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Buck Knives History of Hoyt H Buck by James Huff

One of the most trusted names in pocket knives and hunting knives is Buck knives. Buck knives is the name of Quality in the world of knives. Buck knives where created by Hoyt H Buck. Hoyt Buck started making hunting knives as a apprentice in Kansas over 100 years ago. He later moved to Idaho and then started to make knives. After the bombing of Pear Harbor. When the military asked for help to arm the troops Hoyt Buck started to make knives for them to help in the fight, and got knives into the hands of as many troops as he could.

Later he and his son moved Buck knives to San Diego and started making knives on a much larger scale. This is where the Buck knives that we all know was made. It is called the Buck folding hunter and is one of the most copied knives in the world. Witch supports the claim that Buck knives is one of the greatest manufactures in the world and is why Buck knives are second to none.

Buck knives also made a survival knife called the Buckmaster. These knives where made for the military and also one of the knives that you know from the Rambo movies. Later Buck knives where also made for the navy seals. This knife is called the Knighthawk. This is another testament to the quality of Buck knives, one of the best makers of pocket knives, hunting knives, or survival knives world wide. If Buck knives are trusted by the U.S. military then I think that we all can trust them.

Later in 2005 Buck knives moved back to where it all started, back to Idaho where the first knives where made so help the war effort Buck knives has a history of being the best. From the first knives that Hoyt H Buck made to the Buck knives of today when we go hunting or fishing or on our camping trips, and all the knives that have served our young men and young ladies in the military. So if you want the best, buy Buck knives and you cant go wrong. They are just great knives.

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History of Knives By Rajkumar Jonnala on February 27, 2010 0

Knives as Tools

Knives have always been an extremely useful tool to have. They are probably one of the only tools that we use daily that were used by our distant ancestors. The Bronze Age brought about the first significant change to knives, though since its softer structure didn’t make the strongest of knives, many still preferred the “older” stone tool. Stone blades and knives really remained the preferred material up until bronze was replaced with iron which was considerably stronger than bronze.

First Improvements

Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations are credited with the first folding knives as well as knives with ivory blades. It’s believed that this was a result of the popularity of cut fruits – ivory blades prevented the transfer of the taste of rust (or metal).

Manufacturing Knives

Between 1095 and 1272 there were a number of Crusades launched by the Europeans. During this time they traveled to all corners of the earth fighting for ground and more. Like so many other conflicts, this created an opportunity. France began its manufacturing of cutlery offering blades of various sizes and shapes and in a variety of materials. France had a corner on the cutlery market (including knives) until about 1789 and even today, you’ll find several cutlery manufacturers still in France.

The “Pocket” Knife

Today’s pocket knife is believed to be started sometime during the 15th Century – again out of necessity. Remember, knives were the main tool at that time, there was no cutlery, as we know it today – people ate their meals with the blades of their knife. This is when it is believed that multiple-blade knives made their first appearance and most likely resulting in more folding knives.

Material Improvements

While most early knives were created from carbon steel (or iron), today’s blades are made of surgical steel, carbon steel or from martensitic stainless steel. What has not changed much is the overall design of knives.

Nearly all collectible knives and Scout knives are created from carbon steel. The reason behind this is believed to be that while this knife can oxidize easily, it’s less expensive to manufacture, it’s very easy to sharpen and once sharpened it has a great edge.

Useful Knives

It seems like today you can find a knife for any purpose including fighting, multi-purpose knives, hunting knives and more. This development really came about during the 19th Century, material was readily available and more people were adept at creating knives. Whether you are looking for a simple purpose knife or a collectible folding knife, today you will have no trouble locating them. Whether your tastes run to plain handles or intricately designed handles, there is a knife available to suit your basic needs, or your desire to collect a piece that displays exquisite workmanship.


Today pocket knives are available for a fraction of the cost of what they used to be. You’ll find people from early teens to older adults, men and women sporting a pocket knife. Because of the impeccable record keeping that began around 1900, collectors have an easier time valuing and dating previously created knives, and particularly those rare hand-crafted ones. Knives are often used for wedding gifts, promotional items and more.

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Chris Reeve folding knives are at the top tier of the knife industry. At the 2010 Blade awards the Chris Reeve Ti-Lock took the prize for Overall Knife of the Year.

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How to Choose a Pocket Knife – The Five Best Folding Knife Companies

What is the best folding knife or best pocket knife? Some pocket knife companies stand out in the crowd, such as Benchmade, Spyderco, Kershaw, Case, and Victorinox.

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The Best Pocket Knife-My Review.

http://www.TheLorenzMarketingGroup.com/TopTierKnife – One of my favorites. http://www.TheLorenzMarketingGroup.com/SecondBestChoice – This is pretty damn good…

derfman24 asked What is the best pocket knife for a boy scout?

Well I’m a boy scout and I just earned my totin’ chit and I need a pocket knife to use. It’s for camping. I would like one for $0-$40.
Oh yeah it can’t be more than 3 inches long.

And got the following answer:

Hello Scout: Now that you’ve earned your tot’n’chip, you know that the best pocket knife has four blades; a large utility blade, a can opener, a small whitling blade, and a punch. The best knife to take camping is a cheap one that you won’t be sad about when it is lost. If you can’t afford to lose it, and must have it, use a short piece of rope to tie it to your belt. My favorite knife is the four-blade stainless steel government issue knife. I paid less than $10 on eBay for it, and have had it for four years or so. It is great for camping, and I use it nearly daily at work. The blade is not excessively sharp, but for cutting cord, sharpening a stick, or whitling fire tinder, it is very handy.
The other writer suggested a pocket tool like the leatherman, these are great as well, but I have difficulty using the knife, but the other tools inside are very handy at work, not so much at camp. Sadly, I lost mine a few days ago after only having it a few weeks. Still have the four-blader tho’.
I also have a Victorinox Swiss Army knife that I take on some trips. The only other blade that I use is the small saw that it has. If you get one as a gift, that is good, but I would stick to your simple four-blade model. The BSA model is a good knife, but it is not economical for a Scout to pay that much for a camping tool.
Keep on Scoutin’

Anonymous asked What is the best pocket knife sharpener to get?

I want to get my husband a good pocket knife sharpener he is always trying to find ways to get his knife sharp…Whats a good one that will also last and not put scratches on his knife?

And got the following answer:

Go to a sporting goods store like Bass Pro Shop’s, or Gander Mountain.
Ask the for a “Smith’s precision sharpening kit”
This kit has not only sharpening stone’s but a clamping device that holds the stone at a constant angle the entire sharpening process, sharpening only the edge of the blade, and never scratching the finish.
Its also great for all pocket, hunting and kitchen knives.
The kits start at about 25 bucks for the basic model.
The sharpening stones use diamond impregnated surfaces that will last a lifetime.

O_o asked What is the legal blade length for a pocket knife in Arkansas?

What the the maximum length of the blade for a pocket knife in Arkansas. Fort Smith, Arkansas; if that that make any difference.

And got the following answer:

3 inches is the legal limit of a pocket knife. If you can fit the knife blade into the palm of your hand and it is the same length then it is legal to carrie on you. Anything bigger than 3 inches will more than likely be taken away from you if caught with it.

But usually ppl who carry bigger knifes are sportsmen like hunters, fishermen…etc

Daniel G. asked Is it legal to have a pocket knife in your pocket?

I was just wondering if it’s illegal to carry a pocket knife in like your back pocket as you go for a walk. Not intended for harm, just for whatever reason. Also, if it matters any I live in northern California.

And got the following answer:

im not sure, but it IS legal to have a pocket in your pocket knife

Charlie asked How do I convince my parents to let me get a pocket knife?

So I’m looking into getting a pocket knife, but my parents don’t seem to think its such a good idea. They trust me and everything, but my dad is concerned that someone may take it from me(say if I ever have to use it in a self defense situation) and use it against me. The funny thing is that when I was like 9 or 10 they let me have one, but not now… The knife is completely legal under state and city laws. Please help; any information is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

And got the following answer:

Only your parents know why they don’t want you to have a pocket knife and ultimately, you’ll have to get your answer from them.
As a parent myself, I will offer some advice as to how you might want to bring the subject up:
– When the topic comes up, don’t act as though you’re entitled. Don’t whine. Don’t yell. Don’t be disrespectful. It’s possible that through the maturity being demonstrated, they’ll reconsider.
– Offer to show your level of responsibility. Example: offer to cut the grass AND maintain the lawn mower (including filling the oil, cleaning the filter, greasing the axles, etc.) Lawn mowers are potentially much more dangerous than a pocket knife. Demonstrating proper respect for a power tool shows a level of maturity that many adults don’t have.

Good Luck and God Bless

linds. asked Can I mail a pocket knife as a gift to overseas military base?

For Christmas, I’m wanting to mail (USPS) my boyfriend a pocket knife. He is stationed in Japan as he is in the military. I have looked up restrictions and haven’t seen any regarding pocket knives. Have any of you had experience? Can I send the pocket knife?

And got the following answer:

Pocket knives are fine. There aren’t many restrictions on APO/FPO mailing that are any different from anywhere else. For more information, see:


And for APO/FPO specific guidelines, see:


(Although most of these deal with packages to the Middle East.)

J asked What are your thoughts about carrying a pocket knife?

In America, especially rural areas I suppose, it is commonplace for people (especially men) to carry a pocket knife. I never thought anyone would question this practice until my fiance and one of her friends (both asian) asked me some time ago. I also read an old question where one answerer asked why they would want to carry a swiss army knife anyway.
To me it was like asking why someone carries an ink pen or small flashlight, but I would like to hear someone elses take on it.

And got the following answer:

I carry 2-4 pocket knives every day. Well, one is one of those folding box cutters, and one is a multi-tool that has a knife blade, but not a great one.

It’s a tool. I must use mine 10x a day.