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Top Chef – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Top Chef is an American reality competition show on the cable television network Bravo, that first aired in 2006, in which chefs compete against each other in …

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Anonymous asked How do you twirl a knife from reverse grip to standard grip?

Like if a knife is pointed blade down how do you twirl it to be blade up? Just as a trick.

And got the following answer:

I don’t recommend playing around with knives in this manner, but I’ve generally found two ways to be effective:

1) Have a lanyard on the pommel end of the knife handle. When you hold the blade in any position, the lanyard should be looped around your wrist. This is also helpful to prevent dropping a knife you’re using and injuring yourself in the leg. Release the knife. The landyard should rotate on your wrist so that the knife hangs down. A simple flick of the wrist will then swing the knife back up and you can grab the handle (carefully) in the standard grip position.

2) raise your index finger up and pinch the pommel between your thumb and index finger. Release with your middle, ring, and pinky. Rotate your wrist such that your palm ‘flicks/pushes’ the handle of the knife in a circular motion, spinning the blade up. Release pressure on the pommel of the knife, allowing the handle to slip down into your hand in the standard grip position.

I recommend practicing with a wooden knife blank until you’re VERY sure you can handle these techniques.

Robert O asked What happends if you get a knife shipped to california without knowing if its legal here?

The knife is definitely legal in the state its coming from but if it turns out to not be legal here will it ever get here or what will happen? will customs pick it up and will i face charges for something like that?

And got the following answer:

Packages moving from one US state to another do not go through customs and are not subject to search. In fact is very, very illegal for the post office or the police to search a package without a federal warrant, which are very hard to obtain.

Second, a knife being “legal” has to do with CARRYING it in public, not ownership. Laws about owning specific knives are extremely rare, in fact I know of very few. A knife itself is not contraband like drugs or guns, it’s about what you do with that knife.

Swampy asked What is the best survival knife? Would it be better to have a survival kit instead?

I think the knife itself could be replaced with a small kit and several smaller knives, for spear heads and arrows? What do you think? Still, I acknowledge that a knife is handy, so which one would you choose?

And got the following answer:

Yes, a survival kit is the essential equipment you carry with you when away from civilization. A good knife is part of that. Most of us can forget Rambo, we don’t have to deal with the humans coming to get us! So, what’s the knife for?
1) building a fire – I chose a fixed blade knife that weights more than a half pound. I can split sticks with it to make kindling to start the fire. I found a CRKT one about 8 years ago, has served me well. (similar link below, check out other brands that store has). Bring a butane lighter, too.
2) building a shelter – you need something stout enough to cut or chop some strong branches, collect some fir or pine for insulation, make a lean-to, etc. Include a roll of dental floss (very strong and couple hundred yards!) and you will be set
3) food getting? I’ve never been in an area that I could speer any food. I need a gun for food. Or just carry a couple energy bars, just in case. That will get you through the first 48 hours.
4. defense – you with the broken leg, lying at the bottom of the cliff surrounded by coyotes and mountain lions – yeah, a knife might help as a last resort. I’d be embarrased to be in that situation WITHOUT a knife, ha! That is where the sheath knife comes in handy, easy to get at.
5. digging – yeah, maybe – make a foot hold, anchor a post for a shelter, level a fire pit, dig a toilet, uproot a rock, etc
6. first aid – cut branches for a sling, etc. Don’t cut your snake bite unless you know what you are doing…..

Put it all in a fanny pack and always take it with you. Don’t forget about the compass (no batteries- always works), map, little flashlight, butane lighter (test it), water purifyer or tablets, emergency blanket (mylar wrap) and filled water bottle as a minimum.
Link #2 is another “knife” for outback. I still want one of those! Good luck!

asked What is a good knife for self defense and practical applications?

I am looking for a good knife that would fulfill these roles but I am not sure on what to get. I live in Maryland, and I am looking for a knife that I can openly wear and use when I go on hunting trips and one that I can use to defend myself also. I am looking for a knife that is not serrated and preferably has a tanto blade. My price point is at the max $120. Any ideas?

And got the following answer:

I get it, they look cool. Technically, the point is stronger than other conventional blade types. But it’s a horrible cutter, and the tanto point gets in the way of slicing. And ask yourself, do you need to be stabbing into cinder blocks every day? If not, don’t go tanto.
So please, please, I beg of you, don’t get a tanto.
Here, I’m going to copy and paste my usual answer for you:
Spyderco Tenacious, Manix 2, Persistence, Resilience, Byrd line, Delica, Endura, Military (I especially recommend a spyderco- steel is good and the opening hole, although strange looking,functions great)
Kershaw Leek, Chive, Skyline, OD-2, Junk yard dog, damascus skyline
Kabar Dozier
Cold Steel Voyager, Spartan, Recon 1, Pocket Bushman
SOG flash, twitch
Ontario Rat 1
Benchmade 710, Griptillian, Mini Griptillian, Ritter Grip
Emerson Commander
Sanrenmu 710 (bargain priced chinese knife, good little thing for around $13. This is if you really don’t want to spend that much. Otherwise, ignore this.)

If he likes traditional style knives, look up Case knives. A stockman or whittler pattern is very useful, but these are in the range of 50-90 bucks. IMO, still worth it. (and they’re made in the US with great steel,too.)

If you’re going really cheap, look up rough rider folding knives. Will last quite a while, and the best knives I’ve seen come out of China. The difference between these and the American made ones are that the steel on the Americans’ hold an edge better, and will last longer.

Most of the knives I listed will seem a bit pricey. IMO, it’s worth it- I have to use my knife daily, and I all my suggestions are from experience (yes, I actually do spend that much on knives.)

PS: If you, by any chance, have a $300 budget, get him a Chris Reeve Sebenza. I know, you probably won’t drop that much money on a knife, but I’m just putting it out there that the Sebenza is classic perfection.
You’ve never mentioned if you wanted a folder or a fixed blade.
If you want a fixed blade,

Fixed blades: ESEE Izula. Small, compact, around 35 euros. Great bang for the buck, search the web for it. It’s crazy sharp, you can do custom paracord wrapped handles, look it up on google. The drawback is that its 1095 steel. While 1095 is very durable, keeps its edge for a long time, and can sharpen to a very fine edge, it is more prone to rust than any other steels. Don’t let this worry you, as long as you’re not using it near salt water environments, and remember to wipe the blade after use to make sure its dry.
KABAR BK2 and the BK9. Same steel, 1095. Keep it dry and keep it away from the ocean, it’ll be fine. The BK2 is an all-around camp knife, the BK9 is the chopper. Great blades, still doesn’t bust 80 euros.
Moras: Made in Sweden, dirt cheap. Around 8 Euros each. It’s no chinese crap, however, and don’t be fooled by their “innocent” look. They’re hard use knives, with good choice of designs and steels. Look on ebay, they have both carbon steels, and stainless. It’s always good to have an extra 1 or 2 on hand.
also take a peek at this site. I don’t know if they ship to Europe, though, so look on the net for other suppliers. : http://www.ragweedforge.com/SwedishKnife…
Ontario knives: Cannot go wrong. Look at the SP-10, it’s also carbon steel, but it’s got a protective black coating, and it’s 45 euros. If not, browse through their site. http://www.ontarioknife.com/catalog
You’re going to need a European distributor, though.
KABAR D2: Takes after the classic Marine’s knife, except in D2 steel. It’s semi stainless, so it rusts less easily. If you look up KABAR D2 Destruction test, you can see some guy hammering it through several pipes and cinder blocks before it breaks. I’m holding mine right now, it’s been through hell and back for the past 3 years. Pretty good. Expect around 100 euros.
Swamp Rat:. Research it yourself. They release a new knife every while and then, and the wait is wicked long. However, you can find some floating around ebay.
Busse: High quality stuff, you might not have enough money. As with swamp rat above, they are semi-custom producers and will have you waiting a long time. Try to snag one, though. I bought a Battle Mistress, my wife is PISSED.
Cold Steel: Alright, I’m a bit tired. I’ll leave you to do research yourself. Look for the SRK, the Recon Scout. Also see their line of San-mai steels. The SRK San mai 3 is good, but pricy. It’s got a good balance of rust resistance and edge retention. If you want a machete for clearing brush, look no further. Cold Steel ones are about 25 euros each and are the absolute best.The Recon Scout has my vote here. SK-5 steel has very good rust resistance. They use it in their lines.

Look at ESEE’s line again, http://www.eseeknives.com/index2.htm

GeminiAzules asked What are the differences between a knife that is required to be registered as a weapon and a knife that is not?

I am interested in getting a good knife for self defense, but I don’t want to have to worry about all the junk that’s needed to register a weapon. I don’t want to carry a gun around. So what are the differences between a knife that is required to be registered as a weapon and a knife that is not?

And got the following answer:

It depends on where you live. Usually it’s the length of the blade. You could ask the local police or sheriff department. Also you will probably need concealed weapon permit.

One last thing, don’t carry a knife or any other weapon until you learn how to use it. Using a knife in a fight is not like on TV. The same goes for a firearm.

Good luck.

SuzEQ asked When you buy a knife set, how do you know what knife is for what?

I bought a knife set in the butcher block, and I really don’t know which knife is for what. There are no instructions, and I’m clueless.

And got the following answer:

The smaller ones are probably steak knives. The big one with the pointy tip is probably for carving, the similarly big one with the blunt tip is probably a bread knife. I know what you mean though. My general plan is, if the one I pick up is cutting whatever it is I’m trying to cut, it’s good.

Spleesh asked What knife is best suited for killing bears?

What knife or blade would be best suited to kill a bear?
I would use it in defense, not to hunt.

And got the following answer:

There is none. Knives are not suitable for bear defense. Hugh Glass killed a bear with a knife and the bear tore him a new one.
Here is another guy who killed a bear with a knife and got tore up;

This guy killed a injured starving black bear with a small knife but he was just lucky;

The Norsemen killed bears with a long slender knife, very similar to what European hog hunters used to kill wild boar with. And many died in the process.

But the fact is any knife used for bear protection is just asking to die or be torn up horribly. I have seen grizzlies fight each other and they are VERY fast and powerful. While its ‘possible’ its also pretty much suicide. One swipe of its paw can snap your neck or slice out your throat. If a big bear can snap the neck of a 2000 lb moose just imagine what it would do to a human.