Is a Rough Rider pocket knife any good? You may ask yourself this question when you know how inexpensive it is. Rough Ryder is a well-established manufacturer of traditional pocket knives with its products highly received by users across the world. 

We guess now you know the answer. Let’s check out the most quality knives from this brand.

Top 10 Best Rough Rider Pocket Knife In-depth Review 2021

Rough Ryder offers a wide range of budget knives without compromising on quality. Here are a few products from this brand that you can completely trust.

Rough Ryder Amber Bone RR533 – Best Traditional-styled Knife

Rough Ryder Camp Knife Amber Bone

It’s hard to find models in this traditional pattern anymore. This camping knife comes with a stunning Amber jigged smooth bone handle on which an inlay shield lies.

Its look has an unquestionably age-old feel, with old-fashioned stainless blades, a screwdriver tip, a can opener, and an awl, making it look like a pocket knife dating back to the post-World War II era.

For those who prefer a traditional look, this nominee would be a perfect camp pocket knife.

The polished drop point blade and pen blade are made from 440 stainless steel. Despite not being the hardest metal, the steel is easy to sharpen and hold the edge very well.

We’re pleasantly surprised that this folding knife has a very robust body and nice overall construction for the price point, which is evident in how the blades open and close smoothly.

The awl’s tip is triangular, making it the perfect tool for stitching leather or drilling holes in wooden equipment.

While the can opener works well with any lid size, some users find it slightly stiff to open easily.


  • Classic handle design
  • Solid build
  • Pointy awl
  • Brass liner
  • Holds edge well


  • Stiff can opener

Rough Ryder Miniature Folder #6ABALONE – Best Necklace Accessory

Best Rough Rider Pocket Knife

This pint-sized Rough Ryder has an overall length of 2.7 inches and a closed length of around 1.6 inches. With the same length as the little finger of an adult’s average hand, you can imagine how tiny this knife is. 

The blade is made from 440 stainless steel, rendering it decently resistant to corrosion yet easy to sharpen.

While we shouldn’t expect this little blade to be powerful enough to perform the same tasks as a full-sized model can, it’s still suitable for light jobs such as cutting through a delivery box (with some extra force) and clean nails. 

However, this folding knife offers great aesthetic value. It comes with a colorful abalone handle and accented with grooved nickel silver bolsters and a loop, making it an ideal keychain or necklace hanger.  

Many people also buy it as a gift for their loved ones due to its attractive appearance. Better still, like other Rough Riders, this miniature has a nice construction that feels solid in your hand. 

We find that the stainless steel blade is not easy to open and close as we expected. However, it’s totally fine as it’s not a dedicated knife.


  • Stainless razor blade
  • Aesthetically-pleasing
  • Substantial for light cutting
  • Decent edge retention


  • Hard-to-open blade

Rough Ryder Trapper RR1406 – Best For Budget

Best Rough Rider Pocket Knife

Among Rough Rider budget knives, this mini trapper is a reasonable choice for those who want to test the water. However, we’re confident that the ratio between price and quality makes you happy with the purchase afterward.

Stainless steel is the go-to material for Rough Ryder blades, and this folding knife is no exception. You’ll get a stainless razor blade straight out of the box, and if the sharpness doesn’t meet your needs, a few strokes on the strop will make it razor-sharp.

The blades have no play or wiggle and crisply snap when closed. The closed length of 4-1/8 inches and the smooth bone handles make the knife feel comfortable in your hand. 

You can comfortably carry it everywhere in your pocket or hang on your belt and use it for almost any cutting tasks with such a length.

We haven’t found any issues so far. Overall, this Rough Ryder knife is not a top-end product, but it’s worth every penny you spend. Definitely one of the budget knives you should not miss.


  • Affordable
  • Stainless razor blades
  • Comfortable in hand
  • Good grip
  • Right size for carrying in pocket


  • N/A

Rough Rider RR304 Work Knife – Best For Performance

Best Rough Rider Pocket Knife

This Rough Rider rifleman knife is cool and up to virtually any cutting tasks. Its size is just right with a closed length of 4-5/8 inches, making it fit snugly in any pocket. 

The stainless-steel drop point blade, housed in a red jigged smooth bone handle, is sharp enough for a wide range of tasks. It’s one of the strong knives we know, getting into cardboard smoothly or whittling wood nicely.

What sets this option apart from the sea of competitors is the addition of the utility liner lock on what traditionally is a slip joint style of knife. This locking mechanism features a hump for you to disengage the lock.

Also, it acts as a finger choil to prevent your fingers from making direct contact with the razor-sharp blade during use.

Even though the blade locks securely in place without any wiggle or play, many users have reported that it is off-center, which can be a minor letdown.


  • Right size
  • Suitable for a variety of cutting tasks
  • Liner lock doubles as a finger choil for safety
  • Retains edge decently
  • Stainless razor blade


  • Slightly off-center blade
Best Rough Rider Pocket Knife

We struggle to pick out the best Rough Rider design as there are tons of uniquely beautiful looks. Then, what makes this pick stand out from the crowd?

You’re likely to notice the smooth green bone with a unique horseshoe inlay shield on it. The build of this Rough Ryder is wonderful. Brass liners and polished nickel silver bolsters undoubtedly make the knife pop.

You’ll rarely come across a model that has something on the blade like this one, on which “A Stroke of Luck” was engraved. These touches make an extremely nice knife at an affordable price.

Obviously, this folding knife is made to end up in knife enthusiasts’ collection; we can tell with the frosted blade etching. 

However, it would also make a functional knife because of the good quality of the stainless steel blades, and the build is great without any wobble whatsoever. 

When you close the blade, you can feel a really good snap on it, making it one of the most reliable two-bladed knives on the market.

The only problem is that some users have found the green scales don’t match with the picture. Therefore, if you’re picking up this model, your best bet is to purchase the knife in person.


  • Aesthetically-pleasing
  • Good build
  • Razor-sharp stainless blade
  • Blade kicks out seamlessly
  • Frosted blade etch
  • Razor edge


  • Different color than advertised

Rough Ryder Dog Bone Muskrat RR1185 – Best For Knife Collection

Best Rough Rider Pocket Knife

Rough Ryder Dog Bone Muskrat is a worthwhile addition to any collection of knives.

What makes this folding knife outstanding is the smooth bone handles, dog bone inlay shield, and a special dog whistle. You won’t merely get a bone pocket knife but a unique accessory to carry on your belt everywhere you go.

Features like stainless steel back springs, brass pins, polished bolsters, and brass liners are standard features for Rough Rider knives. However, the dog bone inlay shield is currently offered on this model, making it a sought-after collectible knife for collectors and normal users alike.

Beyond the look, it is a great knife for every use. The overall construction is exceptional, and the mirror finish stainless blades are extremely sharp with smooth closure. We notice no wobble in the blades while opening.

It’s among the sharpest pocket knives we’ve come across, effortlessly slicing through paper and cardboard. However, we still need to apply some extra force when dealing with hardwood.

On the downside, the small blade gets a slightly thick base, which might chip or dull the larger one when you close the knife. Thus, you may want to be extra careful when closing this smooth bone knife.


  • Unique dog bone inlay shield
  • Adds a nice touch to any collection
  • Blades close and open smoothly
  • Holds edge well


  • Thick small blade’s base
Best Rough Rider Pocket Knife

Folding Hunter Black Titanium is a perfect knife in the Rough Rider Titanium Series. If you prefer a more classic look and style, we highly recommend this model.

Unlike other Rough Rider knives with attention-grabbing pocket knife patterns, this humble folder knife comes with the subtle, classic black color, smooth bone handles, and brass liners.

What’s more, it sports grooved nickel silver bolsters and a modest triangular inlay shield with the brand name. These little touches elevate the knife’s beauty and lend it a timeless look.

In terms of performance, we’re glad this pick features half stops, keeping it from closing while in use. The manufacturer uses the same 440 steel blade materials. However, a titanium coating, which gives the blades extra protection, is a welcoming upgrade from other models.

Additionally, match strike pulls, which are slightly bigger than typical finger pull, make the Rough Rider bowie knife considerably easier to use. Also, it comes packaged in a series box, posing a great presentation.

Looking into Rough Rider Knife Prices, this model is slightly more expensive than others, but we’re sure it’s a worthwhile investment with all the improved features.


  • Fine looking folding knife
  • Stainless razor blade with titanium coating
  • Match strike pulls
  • Ideal for everyday carry


  • Slightly expensive

Rough Ryder Fish Knife RR1401 – Best Fish Fillet Knife

Best Rough Rider Pocket Knife

Many factors separate this fish knife from others on our list. First off, it’s 5 inches closed, longer than most models. The nice long stainless-steel clip point blade comes in handy when you want to fillet fish. It holds the edge decently and pretty easy to sharpen.

If a fish happens to swallow the hook, you can put its disgorger into the fish throat and try to unhook the fish from the inside. There is also a scaler for further processing fish, a ruler, and a bottle opener.

Like with other Rough Riders, this folding knife is highly praised for its nice construction and sturdiness. Stainless steel blades are hair-shaving sharp right out of the box and cut through wet paper, hard cardboard, and apples nicely and easily.

The look is another selling point with a beautiful red smooth bone handle and smooth finish. We’re confident that this model, like most Rough Riders, makes an interesting addition to anyone’s collection.

Although the blade opens and closes smoothly, it doesn’t stop halfway; thus, unintentional closing is inevitable, but it’s not a big deal.


  • Stainless razor blades
  • Ideal for processing fish
  • Suitable for everyday tasks
  • Great edge retention


  • Without half-stop

Rough Ryder Red Bone Folding Knife RR282 – Best For Wood Whittling

Best Rough Rider Pocket Knife

If you do a lot of whittling, you can’t go wrong with this Rough Rider 3 Blade Pocket Knife

The blade geometry and the three blades are what make it perfect for whittling. Different blade styles are cut out for different tasks.

The thick stainless clip point blade excels in strong, hard cuts such as cutting, slicing off bark, carving, and whittling. Meanwhile, the thinner clip point blade and pen blade are responsible for finer cutting jobs like shaving surface details.

You’ll get stainless razor blades right out of the box. They carve basswood pretty well and are still hair-shaving sharp even if you use them extensively. That said, it’s advisable to give them light stropping now and then if you want the tool to last.

We also find that this pick is comfortable to hold because the smooth curved nickel silver bolsters create a uniform surface so that your fingers won’t get hurt holding it even for a long time.

You may want to keep your expectation reasonable for such a price, and with this folding knife, the limitation lies in the fragile scales. Avoid dropping it on a hard surface. You don’t want your beautiful knife to get chips here and there.


  • Perfect for whittling
  • Withstands abusive cutting
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Different blade styles


  • Fragile scales
Best Rough Rider Pocket Knife

Are you looking for a gift for a crafty knife enthusiast? This kit is the answer. There’s a lot of room for customization, so you can make yourself some custom knives with this kit as long as you have time.

After some filing, polishing, and sharpening, your friends will end up with a solid, factory-looking knife that they’ll take pride in and use for almost everyday tasks. You will need a clamp, a small hammer, and some files, which are hand tools you will easily find in your home.

The fit and finish of all components are great, and the whole thing fits together easily. 

A kit will include all necessary components to make a 4-1/8 closed trapper pocket knife, including high-quality brown, rich grain wood handles, stainless-steel clip point blade, spey blade, back springs, grooved nickel silver bolsters, pins, and brass liners. 

The end product is a fine-looking and functional tool that you’re sure to put into good use daily.

We’re sure that the overall quality and the price is a nice starting point for novice knife makers. However, the lack of clear instruction may leave you a hard time assembling.


  • High-grade parts
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Functional
  • Sharp clip blade 
  • Stainless steel blades


  • Improvable manual


There is a wide range of knives on the market, and what keeps customers coming back to Rough Rider is not the attractive price but its excellent quality. In our opinion, the best Rough Rider pocket knife is Rough Rider RR304 Work Knife.

This model serves you well with everyday tasks while is still pleasing to the eye. Hopefully, after finishing our Rough Rider knives review, you can pick one of these quality Chinese knives with confidence.

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