need to file a claim, please send an email to


Below is how our refund policy works:  


If you do want to return an item bought from us this needs to be within 14 days of receipt, you need to email us, and then you can send the item back to us, at your cost, and once the item is received back to us at your cost, we will then be in touch regarding a refund. you can send your refunded product on below address if you are not satisfied with quality or its damaged etc.


Repeated Returns


We offer a return and refund policy, we also monitor the number of returns made by customers and continued returns in breach of our terms and conditions will be flagged and may at our discretion lead to the closure of your account of future orders being refused.



Missing Knives 

In the event that part of your order is missing, notify us immediately by phone and email. House of Folding knives reviews shop will check to verify the packing of your box. If there is a discrepancy, House of Folding knives reviews shop will reimburse the customer the value of the missing items per the pricing on the order. House of Folding knives reviews shop will not be responsible for replacing missing items from your local suppliers.

Payment and Cancellations


Card payments are charged at the moment of placing the order. Approved claims will be credited back to the charge card after the complaint is settled. Any cancellation may be subject to a processing fee of 20% of your total bill.  No cancellations will be accepted 5 days prior to your delivery date.  At that time orders will already be scheduled with the auctions and growers and will not be available for sale to other customers.