Why switchblades are Banned

Why Switchblades Are Banned

Delaney. Can we sit by complacently and ignore the bloodshed in our streets? Doing away with switchblades will not be a cure-all for the crime wave sweeping the nation, but it will remove one of the favorite weapons of our juvenile and criminal element… it was not until about 1949 or 1950 that these things came into common usage.
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What Freddie Gray’s Knife Says About Police Power in America – Yahoo News

Cop Spotted Playing Football With Kids:

At issue is whether the small, spring-assisted pocket knife Gray was carrying is actually illegal. The debate over why Gray ended up in police custody where he suffered a fatal neck injury speaks to a primary grievance echoed in protests from New York to Baltimore in recent months: that laws intended to protect everyone are often used to hassle certain citizens but not others. The string of fatal police encounters that have begun with infractions such as jaywalking in Ferguson, Missouri, and selling cigarettes in Staten Island, New York, is raising questions about the limits of police power. The incidents have highlighted the claim that the level of deference shown to police by both American society and the courts has had a negative effect on their relations with poor communities. Courts have given police officers fair leeway to make mistakes in their enforcement of the law, including a Supreme Court decision on the subject in December. This is necessary for enforcing the law in the communitys protection, the high court said.
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