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Jonathan Cheban’s bodyguard punches ‘aggressive man carrying a knife’ during scuffle in sushi restaurant | Mail Online

Shortly thereafter, (his) supervisorcalled. We had a similar conversation with her, to no avail, and again asked that they confirm that they were rejecting the order for the reasons…that the word “knife” was not family friendly. At the time the Second Amendment was written, common arms included knives, hatchets and swords. Even today, the pocket knife is one of the most common tools around, and no serious shooter or hunter is without one. Fixed blade or folding hunting and utility knives are used by outdoorsmen and women all over the map, and there is probably not a home in the country that does not have at least one knife. Examiner reached out to Mars candy for a comment.
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Farmington mother unhappy with school reaction to child with knife | The Morning Sentinel, Waterville, ME

Cheban!”‘ The man is said to have lingered in the restaurant even after he was told to leave Cheban alone. ‘When Jonathan and his friends left, the stranger tried to attack him,’ the insider claims. ‘In retaliation, his security guard punched the guy in the face and got Jonathan safely out of there.’ BFFs: The reality star is a longtime pal of both Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, pictured in Beverly Hills in 2012 In a video obtained by TMZ two of Cheban’s guards can be seen arguing with the man before one of his security detail, branded Sal The Contractor, blindsides him with an overhand right cross. Meanwhile, Cheban will be attending his best friend Kim Kardashian’s wedding in Europe later this week. And the schedule for nuptials has just gotten clearer. He made the list: Cheban will attend Kim and Kanye West’s wedding in Florence, pictured in Miami in March The couple along with officials at the Louis XIV estate have announced that a private tour for their wedding guests will take place at the Palace of Versailles on the eve of their nuptials on May 23.
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Cloutiers son gave her the details of the incident, which took place Tuesday morning. He put the knife to his throat and said he was going to kill him, she said. Its pretty disturbing to hear your child say things like that. The bus driver said when he saw the knife, he told the 8-year-old to put it away and called ahead to the school. When the bus arrived at the school just a few minutes later, administrators separated the boy from the other children and then took the knife away from him. Cloutier said that the bus driver should have immediately confiscated the knife. I dont think the situation was under control at all, she said. Ward said he agrees that the bus driver could have reacted better, but said the situation was so unexpected and unusual that it fell outside of routine training procedures.
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