Tactical Promotional Knives Recalled Because Of Faulty Folding Mechanism

Selecting a Folding Knife for Personal Protection

Tactical Folding Knives

Health Canada has not received any reports of incidents or injuries related to the use of these knives. This recall involves 5.11 Tactical folding knives with style number 51041019. The knife has a black handle with a pocket clip and are approximately 13 centimetres (5 inches) in length when closed and 20 centimetres (7 inches) in length when the blade is open.
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10 Things That Make a Tactical Knife

Marines drowned in a helo crash. The rescue knives the SBU units had were regular knives that literally self destructed as they were trying to cut the trapped Marines free. 2. Purpose of the knife The purpose of the knife will dictate what knife you should get. A door kicker will need a different knife than a detective. What is a tactical knife? Lets ask. Is the knife a weapon? Is the knife a utility tool? Is the knife an emergency rescue tool? Is the knife an entry tool? Depending on your job requirements you may need two or even three knives not to carry, but as part of the gear you need for specific operations. These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before making your decision and purchase. An undercover officer going into a potentially hostile environment will have completely different requirements than a SWAT officer. I have made several knives for undercover agents that used turquoise and pastel greens for the handles, so the knives did not have a cop look to them. In a couple of instances, the bad guys didnt even take the knives away after patting the cops down. Were these tactical knives? Ask the agents. 3. Ergonomics Ergonomics is one of the most important aspects of Tactical Knife design. Without getting too technical, knife ergonomics are simply this: The knife must feel comfortable in your hand. Now, Ill get a little more technical. It must feel comfortable when you use it and handle it under stress. There must be no pinch points, sharp corners or unnatural feel to the handle. Now, it must feel that way in both a forward grip (blade coming out of the top of your closed fist) and in a reverse grip (blade coming out the bottom of your closed fist). This is where we separate the knife designer from the graphics designer. There should be no convoluted contours or sculpturing of the handle. Watch out for over-pronounced finger grooves which will force your hand into a pre-fixed position. There should be a place for the fingers to go that should not force them. In addition, the knife should not be too large or too small for your hand, but should be just right. A good designer can do this. Another option is to make small, medium and large versions of a particular knife model. The bottom line is that your knife should feel like it fits you, in size, shape and weight. One of the greatest compliments I get is when someone picks up one of my knives, smiles and says It feels like it was made for me. 4. Size As I have already stated, any design must be purpose driven. Therefore, the size of the knife should be reflective of the task it is designed to do. All too often I have seen knife makers make what they believe to be the Ultimate Cop Knife. Then proceed to show me a 15 inch long Bowie knife with a leather sheath the size of Tennessee to carry it in. The whole rig weighs in at least two pounds or more. Its got a steel butt so they can hammer with it. Nice knife, but its either going to sit in a locker or on the officers mantel. The size of the knife has to be such that the officer will feel comfortable carrying it. Then he will carry it. Giant folding knives or humongous fixed blades may indeed have their place, but a cops never going to use it if every time he puts it on, it causes him to tilt to one side. My recommendation for general use and carry? A folding knife with a blade 3 to 4 inches long and an overall length of 8-9 inches.
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Buck Marksman: New Tactical Folding Knife

It has an aluminum handle and a blade of 154CM steel. The most interesting feature on this new knife is the locking system. This system makes the knife very strong and allows it open quickly. It will retail for about $125.
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Damasteel Deluxe Starfighter Folding Knife By Brian Tighe & Wilson Tactical

Damasteel Deluxe Starfighter Folding Knife By Brian Tighe

A Complete Damasteel Folder from Brian Tighe in Heimskringla pattern Swedish Stainless Damasteel. The 100% solid Damasteel Deluxe StarFighter tactical folder merges Wilson Combats signature Starburst grip design and the superb quality and performance of knifemaker Brian Tighes artistic cutlery vision. The sculpted 100% Stainless Damasteel handle houses Tighes rock-solid button lock and proprietary Sealed Thrust Bearing System (STBS). The STBS is the secret ingredient that gives the blade an amazing glassy-smooth flipper operation that must be felt to be believed. The Damasteel Swedish powdered metal Stainless Damascus steel blade is 3D-striated for a unique, eye catching contrast and amazing, drag-free cutting performance. You will be proud to display or carry this unique knife that lives up to the Wilson Combat reputation for practical elegance. This exclusive Custom Alliance is limited to ten serialized pieces.
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You may be thrusting the blade into hard surfaces such as bone which could cause a weak lock to collapse. Various locking mechanisms are available to include traditional lock backs, liner locks, rolling locks, lock-pins, mono-lock and the axis lock. Most commercial grade Tactical Folding Knives feature one of these type locks and they are all suitable on a personal protection folder.
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Tool Logic SL1 Tactical Folding Knife

The frame is made from Zytel, which is a light weight yet ultra strong thermoplastic polymer. In short order it can take a licking. But thats hardly the shining feature of this multipurpose tool. There is also an LED flashlight that stays in place thanks to a magnetic bass. Remove it and it can easily be stuck to the under hood of a car or any place you need to shine some light, provided of course there is a metal object to stick it too.
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