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Attorney: School’s overreaction to pocket knife may destroy teen’s future

gun laws. Conservative pundits everywhere are treating this as a “call to sarcasm” and ironically suggesting we ban knives since it wasn’t a gun this time. The problem is they don’t realize how ironic their suggestion really is. In most of the United States there are very strict laws on what knives can and can not be carried, transported, made or sold. Every state sets even further limitations and every locality even more. The standard “rule of thumb” is that the blade in a pocket knife shouldn’t be more than 4 inches, or the width of your palm, but some are even more strict than that. In Ballwin, Missouri the maximum length of blade you can carry is 2.5 inches, which does not make for a very useful tool.
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The 18-year-old’s career dreams are now at risk because of the incident, says the attorney. “He’s looking forward to a future of public service … [but] he spent 13 days in jail and I believe it was a $50,000 bond he was put on like he was a common criminal,” says Whitehead. The teen was released from jail on Christmas Eve following his completion of a psychological evaluation and being fitted with an ankle monitor. Wiser was enrolled in the Army’s Future Soldier Training System program, but the Army has discharged him pending a “not guilty” verdict or dropped charges. He has been charged with a felony and is scheduled to face a jury trial in early June.
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(Photo: Knox County Sheriff’s Office) SHARE 11 CONNECT 2 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE Update 9:10 am: (WBIR) Knoxville police arrested a suspect accused of attacking a man with a hammer and stabbing him with a pocket knife. Fred Thomas, 73, has been charged with attempted first-degree murder. Crews transported the victim, Bill Swann, to UT Medical Center for injuries that didn’t appear to be life-threatening. Officials said money could have motivated the attack. Knoxville Police respond to an attack at the Spanish Trace Apartments in South Knoxville (Photo: WBIR) Previous story: (WBIR) Knoxville police are investigating after a Knoxville man claims he was attacked with a hammer and stabbed with a pocket knife. Investigators spoke to the victim, Billy Swann, who told officers that the suspect was an acquaintance who walked into the apartment on Davenport Road uninvited. Swann said he and the man spoke calmly at first, but when he turned his back, the man hit him in the head with a hammer several times.
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73-year-old suspect accused of attacking man with hammer

hammer attack

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South Knoxville man suffered 13 stab wounds during attack with hammer and knife » Knoxville News Sentinel

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