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Best Pocket Knife Review – FREE Pocket Knife Comparison Chart

Finding the best pocket knife really depends on your preferences. I’ve put together this sortable knife comparison chart of the top 10 knives on the market.

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Pocket Knives | Buy Knives Online

Pocket Knives for everyday discount prices on! Everyday free shipping over *. Find product reviews on Spyderco, Kershaw, Buck Knives, & Case Cutlery …

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Top 10 Large Pocket Knives | Best Pocket Knives

A list of the top 10 large pocket knives … There are a plethora of great quality medium to large pocket knives, which makes picking only ten a difficult choice.

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Best Pocket Knife Review – FREE Pocket Knife Comparison Chart

Finding the best pocket knife really depends on your preferences. I’ve put together this sortable knife comparison chart of the top 10 knives on the market.

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Pocket Knives – Folding Knives For Every Day Carry

Pocket Knives . A pocket knife is an indispensable tool that every man and woman must carry. There are many styles of pocket knives from the classics like trapper …

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Fred XX00 I asked If you were crossing the sands how would you get water? if u had no water?

And you had some ten Foil and a cup?
do you know how you would get water in the sands?

And got the following answer:

If a plastic cup, then you cut the hard piece of it, find a cactus, cut the cactus top, scoop up some of the cactus water and drink it carefully. Foil can actually be used to perserve the water. And if your going anywhere -traveling- then take or buy a small pocket knife you never know when your going to use it.

Sarah_loves_YOU asked top 20 things you must have in your purse (research project)?

i am having to do a research prject for my english class. my teacher doesnt really care what i write about. so, i decided that instead of being boring and writing about topics that everyone has read about (meat industry, war, music, Bill gates, ect…) i decided to pick something that has for such a long time been on my mind. what do girls carry in their purses. i went through mine one day, and noticed all the crap i carry with me. most of it is useless, but a lot of it is crap i must have every single day.

so that got me wondering, what do other girls carry with them? i know there are the basic essentials, such as…
and other misc. items like that, because those feature on my list as well.
so what i am asking you brave ladies that volunteer to do is to name the top 20 (or as many as you can list, but no less than TEN ITEMS) that you keep in your purse at all times.
1. at least two different kinds of gum
2 .a pen and a mech. pencil
3.cell phone
4.cigs & lighter
5.pocket knife
6.small notebook
7. Ipod ( usually in my pocket, but if not, its in my bag)
8. tampons (in my makeup bag, at least three
9. Makeup bag (eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip gloss (lip smackers, lip balm (no sticky, crappy stuff)
10. mini flashlight
11. money
12. change in a ziplock bag
13. shopping list
14. Pamprin or midol
15. exedrin
16. Special K 90 cal. strawberry snack bar
17. Hot Topic Card ( and yes, i shop at hot topic)
18. KEYS (eaither on my beltloop or in my purse)
19. Debit Card
20. Checkbook

(my wallet is, of course included, carrying my I.D, but i need to get my id redone, so its my school id. also in my wallet are a shit tone of old reciepts, and at least a doller, though tht doesnt help much)
so ladies…whats your 20 things?
other items include (i have a HUGE bag)
. clearasil pads (small baggie)
. Abreva
Clorox stain stick and shout! wips
. the first note my boyfriend ever wrote me (it was given to me in class one day…in it is the first time he “said” that he loves me)
.birth control, because really, where else would i keep it
.a condom
Brothers dog tags
.cold meds
other items include (i have a HUGE bag)
. clearasil pads (small baggie)
. Abreva
Clorox stain stick and shout! wips
. the first note my boyfriend ever wrote me (it was given to me in class one day…in it is the first time he “said” that he loves me)
.birth control, because really, where else would i keep it
.a condom
Brothers dog tags
.cold meds

And got the following answer:

1. Car keys
2. hand sanitizer
3.hand lotion
4. Nail & hand lotion
5. Nail filer
6.Flash drive
7. Pen
8.Pink body splash flash light
10. cell phone
11. ipod
12. advil pills pen
14. Cash
15. Sun glass
16. Credit. debit cards
17. Lip gloss
19. nail clippers
20. Digital Camera

James asked i would like to get a razor sharp edge on my pocket knives?

i have and arkansas hone and honing solution but i cna get the angle down nor can i seem to get that razor sharpness were you can just slice paper in half and also shave with it any help would be good

And got the following answer:

The previous post is true but you can get a razor edge on the knife you have.

1: Get a sharpening stone a good one with a course and a fine side.
2: Then when you are sharpening your knife always count your strokes as you ar sharpening. Always sharpen the same amount of strokes on each side of the blade and always toward the blades edge like you are trying to shave the stone. This will keep the edge centered on the blade.
3: A good practice to start is start sharpening on the course side. Do five strokes on the top side of blade then turn over and do 5 strokes then flip and do four and so on and so on.
4; After you get to zero flip the stone and repeat on the fine side.
5: Now find a piece of leather and stoke it on the leather in the opposite direction ten to fifteen times on each side of the blade. An old work boot works great or an old belt
6; Repeat process until desired edge is obtained.
7: Also after you get you edges “tuned” in you can skip the course side of the sharpening stone when you are maintaining your edges.
8: Another little tip alot of people don’t realize is if i sharpen a knife and it shaves my arm it may not shave your arm it has to do with the angle i sharpen a knife. Everone holds the knife at a different angle when sharpening.


happybidz2003 asked How do you can peppers in water?

I want to home can peppers this summer, do they require a pressure cooker, water bath canner or can I just do it with boiling water like tomatoes?

And got the following answer:

Recipes for Canning Peppers
By: Helen Polaski

When canning peppers, be aware that vinegar is the only way to ensure they’re canned safely.

It is a misconception that the hotter the pepper, the higher the acidic level. Peppers are a low-acid food, with pH levels ranging from about 4 to 6. When home canning, do not change a recipe to add or subtract an ingredient to suit your own individual taste-it can be deadly. Each food brings its own level of acidity to the final product. Without scientific testing, recipes created on the spot are not safe.

If you are growing your own peppers, keep in mind that a 100 foot row will yield about 60 pounds of peppers, and that 60 pounds of peppers will yield about 60 pints of peppers over the course of a harvest. A canner can only hold nine pint-size canning jars at a time, so you need only work with approximately nine pounds of peppers at a time.

Peppers should be split open and flattened, as well as canned in pints or half pints, to ensure the vinegar penetrates through the entire pepper. Since bacteria sometimes enters a pepper through the stem, it is always wise to remove the stems and seeds and lie the pepper flat so that all air pockets are removed before processing.

Spicy Peppers or Hot Peppers
Chili peppers are hot and require special attention when home canning. Always use care when handling hot peppers of any type. Use protective gloves, remove children and pets from the canning area and never poke your head into the hot steam.

Remember that the chemical that makes peppers hot is actually the oil. Once the oil gets into the air and onto your hands, counter or dishcloth, it can be moved around the room and into your eyes. Wash hands often and place dishcloths into the wash when you are done with use. As a precaution, use a clean dishcloth and wipe down the counters a second time.

General Canning Supplies:
Hot water bath canner
Canning funnel
Pint jars and vacuum lids and rings
Clean counter space and plenty of towels
Knife to remove stems and flatten peppers
Good ventilation

Green Bell Peppers or Garlic Peppers
When home canning sweet peppers, keep in mind you must start out with firm peppers.

Ingredients You Will Need:
7 pounds peppers
3 ½ cups sugar
3 cups vinegar
3 cups water
9 cloves of garlic
4 ½ teaspoon canning or pickling salt
9 pint size canning jars with vacuum lids and rings

Wash and sort peppers. Remove stems and seeds and cut into strips.

In a large saucepan, bring vinegar, sugar and water to a boil. Add the peppers and bring the mixture to a second boil.

Place one clove of garlic and ½ teaspoon of salt into each pint jar. Using a canning funnel, slowly add the pepper strips. Cover with remaining hot vinegar liquid. Leave ½ inch headspace, wipe rim and adjust lids.

For altitudes of up to 1,000 feet, process the peppers in a hot water bath for five minutes. For altitudes of 1,001 to 6,000 feet, process the peppers in a hot water bath for ten minutes. Anything higher than an altitude of 6,000 feet should be processed for fifteen minutes.

Storing Peppers
After removing jars from the canner, home canned peppers should be allowed to slowly return to room temperature. Jars that do not seal by the time the peppers have cooled should be put into the refrigerator for early consumption. Jars that seal should be stored in a cool, dark place with ideal temperatures lower than 72 degrees. Remove rings and wash the jar tops to prevent rust and possible spoilage.

Starscape asked Are you old enough to remember the 60s?

If so, what are your thoughts, memories of it? I was a little kid then, and I remember my brother being in the Vietnam War.

And got the following answer:

Even with Vietnam (yeah, and I was there too) the 60’s were a far more peaceful time than we have today. Much safer in most all aspects of life. Sure, I didn’t make anywhere near what I make today, but I could buy a decent house for a what you pay for a decent car today. I bought my 1963 T-Bird for $3500, my 1964 Fairlane 500 was $2800 off the showroom floor and my 1968 Dodge Charger was $4800 from the new car lot. Gas could be had for .29 a gallon and we didn’t worry about running out. Pull up to the pump and tell “the man with the Texaco star” to fill-er-up; check the oil and tires and I’d be back on the road for less than 10 bucks. Our cars, we are told now weren’t as safe. But I don’t know about that. My ’63 bird was hit broadside by a GMC 3/4 ton pickup at 60 MPH and I walked away from it. A bag of Fritos was .49 and a pack of smokes were about 29 cents and nobody had yet told us that smoking caused cancer. We still worried about polio, and weren’t branded if we carried a pocket knife to school. Hot rods were in vogue, anything modified. Big Daddy Roth and Rat Fink were the rage in LA and Daryl Starbird was the mid-west king of radical customized cars. Elvis was King! Rock and roll was in it’s early years. The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, Janis Joplin were topping the charts while The Rolling Stones and the Beatles were just around the next corner. Woodstock was about to happen, wet soggy, zonked out, just happy to be alive and be there. Would I go back? In an instant! A much simpler, gentler time. If you brought a gun to school it was because you were going hunting after. You would never have thought to turn it on a student or teacher. We had too much respect for one another and our elders to do that. Racisim and the KKK were major affronts across the nation. Those things I believe are for the better today. I could drive through any section of town and not worry about locking the doors of my car, night or day. In the 60’s you weren’t diagnosed as having ADD, heck that was just the class clown again; you see the drug companies hadn’t yet come up with a “cure” so there was no disease. Drug companies and lawyers couldn’t advertise on radio and TV either. That was nice. In the early part of the decade you could still see Jimmy Dean or Marilyn Monroe in a movie and it wasn’t a re-run. The television season began anew each September and ran through early May. Postage stamps were 5 cents in 1965, and you could get Post, Life, or Colliers delivered to your door. My postman never rang twice but the milkman always left 1½ gallons of milk 3 times a week.
A chick was a girl, bitchin was neat, and bread was money. If you fell out you went to sleep; 4 on the floor and 3 on the tree described the shifting mechanisms in your automobile. Hodads didn’t like surfers, much less one that could hang five or ten. If you had a tight head then you had too much to drink and scurvey was ugly, weird, or not having a neat appearance. Best of all, I think, there was no rap.