Many modern devices can turn your blunt and ruined-edged knife into a sharp one besides grinding stones. A high-quality knife sharpener could help your tools regain their smooth performance, whether you are using a full tang, top machete or pocket knife. However, it can be challenging to opt for the best pocket knife sharpener that best caters to your needs. Therefore, this article will provide detailed reviews and some guidelines on selecting the best pocket knife sharpeners. Keep scrolling down to figure it out!

Top 10 Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners in 2021

Lansky D-sharp Knife Sharpener

When you own a knife, the golden rule is to keep it sharp, even after continual use. The Lansky Multi-Angle Sharpener will make this job never easier. With a pocket-sized model, the D-Sharp features a 600-grit diamond surface with 4 separate angles. You can choose between 17-, 20-, 25-, and 30-degree angles.  The D-Sharp’s angles will make your knives regain sharpness, whether they are fixed blades, everyday carry pocket knives, kitchen cutlery, etc.

Besides, the 800-grit ceramic Benchstone contributes to finishing things off. It can work well with straight blades, even serrated ones. You don’t need to worry about this sharpener’s durability, thanks to its impact-resistant material instead of cheap, poor-quality plastic. It’s 4.3” long, 1.4” wide, and just 0.5” thick. Remarkably, you don’t need a carrying case since this sharpener is stuffed in a pack.

Despite those remarkable features, this knife sharpener is reasonably priced. It will be worth your purchase when it is highly rated by many users. To be more specific, it gives good sharpening angles and good sharpening results. However, its design is anything but ordinary. It’s a bit heavy for you to drag across and you may ding the tip on the way out. 


  • 4 angles for different sharpening options
  • An 800-grit Benchstone handles serrated blades well
  • Low price for good sharpening performance


  • An ordinary design
  • A little heavy to drag across

Final verdict: This knife sharpener is one of the best pocket knife sharpeners for various sharpening projects, durable and portable. There is no reason to exclude it from your hunting gear, camping pack or utility toolbox.

Smith's Pocket Knife Sharpener

Smith’s Knife Pocket Sharpener 50979  comes with a G-10 handle, a 420 steel frame, reversible pocket clip, crossed carbides, ceramic stones, etc. The carbides allow you to make a quick edge setting, contributing to the excellent edge every time. The specially-shaped ceramic stones perform well with both standard and serrated edges. For small gut hooks and sharpening serrations, a foldable diamond-coated rod can do a good job. 

In addition to carbides and sharpening slots, the lanyard hole also makes it easy for you to carry around this device. The sharpening rod also helps to enhance the tool’s powerful sharpening nature. Therefore, wherever you go, as long as you keep Smith’s knife sharpener in your pocket, your cutting edges will always be in good condition.

In terms of design, this tactical sharpener’s dimension is 7.3” x 5” x 0.8”. It’s compact, lightweight and durable. The black sharpener comes with a limited warranty, which shows the Smith manufacture commitments to quality products with no manufacturing effects. However, many will think that this tool is a bit expensive compared to similar products.


  • All are stuffed in one package
  • Easy to use and carry around with lanyard hole
  • Suitable for tactical knife sharpening


  • A bit pricey for a limited warranty 

Final verdict: This pocket knife sharpener is in general suitable for tactical knife sharpening projects and those who cherish portable models. However, it may not for those with a limited budget.

Smith's Step Knife Sharpener

Another product on our top list is the Smith CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener. It possesses a couple of tungsten carbide blades and fixed angles for the perfect edge. The strokes and sharpening slots will make every dull knife restore its sharpness with a perfectly finished edge. The non-slip rubber feet help you hold the sharpener firmly when sharpening different knives such as filet knives, which increases your safety.

This knife sharpener excels at sharpening a wide range of knives. For example, it can fascinatingly hone a Puma knife, which usually requires a bench grinder for sharpening. Moreover, it deals with blades requiring minimal re-work, such as a filet knife or kitchen knife. Just a few good touches, and your knives are perfectly fine-tuned.

Despite those highlighting features above, the Smith’s Knife Sharpener CCKS 2, similar to Lansky D-SHARP Knife Sharpener, has an ordinary design. Many users shared the same thoughts, but we cannot expect more in a product with such a low price. 


  • Non-slip rubber feet for stability and safety
  • Lightweight, compact and portable design
  • Pre-set angles boost the perfect edge


  • A little simple, ordinary design

Final verdict: There is no reason not to purchase this pocket knife sharpener for those cherishing camping trips thanks to its portable, easy-to-carry design and good pocket knife sharpening capability.

Lansky Qsharp knife sharpener

Lansky QuadSharp QSHARP came into the market quite a long time ago, but it’s still a preferable choice. This is because of its lightweight, convenient and durable design. For example, the Lansky sharpener is made of carbide material, a kind of metal less hard than ceramic and diamond. Hence, it can still withstand the weather or vigorous sharpening process. 

Moreover, you can have no difficulty in holding it with different angles and feel comfortable when sharpening your pocket knives. With just no more than 4 strokes, this pocket knife sharpener will help your knife come out like brand new. Even with serrated knives, you can use the Ceramic Bench Stone to verify how good the sharpening ability it owns.

The only drawback of this tool is the fact that the ceramic stone is a little loose. Therefore, it may result in a rattling sound. Worse still, when using this sharpener, you should be careful to avoid cutting yourself due to its large size. 


  • Diverse angles (17º, 20º, 25º, 30º) for many sharpening options
  • Ceramic polishing bench stone and stainless strip
  • Magical sharpening result with just 4 stokes


  • The loose ceramic stone/bar
  • The stone is larger than usual 

Final verdict: The Lansky QuadSharp QSHARP knife sharpener is worth your purchase giving its sharpening capability. However, it may be a bit hard to use if your hands are medium-sized.

Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool

If you are selling a simple sharpener when you go hiking or camping, Sharpal Pocket Knife Sharpener can cater to your needs with its various features. Inside a 1.6 ounce tool, Sharpal is a survival pocket that comes with an emergency whistle and fire kit. This special tool is capable of sharpening blades of all types, suitable to accompany you on your ourney and adventure.

First launched in 2019, Sharpal possessed many better features and more functions than other pocket knife sharpeners. You can comfortably perfect your knives with ceramic stones and tungsten blades. The honing stone has undergone over 10,000 testing times, so it’s subject to little tear and wear during the sharpening project. Besides, a soft rubber feeling grip ensures your increased safety, allowing you to create meticulously honed edges.

However, one thing that plays down the Sharpal 101N is its fire starter. Many users said that it’s spotty sometimes. Also, the whistle does not seem to be useful. 


  • Carbide blades for fine edge setting
  • Soft rubber feeling grip for excellent stability and safety
  • carbide blades for quick edge setting.
  • Additional life-saving features for emergency


  • The fire starter may be occasionally spotty
  • The whistle is not necessary

Final verdict: In general, despite the low-end firestarter, you can purchase the Sharpal 101N – a 6-in-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener with so much to offer to those interested in camping.

Victorinox knife sharpeners

Victorinox VN43323 is one of the smallest and most simple-to-use pocket knife sharpeners. It resembles a pen and features a super lightweight design. The compact design enables it to fit into a belt loop for users to carry around conveniently. Besides, this sharpener model offers useful features to handle daily honing jobs. The ceramic sharpening stone is durable, so you can use it to sharpen your pocket knives for up to 5 years.

Moreover, the V-style pull-through sharpener is tailored for even people with little knife sharpening experience can use it. As an additional bonus, the Victorinox 43323 features an easy-to-clean fixed blade. You just need to use a scrubbing pad, warm water and exert a little pressure, and the surface will be free from dirt.

Like many products out there, Victorinox VN43323  may have some minor drawbacks. Many users found it hard to obtain a razor-sharp edge when using this model. Even more, the ceramic may be too rough. Therefore, it does not give a surgical sharpness despite putting a working edge on your knife.


  • A compact, portable and sturdy design
  • Easy-to-maintain pull-through sharpener
  • Handy pocket clip and useful drainage hole
  • Quite good performance for daily sharpening


  • Not optimal for a razor-sharp edge
  • The ceramic may be too rough

Final verdict: In a nutshell, the Victorinox VN43323 Pocket Knife Sharpener is appropriate for everyday daily sharpening needs. It’s not up to par with high-quality models as it makes no razor-sharp edge.

Wusthof Knife Sharpener

If you are interested in an incredibly portable knife sharpener, you can select the Wusthof 4-Stage. It is such a compact model that you can carry it with you to anywhere you want to go. Additionally, it has 2 angles, 14 and 10 degrees, with coarse and fine options. You can choose and make your older knives sharp within a few simple strokes.

What’s more, as you sharpen your knives, you can hold them stably and firmly. You can also have more excellent safety thanks to the non-slip feature. More noticeably, the ceramic rods enable users to fine-tune their blades to the optimal finish. This contributes to the edge maintenance and preventing it from turning dull again too quickly.

However, this model is probably prone to breakage. If you don’t take care, the knife ceramic could crack easily. It may be a letdown for those searching for a portable knife sharpener in their camping journey.


  • A small size that can fit onto a keychain
  • Sharpening ability within a couple of strokes
  • Non-slip rubber for the user safety
  • Quite an affordable price for its features


  • Not as durable as it’s expected

Final verdict: Because it only takes you a few easy strokes to hone your knives, this pocket knife sharpener model is worth every penny. However, you should consider its breakage possibility before purchasing.

Corona Knife Sharpener

Corona AC 8300 is a small and lightweight knife sharpener that’s only 0.96 ounces in weight. With a dimension of 6” X 3.7” x 0.2”, this knife model is so convenient for you to keep in your pocket. A non-slip grip is what increases your safety when sharpening. The metal blades can work well with straight and curved blades, though it may not be appropriate for saw blades.

Besides, this kind of sharpener is easy to use. It only takes a few simple strokes to get your knives renewed. You can use this tool on various cutting edges, such as fingernail nippers, machetes or utensils, even utility knife blades. You can have full control of the sharpening process since it sharpens only one blade side at a time.

If you use the Corona AC 8300 sharpening correctly, it removes very little metal. However, a file or a V-notch sharpener may take away a bit more metal. Worse still, the diamond block seems a bit small; hence, it’s challenging to reach the point where the lower flat blade meets the blade edge. 


  • A small and lightweight knife sharpener
  • Metal blades with soft non-slip grip
  • Easy to use for most types of knives


  • V-notch sharpener may take away a bit more metal
  • The diamond block seems a bit small

Final verdict: With mid-range price and remarkable features, the Corona AC 8300 is the right pocket knife sharpener that you can choose for mediocre daily sharpening tasks.

Smith's Handlheld Knife Sharpener

Smith’s Handheld Sharpener 50185 has been around for such a while. This product is remarkable, only weighing 1.6 ounces. The medium-sized design doesn’t take up much space when you put it in your pocket.  You can find it easy to carry the handheld sharpener around with you during your camping trips, outdoor treks and other adventures.

The handheld sharpener is quick and convenient to sharpen and grind the blades of many types. However, it’s not appropriate for serrated blades. The sharpening slots feature crossed carbide blades for the perfect edge. Thanks to the crossed ceramic rods, your knives, game shears or scissors can restore their sharpness.

However, this tool’s drawback is its cheap plastic design. It’s inferior to other sharpener models regarding longevity. Moreover, the handle is poorly constructed. Hence, it may probably be unstable when you hone your knives or scissors.


  • Larger slot for sharpening scissors and game shears
  • Safe, convenient and easy to carry anytime and anywhere
  • Fixed sharpening angles for good honing performance
  • Suitable for both home and outdoor use


  • Cheap plastic design
  • Poorly constructed handle

Final verdict: Despite its cheaply-made components, Smith’s 50185 knife sharpener model can give average good sharpening results. Those who have a limited budget and don’t need extensive pocket sharpening tools can opt for this one.

Work Sharp Guided Field Knife Sharpener

The final product on our top list is WSGFS221 Work Sharp Sharpener. It’s one of the best sharpeners that enable you to maintain an edge on your pocket knives. It offers you a 5-stage sharpening solution, including two diamond plates, coarse and fine ceramic hones, and a strop. Therefore, it will be easy to maintain the edge when you go fishing, hunting, camping, etc. All components do not require any tools or set-up or assembly process. 

Remarkable, the sharper gives consistent edge angles. It provides a 20° angle guide and 25° angle for your honing options. Hence, you can experience a fast and convenient sharpening process of your pocket knives and other camp tools. The ceramic honing rod can rotate to show coarse and fine honing surfaces, also a grooved surface for you to sharpen fish hooks.

However, many customers said that though this tool offers a good sharpening experience, it’s not best-suited for large-sized knives. Another minor downside is that it can get dirty with metal dust quickly, partly because it comes with no case. 


  • A 5-stage sharpening solution for better results
  • Requiring no tools, set-up or assembly process
  • The rotatable ceramic honing rod


  • Unsuitable for large-sized knives
  • Easy to get dirt with metal dust

Final verdict: In general, the WSGFS221 Work Sharp offers excellent features. If you only need a sharpener for pocket knives and small-sized tools, it is such a good purchase.

How to Select The Best Pocket Knife Sharpener

Now you have grasped the pros and cons of the top 10 knife sharpeners in the current market. To help you select the most suitable tool for a pocket knife, let’s see what you should consider.

Size and Weight

Fishing fillet knife with knife sharpener

The initial thing that you should consider before making a purchase is the sharpener’s size and weight. It’s because if the tool is too unwieldy, it will be hard to handle your sharpening project. It also takes you more time and effort to maintain the sharpeners. Importantly, it cannot be safe if you don’t take enough care when dealing with big sharpening tools. 

A smaller sharpener can give you a safe grip Moebet, a quality set of sharpening stones seem to be quite heavy and hard to store away. A sharpening rod with no more than a pound in weight will stash away in a knife block or drawer. Thus, when you shop for a small pocket knife sharpener, you should pay attention to its size and weight.

Adjustable Angle

When you hone your pocket knife, you often need to set the suitable angle for grinding a perfect edge on your blades. You can control your pocket knife’s sharpness by adapting the pitch of the grind. Don’t worry since most sharpeners have adjustable grind angles or guidance on selecting the right angles.  In general, a sharpener with 17 degrees angle would be a good starting point for your simple sharpening tasks.

Sharpening Stages

Depending on each kind of sharpener, you may have to go through different stages to get your entirely aggressive sharpened edge. You should bear in mind that the lower the number, the more aggressive. Typically, you can begin with an aggressive grit number and continually move towards a  finer grit. A few sharpener models are equipped with some form of staging when you undertake your sharpening tasks. Others have ceramic honers and diamond sharpeners. You need to remove the material bulk using an aggressive grit. Then, a finer grit will help you finetune your lovely pocket knife. Therefore, pay attention to your desired edge before purchasing any sharpener.

Abrasive Surface

You also need to take into account the available types of sharpening abrasives.  Abrasives such as tungsten carbide, diamonds and aluminum oxide can do an excellent job of removing metal and bringing out a more refined edge for your knife. Ceramic also works well. Compared to natural sharpening stones, you can get better consistent results.


When you’re on the hunt for a pocket knife, you should also consider the versatility of the tool you want to purchase. Knife sharpeners can deal with different kinds of blades, so check out carefully before making a purchase. For example, some knives are superior regarding their sharpening performance on diverse types of pocket knives, scissors and other tools. Meanwhile, some other sharpeners are better at sharpening serrated blades. Hence, figure out how versatile the sharpener you like to opt for is what you need to prioritize. 

Safety features

You are likely to cut yourself if you don’t pay attention during the sharpening process. Some injuries may also come up if you got a knife sharpener with few built-in features for users’ safety. Therefore, choose sharpeners with safety features such as cut-resistant gloves and built-in finger guards to reduce injury risk.

The Final Thought

Keeping a sharp edge for your pocket knife is also necessary as owning the knife itself. A pocket knife can only work best if it’s maintained and sharpened correctly. Hopefully, you can pick the best one that restores your knife sharpness and acts as your survival gear after reading this detailed review of the top 10 best pocket knife sharpeners and brief buying guidance.