All knife enthusiasts always have the best CASE knife in their pocket. As this kit is very compact and portable, you can carry it along with you to do multiple tasks, such as unboxing, cutting fruits, doing reparation, hunting, and so on. In some cases, these items also work as kitchen knives.

In this article, we review the top 5 best pocket knives of the CASE brand. Please scroll down and find out your favorite CASE knives!

Full Review Of The Top 5 Best Knifes

Here come our reviews of the top 5 iconic CASE pocket knives on the market or from CASE Knives Official Website Best Sellers. Please read each review carefully to choose the best CASE knife.

#1: CASE XX WR Pocket Knife 6207 SS – Best For Durability

CASE XX WR Pocket Knife Pocket Worn Old Red Bone Mini Trapper

The Case XX WR Pocket Knife 6207 SS is the first item we want to introduce to you. If you are looking for a Case knife that is attractive and durable, this model definitely will be a great deal.

We feel very pleased with the handle material of this product. The manufacturers have used old red bone material to make this part. With this design, the knife handle is durable and very comfortable to hold and use.

Besides the old red bone handle, this pocket knife also contains two foldable full-length blades: the Spey blade and the Clip blade. With high-end steel as material, these pieces of equipment can resist corrosion and hold the sharp cutting edge for many years to come.

Please be careful when opening the blade. The nail nick of the clip point blade is installed quite close to the knife hinge. When you open the knife, it may pull on your nail a little bit.


  • Durable and comfortable handle made of old red bone
  • Two foldable cold steel blades – Spey and Clip
  • Serving multiple purposes 
  • Beautiful mini trapper style


  • Only hand wash support
  • Knife pulling on the nail when opened

#2: CASE 133 Amber Bone 61749L SS – Best For Locking Mechanism

CASE 133 Amber Bone 61749L SS

You will never have any issue when opening this CASE 133 Amber Bone 61749L SS. This durable folding knife is designed with a lockback mechanism that supports ease in opening.

Specifically, the Mini Copperlock knife features a tumbler placed on the top of the knife handle. By pushing down on this part, you can release the blade using only one hand. Never worry about the knife pulling on your nail, as the handle already stands between your finger and the blade.

The different locking mechanism does not give any bad effect on the durability of this product. This high-quality knife features a movable pocket clip blade made of Tru-sharp stainless steel that can hold the sharp edge after multiple uses. 

The handle is constructed of Amber Bone with a peach seed jigged style that will remain in great condition for a long period of time.

The Lockback innovative designs give a lot of convenience in the opening, but not closing. As the manufacturers say, you can easily push the tumble on the bone handle to open the blade with one hand. However, you will need to use two hands to completely close and lock the blade in its position.


  • Lockback design for ease in opening
  • Tru-sharp surgical steel blade with long-lasting sharp cutting edge
  • Peach seed jigged handle made of Amber Bone for durability
  • Waterproof


  • Not convenient to close the blade
  • Different color as advertised

#3: CASE XX WR Pocket Knife 80507 – Best For Liner Lock

CASE XX WR Pocket Knife 80507

Instead of lockback, the CASE XX WR Pocket Knife 80507 features a liner lock on the handle. This locking mechanism gives you ease to both open and close the blade.

In detail, this luxury knife is constructed with a tensioned metal liner inside the handle. You just need to put your thumb on the front part of the liner and push it out. The carbon steel blade will then be released.

There should be no worry about the blade cutting your fingers. As you can notice, there is a round metal thumb stud on the side of the blade. You can place your finger on this stud to move the blade in and out safely. 

Besides the function of the liner locking mechanism, we really like the design of the orange bone handle and the modern steel Clip blade. The vibrant color of the handle makes this durable folding knife easy to locate in your pocket. And the high-carbon material makes the blade strong and durable.

Among 5 products, this CASE XX WR 80507 is the most expensive knife. But trust us! All the great features this product brings to you totally deserve the extra cost.


  • Tensioned metal liner for easy opening
  • Thumb stud for safe opening and closing with a hand
  • Colorful skins of vibrant orange 
  • Durable movable pocket Clip blade


  • Steep price

#4: CASE XX WR Pocket Knife M 1300 L SS – Best For Minimalist Appearance

#4: CASE XX WR Pocket Knife M 1300 L SS

If you like minimalism, the CASE XX WR Pocket Knife M 1300 L SS definitely will please you at best. We have been highly impressed by the classic design of this product.

As you can see, the entire body, including the blade and the handle, of this product is made of high-end steel. This knife has no complex patterns other than just the silver color. It is not wrong to say that this item is a combination of a fixed blade and a traditional case folder.

Keep in mind that simple design does not mean low quality. The stainless steel construction allows both the blade and handles to resist corrosion and remain powerful. 

You can use this durable folding knife for different projects, such as house repairing, hunting, cutting objects, and so on. Opening this plain knife is also a piece of cake, as it comes up with a lockback mechanism.

Like the CASE 133 Amber Bone Mini Copperlock model, this product features a number on the top of the all-metal handle. This design may give ease in the opening, but not in closing.


  • Stainless steel handle and blade for strength and durability
  • Minimalist look with a brushed steel silver color design
  • Support multiple purposes
  • Tumble on top of the handle for easy opening using one hand


  • Difficult to close the blade
CASE Medium Olive Green Stockman Pocket Knife - Best For Versatility

Last but not least, we want to share with you the CASE Medium Olive Green Stockman – the best pocket knife for flexibility on our list. While other products only support one – two blades, this model comes up with three!

Two blades – Clip and Sheepfoot are placed at the pocket end, while the Spey blade is located at the cap end. All these blades are made of carbon steel so that they can stay strong and please you for many seasons to come.

You can see the movable pocket Clip blade as the most versatile piece of equipment. It can support you with all detail work, such as cutting objects, slicing, opening boxes or cans, and other daily tasks.

If you need to do outdoor projects, put your trust in the Sheepfoot blade. It is ideal for wood carving, rope cutting, and thick cord sliding. For light whiting and pencil scraping, you can consider the Spey blade as your best partner.

In our opinion, the CASE Medium Olive Green is the best folding knife overall. Till now, we have not found any drawback of this product.


  • Stainless blade steels for durability
  • Clip blade supports multiple purposes
  • Sheepfoot blade serves outdoor projects
  • Spey blade supports whiting and pencil scraping


  • None

How To Choose The Best Case Knife [Buying Guide]

It is not hard to choose the best case knife. Some factors decide the quality of the product. In this section, we will explain all of those features.

Types of Locking Mechanism (Assisted Opening Mechanism)

Unlike traditional knives, pocket knives come up with many different assisted opening mechanisms. But overall, there are three common types of locks. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Liner lock

A knife with a liner lock has a side of the inner handle bent. When you pull out the blade, the liner will slide over behind the tang to prevent the blade from closing. 

The liner blade is easy to open and close. But it is not safe to use because the fingers usually stand in the way of the blade.


You can easily find a tumble on the top of a lockback knife handle. Push on it, and the blade will be released out of the tang.

This lockback mechanism gives you ease and safety when opening with a hand. However, it is a little bit inconvenient, as you have to use two hands to close and lock the blade.


A crossbar pocket knife features a steel bar that passes through the handle and creates a notch in the tang. By pushing on this steel bar, the blade will move in or out.

The mechanism of the crossbar is similar to a liner. But instead of touching the blade directly, you just need to use the steel bar to do the opening. Thus, you don’t need to adjust the grip to use this blade knife.

As the steel bar has a spring equipped, it operates very strongly. This leads to 1 issue that many small parts may break when you open or close the blade.


You surely don’t want your case knife to break down after a time of usage, right? That’s why you need to check the construction of the product when buying.

We can divide the construction of a knife into two parts: the handle and the blade.

Most handles are made of bone. This material is smooth and easy to grip. It is also very stiff to protect the blade from outside factors. You may find some products with synthetic handles on the market. These items are also good to use, but they are not durable as ones with bone.

Common materials used for a luxury knife blade are aluminum, metal, and stainless steel. But overall, we appreciate stainless steel the most. This high-carbon material can resist corrosion, thereby keeping the sharpness of the blade after a long period.


A case knife has to have a compact style so that it can fit in your hose or jacket pocket. However, we don’t recommend a too-short product, as it is hard to grip.

A good knife should have the blade length running in the range of 2 to 3.5 inches. The handle of the pocket knife can vary from 3 to 5 inches. If you have big hands, you may require a larger knife.


Below are some common questions you may have while reading our best case knife review.

#1: How Much Should You Pay For A Case Knife?

A good case knife usually costs about $20 – $85. The higher the price is, the more features the knife will have. However, if you only need a product for basic purposes, assisted-open knives for around $30 are already enough to serve you well. 

#2: Are Expensive CASE Knives Worth The Money?

As people often say, you get what you pay for.  Case knives with a steep price totally deserve the money you pay for them.

The extra price of a knife is usually due to the material and design. It is understandable that cheap knives are less durable and have fewer quality functions than high-end products do. 

#3: How Much Should A Pocket Knife Weigh?

Different knives have different weights. Normally, a case knife is about 2.5 ounces to 10 ounces heavy. The difference in weight is due to the material used to construct the knife.

#4: What Does SS Mean On A Case Knife?

You may find the symbol “SS” on the name of some case knives. It stands for Stainless Steel – A special high-carbon steel that helps the CASE blades hold an edge longer than conventional steel. As you know, stainless steel has a higher amount of carbon than conventional steel. That’s why a “SS” product is usually more durable. You can find more premium quality steels from CASE knives with other Steel Materials such as Chrome Vanadium (CV), ATS-34 (ATS-34), Damascus (DAM), BG42 (BG42), and 154-CM.

#5: How Can You Tell How Old Your CASE Knife Is? – Our Guideline Case Knife Age Identification

The CASE company has a special dating system for their exclusive knives. If you understand this system, you can determine the time when a knife was built. 

This company added 10 dots under the “USA” on the tang of every product in 1970. After each year, they removed 1 dot.

Based on the number of dots, you can decide when the knife was manufactured. For example:

  • 10 dots: 1970
  • 9 dots: 1971
  • 8 dots: 1972
  • 7 dots: 1973
  • So on

The same dating system was applied in the 1980s. But all the dots are located above the “USA” on the tang.

From the 1990s to the middle of 1993, the CASE company started stamping the actual date on their products. However, the dot dating system is reapplied on knives that are manufactured at the end of the 1990s.

From 2000 till 2009, the CASE company applied a new system, applying both “X” and dots. From 2001 to 2005, each dot was removed every year. And from 2006 to 2009, each “X” is removed every year.

The same system is applied from 2010 till now. But the CASE changes the way of stamping the dots and “X” on the tang.

Last Words

Above are the 5 best folding knives of the CASE brand. Have you found the best product to buy?

All products are good to use! But overall, we like the CASE Medium Olive Green most. This product contains three strong folding blades made of special high-carbon steel. It is not only durable, stunning but also very versatile to use! You can trust us to do multiple projects, from easy to difficult!

Feel free to choose your best CASE knife! Make sure that you check all the factors that we have listed in the buying guide above.

And now, we will end our article. Many thanks for reading!