School Says 8-year-old Student Not Feminine Enough


Empty desks at an elementary school. (Photo: Chris Hawley, USA TODAY) SHARE 10664 CONNECT 375 TWEET 257 COMMENTEMAILMORE The family of a little girl in western Virginia has removed her from her school after administrators said she did not appear feminine enough. Sunnie Kahle, 8, likes autographed baseballs and hunting knives alongside stuffed animals and jewelry, according to CBS affiliate WDBJ. “It’s fun,” Sunnie said. Sometimes her schoolmates at Timberlake Christian School asked if she was a boy or girl, Sunnie told CBS affiliate WDBJ. Her grandmother, who is her legal guardian, said she has just always been like that. “Sunnie realizes she’s a female but she wants to do boy things,” Doris Thompson told WDBJ.
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Man jumps on counter points knife in Star City bank robbery

Eight-year-old Sunnie Kahle likes to keep her hair short, wear boys clothes, collect hunting knives and shoot her BB gun. Shes a pure, 100-percent tomboy, said her great-grandfather Carroll Thompson, who along with his wife Doris adopted their granddaughters child. kAmqFE [email protected] %:>36C=2<6 r9C:DE:2?
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School pressures ‘tomboy’ to transfer

Billed as a gentlemans folder, I plan on putting the Carajas through some decidedly un-gentlemanly conditions. –TEN Spyderco Enuff Series MSRP: $179.95 Spyderco has released three fixed blades in its new Enuff line, all of which are top-notch options for outdoorsmen who prefer a smaller, more maneuverable knife. Longtime Field & Stream editor, Slaton White, once told me the blade of a good hunting knife should be no longer than the user’s index fingerthe logic being, when you’re working inside an animal, or anywhere you can’t see your knife, you know where the blade ends and therefore can keep your other hand out of its path. The Enuff series certainly fits that bill, with blade lengths for the sheepfoot, leaf shape, and clip point (pictured here) all measuring about 2.75 inches. All three are constructed from VG10 steel and weigh between 3.08 and 4 ounces.
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Ukraine: Right Sector militias besiege Ukrainian parliament


The killing of Muzychko is also evidently directed at intimidating Right Sector members who have refused to lay down their weapons and integrate themselves into the freshly created Ukrainian National Guard. Responsibility for the new National Guard rests with the chair of the Ukrainian national security service Andrey Parubiy, who played a leading role in the organization of the Maidan Self-Defense and is a co-founder of Svoboda, a contending fascistic organization in the anti-Yanukovich protests. One day after the neo-Nazi activists of Right Sector commenced their protests in front of the Ukrainian parliament, Ashton issued a statement condemning the pressure by activists of the Right Sector who have surrounded the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Ashton went on to condemn the intimidation of Right Sector which contravenes all democratic principles and rule of law. Ashton’s comments are dripping with hypocrisy. Leaders of the EU, US and Germany were quite prepared to encourage the activities of right-wing and ultra-right-wing thugs and politicians during the protests. At the end of February, Ashton personally met with the leaders of all of the main opposition parties, including the head of the fascist Svoboda party, Oleh Tyahnybok. At a separate meeting, Ashton embraced and kissed oligarch Yulia Tymoschenko, who just a week ago advocated the nuclear liquidation of all of the 8 million Russians living in Ukraine.
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The Best New Hunting Knives of 2013

For the third time in less than 24 hours West Virginia police found themselves investigating a bank robbery where a man used a knife in the crime. The latest robbery took place Wednesday morning in at the United Bank branch in the Monongalia County town of Star City. Police said a man, described at 6-2, 220 lbs., walked into the bank, pulled out a large hunting knife and demanded money. The man, dressed in overalls and wearing a metallic mask, jumped on the banks counter and pointed a hunting knife at workers. He got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. There were two other bank robberies in West Virginia at just before 1 p.m. Tuesday where the robber had a knife.
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