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The district has a weapons policy, which says, “Any student who is determined to have brought a weapon onto school property … shall be expelled for a period of not less than one year.” However, the policy also says, “… the superintendent of the school district may make recommendations relative to discipline on a case basis in conformance with existing law …” Superintendent Charles Reina would not talk specifics, but he said the case was not mishandled. He could not explain why the police investigation started three days after the incident.
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Mike Cyze, the district’s director of school and community relations, said the following e-mail and voicemail went out to Prescott parents, from school principal Chris McCarron: Dear Prescott Families, I am writing to inform you that earlier today, we discovered that a student was in possession of a pocket knife at school and displayed it in the building. Another student immediately reported the presence of the pocket knife to administrators and it was promptly taken from the student. As with all situations of this nature, school administrators and school resource officers are investigating the incident to determine the exact happenings. The student involved has been suspended and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken based on the results of the investigation. We wanted you to be aware of what happened and to assure you of our work to address it. As you know, we do not tolerate actions like this in our schools and always strive to provide the safest possible learning environment for our students. Thank you for your continuous support of Prescott and our students.
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