Kershaw Shallot Review

Kershaw Ken Onion Black Shallot, Black Stainless Handle, Black ...

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Kershaw Ken Onion Shallot (model 1840110V) CPM S110V Folding Knife …

Kershaw Ken Onion Shallot (model 1840110V) CPM S110V Folding Knife Review

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Kershaw Ken Onion Shallot (model 1840CBZDP) ZDP-189 Folding Knife …

Kershaw Ken Onion Shallot (model 1840CBZDP) ZDP-189 Folding Knife Review

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Kershaw Ken Onion Shallot (model 1840110V) CPM S110V Folding Knife …

Kershaw Ken Onion Shallot (model 1840110V) CPM S110V Folding Knife Review

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Kershaw Shallot Black 1840CKT

Kershaw Shallot Black 1840CKT.

My Answers Suck asked Could you recommend a good folding knife?

3.5″ straight edge

also one that is smaller (2″)

nothing over $100. but ideally $50 is the most id like to spend.
Oops forgot to mention I’m looking for a tactical type of knife with belt clip

And got the following answer:

Having owned over 100 folders at this point I’d definitely recommend Kershaw knives as #1 choice for your budget.

For 75$ you can get either CPM S110V folder or ZDP-189 folder. Both are on top of the super steel list today.
Not that easy to sharpen either one of them, but nothing too complicated either.

Kershaw Shallot fits your requirement 100%.

For any model they produce you can also go with more conventional steels like Sandvik 13C26. Very nice, fine grained steel, takes a good edge. Those cost around 50$ or even less.

Detailed review is here –

More on those steels here –

Also, fit and finish of Kershaws are unbelievably good for the knives in that price ranges. They easily put to shame bunch of other, more expensive forlders.

Modern stainless steels aren’t that far behind from carbon steels. The terminology is not exactly correct, all steels are carbon steels, just stainless ones have Chromium in it.

Benchmades also have several very good folders in your price range.
I never liked spydercos, too weird looking, but that’s another very solid company with very good products.

More folding knives –

Knife steel FAQ –

Daedalus asked Thinking about buying a new folding knife?

I want to buy a new folding knife I can use for everyday carry but that will also hold up well for tougher jobs. I’m looking for something with a 3-4 inch blade, linerlock, and preferably finger hole opening. I like combo plain/serrated blades, but it’s not a must. Anyone have any suggestions? I’d also prefer something under $100.

And got the following answer:

For 100$ you can get a very good knife. However, I must ask, why do you want a linerlock? That is the most fail prone lock I have ever heard of.
I haven’t head any failures, simply because I don’t own linerlocks, but I’ve seen lots of reports on failed liner locks on and other knife related sites.

Benchmade Axis lock, or framelock, compression lock, or even a lockback would be a better ad more secure choice.

As for the particular knife brands. Thumbhole is pretty much Spyderco patent and other makers don’t really make knives with it. benchmade did produce a few models with that and later they’ve used an oval hole to avoid patent violation lawsuits, e.g. Griptilian, Skirmish. Both are very tough too. BM Dejavoo was thumbholed too.

There is an argument that a large hole in the blade weakens it structurally. Which makes sense, but Spyderco owners claim that is not the issue. So, you decide on that one.

Besides of Spyderco, Benchmade, Kershaw have very good choice of excellent folders in your price range.

If you want to look at other types of folders besides thumbholed ones, then your choice is significantly better.
The same Kershaw produces very good knives from top end steels like ZDP-189 and CPM S110V, superb fit and finish too, and all that for 75$.
Shallot review –

There’s bunch of folder reviews here –
May be you will find something that you like.

Also, perhaps you should check out knife steel FAQ before getting a new knife –

ZDP and S110v are covered in another section –

Amber asked What kind of knife should I get?

My boyfriend is really into knives and such, and for his graduation present I’d like to get him one with his name engraved in it. I don’t know much about knives so I was wondering what type to get him. I would prefer something he can carry.

My limit is $150


And got the following answer:

Knives are the oldest tools in human history and all the knife detractors here, own at least one kitchen knife or more. Still, they come out with whacky statements.

Anyway, for one, I suggest you buy on the internet, because it will be cheaper compared to brick and mortar stores.

Second, switchblades are not illegal in all US states, but are in some. So, unless you know local law it’s better to stay with plain folding knives.

Speedsafe knives can be also an issue. I know in California they are legal, but not so sure about the other states, at least I don’t know where they are illegal.

And blade length can be an issue too. Various states and even local towns can have their own restrictions on the length. So, 3″ 3.5″ long blade would be most likely legal in most of the places. Although I know San Francisco, LA, Oakland have 3″ blade length limit.

As for the particular brands, I can recommend Kershaw, Benchmade, and Spyderco. Very solid knives, good reputation and service from the makers.

For your budget you can get a very good folding knife.
Here’s bunch of folder reviews with photos and details –

I personally prefer Benchmades and Kershaws, good steel, good fit and finish. Spydercos look too weird to my taste, but they have their own dedicated fan base.

E.g. Benchmade 710 would be a very nice present. Axis lock, D2 or 154Cm steel, it’s a knife that is perfect for pocket carry. Except it’s 4″ long blade,so might be restricted in some areas. Price around 125$

Kershaw Shallots are very good knives. Come in different steels too. Models with top end steels like ZDP0189 and CPM-110V are ~80$ and more conventional, but still a good steel like Sandvik are ~50$. Those have 3.5″ long blades.

Benchmade 707 is just under 3″ and makes a very nice utility knife –

Knife steel FAQ –

If you know what kind of folders( I mean looks) he likes, you’re settled, otherwise pick something you like, it’s your present after all.

Some of the places where to buy on the net –

P.S. To the knifophobic crowd – majority of knife related crime is committed with kitchen knives, not with the folders people carry or expensive collectibles, and in stabbing wounds those kitchen knives are followed by screwdrivers. So, what now, you are going to dump all your kitchen knives along with the screwdrivers or ask your senator to ban both?