Navy Seal Auctions Authentic Emerson Knife To Help Special Operations Forces

Wilson Tactical Introduces the Star-Light Tactical Folding Knife

Wilson Tactical Star-Light Tactical Folding Knife

Emerson CQC-7 folding knife, created by Ernest Emerson of Emerson Knives, is up for bidding at The Navy SEAL who owns the knife is Mark Owen , a former DEVGRU mission member who authored the controversial No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama bin Laden. Famed weapons expert Ernest Emerson told The Daily Caller that the auctioned item is a real Emerson knife. I placed the knife into his hands, he said. He is known to me. [The knife] is real, and it is his knife that was carried on the mission. The Emerson knife was in Owens possession for more than eight years and carried it on the bin Laden mission. In his auction message, he said: Im donating the knife because the owner of Combat Flip flops is a friend and when he told me about this auction and all the good that the money raised was going to go towards, I wanted to help in anyway that I could.
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I think that the best inference from Heller is that the government would bear some burden of meeting higher scrutiny; but unlike with common arms, its possible that the government might make a sufficiently strong showing so that a ban could be upheld. S.H. Blannelberry: And while lethality is one way to evaluate the Constitutionality of an arm, what about the so-called intent or common usage of the weapon (again the head-axe example)? D. Kopel: The Second Amendment protects arms not tools. The intent of an arm is that it can used for confrontation, as Heller puts it.
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Benchmade’s RSK Mk1 Folding Knife

of premium materials by Hogue, the new Star-Light is the toughest lightweight tactical folder on the market today. The unique, over-sized button lock provides amazing security and smooth function under any field condition without sacrificing any speed of opening. Weighing in at four ounces, the Star-Light is a joy to carry in any type of attire or situation. The Star-Light tactical drop point blade is ground from premium U.S.A. 154-CM stainless steel, cryogenically tempered and noted for its toughness. The edge is honed to a polished, razor-like finish and rides on a hardened, oversize pivot for glassy smooth operation. A deep pocket carry clip, reversible for tip-up or tip-down carry is standard as well as a recessed lanyard loop.
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Law Prof. David Kopel: ‘Bans on switchblades, gravity knives, butterfly knives are unconstitutional’

Law professor Dave Kopel.

Law enforcement personnel certainly fall within this category of highrisk persons. During the last 30 years, Ive used my folding knife far more often than my sidearm. During those times when I wasnt able to carry my gun and knife, I missed the knife more than I missed the gun because of all the practical, everyday chores requiring a knifeeverything from opening ammo boxes to cutting seat beltswhich I never give thought to until I need the knife and dont have it.
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