Pocket Knives Now In Feds’ Gunsights

Collectors Corner: Pocket Knives

The government is able to reach into the pockets of Americas millions of pocket knife users to limit the type of knife they can own, thanks to a novel and expansive interpretation of the 1958 Switchblade Knife Act. This half-century old law prohibited the importation into the U.S.of, or the interstate commerce in, automatic switchblade and stiletto knives. As recently as last August, the CPB interpreted the law with a common sense view, in approving requests by knife companies to import and market new products. Lawful, modern-day pocket knives do not have prohibited, spring-released blades, but many are able to be opened by one hand with a flick of the wrist; and for this reason are very popular, especially with hunters, campers, and handymen.
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The Best Pocket Knives

Recently, however, one individual auctioned off a “junk lot” of 126 “folders” for $508.00. Either there were a lot of collectors who needed parts to repair pieces in their collections, or more than one individual recognized a hidden treasure. Would you? If you’d like to learn more about this interesting collectible, check out the resources listed below, and Happy Hunting! Remington Knives Past & Present Websites All About Pocket Knives (AAPK) – Informative site includes articles, price guides, forum, auction, events calendar, links, more. Membership is free.
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Photo Credit Stock pictures of a folding knife used to cut image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia.com Pocket knives are quite handy for many various purposes. If you take your time picking out a top quality pocket knife that has the potential to meet all of your needs, it’s likely that it will stay handy for many years to come. First, you should consider what you plan on using your pocket knife for and go from there. The traditional Swiss army knives offer a good quality knife to those of you who could use all the many various attachments that knives can offer. However, if you are looking for a simple blade that deploys rather quickly and delivers top-of-the-line performance, Benchmade is a brand you can trust.
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