Why switchblades are Banned

Why Switchblades Are Banned

Ironic that a knife marketed partially for its safety benefits would end up being banned due to its alleged danger. A Poor Weapon A modern analogy to the switchblade would be AR-type semi-automatic rifles. Those are black and look like military weapons, so some people think theyre cool, but others think theyre dangerous. In reality, any gun is only as dangerous as the person using it. And so too, with knives.
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What Freddie Gray’s Knife Says About Police Power in America – Yahoo News

Cop Spotted Playing Football With Kids:

In 2013, Bill de Blasio ran for mayor of New York on a platform of reforming stop and frisk. He won with strong support from minority communities. Meanwhile, in the mid-2000s heyday of zero-tolerance policing in Baltimore, one in three arrests were thrown out by prosecutors for having insufficient evidence, according to state attorney data compiled by the American Civil Liberties Union for a 2006 civil rights lawsuit. The ACLU suit didnt compare the data with other cities, but at the time a senior ACLU attorney in Maryland called the numbers unmatched by any other city that I know of. For her part, Baltimore States Attorney Marilyn Mosby has said that Grays knife was legal.
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