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Buck Knives History of Hoyt H Buck by James Huff

One of the most trusted names in pocket knives and hunting knives is Buck knives. Buck knives is the name of Quality in the world of knives. Buck knives where created by Hoyt H Buck. Hoyt Buck started making hunting knives as a apprentice in Kansas over 100 years ago. He later moved to Idaho and then started to make knives. After the bombing of Pear Harbor. When the military asked for help to arm the troops Hoyt Buck started to make knives for them to help in the fight, and got knives into the hands of as many troops as he could.

Later he and his son moved Buck knives to San Diego and started making knives on a much larger scale. This is where the Buck knives that we all know was made. It is called the Buck folding hunter and is one of the most copied knives in the world. Witch supports the claim that Buck knives is one of the greatest manufactures in the world and is why Buck knives are second to none.

Buck knives also made a survival knife called the Buckmaster. These knives where made for the military and also one of the knives that you know from the Rambo movies. Later Buck knives where also made for the navy seals. This knife is called the Knighthawk. This is another testament to the quality of Buck knives, one of the best makers of pocket knives, hunting knives, or survival knives world wide. If Buck knives are trusted by the U.S. military then I think that we all can trust them.

Later in 2005 Buck knives moved back to where it all started, back to Idaho where the first knives where made so help the war effort Buck knives has a history of being the best. From the first knives that Hoyt H Buck made to the Buck knives of today when we go hunting or fishing or on our camping trips, and all the knives that have served our young men and young ladies in the military. So if you want the best, buy Buck knives and you cant go wrong. They are just great knives.

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Camping Sodbuster Knives – Article Search Engine

Sodbuster Knives

Over 150 years ago the Sodbuster Plough was invented to plough the hard dry ground of the Great Western Plains of the USA.

Because of the dry arid conditions, the topsoil was baked into an extremely hard crust known as ‘Sod’.

Traditional iron ploughs were not strong enough, and the ‘Sodbuster Plough’ made of steel was introduced to do the job.

The 1862 Homestead Act provided 160 acres of free land to anyone willing to set up a farm in the Great Plains. The top layer of earth or Sod was so tough that it was used as building bricks by Homesteaders in the Great Plains. Other inventions around this time were, barbed wire to fence off and protect farm land, horse-drawn reapers, binders and threshers and combine harvesters.

The Sodbuster Knife is a large size, low cost, single bladed folding knife. The size has been scaled down recently and UK legal carry Sodbuster Junior knives are available.

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Kershaw Knives Reviews News: Customer Reviews: Kershaw Brawler Speedsafe Knife

5 stars. “Great Knife” I needed a new “cheap” work knife. I am a kershaw fan so I decided to give the Brawler a try. I am a foundation driller so I put everything I …

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Kershaw Blur Reviews –

Knife: Kershaw Blur Review by: GreatKnife!!! 04/12/2013 Price Paid: .00 Use: Every Day Carry Time Owned: Greater than 1 year Comments: I don’t typically write …

Original Source: Customer Reviews: Kershaw Nerve Pocket Knife

4 stars. “Weird design, good knife.” This is a pretty good knife from Kershaw, not the best but definitely worth the money Pros: 8Cr13MoV steel Long straight blade …

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Kershaw Knives Tanto Blur Customer Ratings & Reviews – Top & Best …

Walmart product reviews and customer ratings for Kershaw Knives Tanto Blur. Read and compare experiences customers have had with Kershaw products.

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Kershaw Knives Reviews – Ratings at ResellerRatings

Check the reputation of Kershaw Knives. Read real customer reviews. Compare prices to other stores and find coupons.

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“Best Buy!” Kershaw 1555 Cryo Knife Review

Welcome back for my knife show review of the Kershaw 1555 Cryo assited opening folding knife. This won “Best Buy” at Blade Show 2012 for it's combination of …

a dirty weiner asked I have it narrowed down to three knives choose the best?

I have it narrowed down to the Kershaw cryo, the Kershaw rj-1, and the Kershaw piston. The cryo and rj-1 are both around 30$, but the piston is around 60$. I have not heard a negative review of the piston, but then again I will have to fork over the extra 30$. The cryo is made in china, and I believe the rj-1 is to which could be a deal breaker. Which one would you buy if you had the money? Any response is appreciated.

And got the following answer:

go for the cryo. it’s got features of a really expensive knife at a low cost. also it’s a rick hinderer design for about 30$, which is very hard to find elsewhere.

a dirty weiner asked What kind of knife should I buy?

I have been thinking of buying a flipper knife for the past few weeks, and I have been looking at many different reviews on YouTube. There was one knife I found that really intrigued me but I read a few bad reviews (The kershaw cryo), if anyone has owned this knife before or could tell me if it is a good knife or not, that would be appreciated. I have been looking at some benchmades and other kershaws. I am only willing to spend $40 because i’m on a budget. Any good knives that anyone has owned would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

And got the following answer:

You can buy an official fixed blade ka-bar knife, for around 40-50$. They are held to the exact same standards as military weapons, and make flippers seem like cheap pieces of crap.

Megan asked What is a speed safe pocket knife?

i was looking into buying a new kershaw pocket knife, and I was wondering what the term speed safe means. is it like spring assisted? and sorry but here was really no category that I thought this belonged in.

And got the following answer:

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Spring, more like a torsion bar flips the blade open, but initially the blade resists opening. I have a few of those, never had a problem, but quite a few knife guys dislike them, citing potential hazards of opening in the pocket, which never happened to me.
I dunno where you are, so you might wanna check out local laws regarding assisted openers. They are ok in California, here’s the breakdown of CA knife carry laws –
And couple Kershaw speed safe opener reviews:

Richard asked does anyone know the best online store for buying tactical/folding knifes?

I looked at and they have good prices and look good. i don’t know how reliable they are. i saw that got really bad reviews. i want to find a good price on a ka-bar full size tanto and a benchmade mini barrage.

And got the following answer:

find something in one of these that will be exactly what you want.

Benchmade Mini-Barrage™ AXIS-Assisted 2.91″ Satin Finish …
Ka Bar Knives. Kanetsune Knives. Katz Knives. Kent Brushes. Kershaw Knives … I like the Mini-Barrage so much that I am considering the full size model. … – 165k – Cached
Benchmade Mini-Barrage™ AXIS-Assisted 2.91″ Satin Finish …
Ka Bar Knives. Kanetsune Knives. Katz Knives. Kent Brushes … Mini-Barrage feels full size. Strong assisted opening. Overall weight and balance is good. … – 137k – Cached
Benchmade 585 Mini Barrage Folding Knife
Ka-Bar Knives. Kershaw Knives. Knife Sheaths. LanCay Knives … Full Size Medals. Air Force Medals. Army Medals. Coast Guard Medals. Commemorative Medals ……/Benchmade-585-Mini-Barrage-Folding-Knife – 192k – Cached
Blade HQ – Automatic Knives, Switchblade Knives, Benchmade …
Ka-Bar(Fixed) – Blackwater (Fixed) Kitchen Knives (ALL) – Al Mar (Kitchen) – Benchmade (Kitchen) … Full size G-10 handle, locking liner, pocket clip. Retail …–All-Items–1–130 – 154k – Cached
Rocky National Products
585 Benchmade Mini-Barrage Plain Edge. 556S Benchmade Mini-Griptilian Mod … Mini-Griptilian Tanto Combo … 5019 Ka-Bar Army Fighting Full-size ARMY … – 359k – Cached
Sitemap – The Weapons Vault – Reviews Directory and Videos …
Benchmade 585 Mini Barrage: Mini Tank. Benchmade 940: Best Tactical or EDC Choice … Knife Review : Ka-Bar 7. Knife Review : Kabar TDI LDK (Last Ditch Knife) … – 239k – Cached
Your Shopping Cart
2008 KA-1213 KA-BAR Black Fighting / Utility Knife – Hard Sheath, … Benchmade 585SBK Osborne Mini Barrage – Black Blade, Partially Serrated Edge. BM-585SBK ……&itemnum=8512&function=add – 216k – Cached
eBay – kershaw multi tool, pocket knive and schrade cutlery …
Ka-Bar (300) Kershaw (1,205) Parker (127) Puma (187) Queen (141) … Benchmade Mini Barrage Black Valox Plain Edge 585 $84.95. Free shipping. 25d 5h 14m …… – 173k – Cached
Training Practice Swords
NOTE: This item is the same size as a full size sword. Similar shipping charges apply. … Benchmade Barrage Mini Black ComboEdge 585SBK $115.00CDN. Home …… – Cached
HK Knives 14100 Fixed Blade- by Benchmade. Ka-Bar Original TDI Law Enforcement Knife … Trace Laser Grip – Glock Full Size. Insight PEQ-2A Infrared Laser … –

Blondie.Pants asked How much would it cost to get a good pocket knife with a name engraved in it?

And got the following answer:

Engraving is around 20-25$ in many places.
Good pocket knife is really hard to define 🙂 Some folks are happy with 10$ folders, others average price is well over 100$.

Considering that average person is not a knife nut, then I’d say 50-70 will buy you a good folder, kershaws for example are excellent price/performance ratio.
So, total would be well under 100…

Here’s bunch of folder reviews for you –
And knife steel FAQ in case you start shopping around –

Roger M asked What is the best fixed blade survival knife in your opinion?

Regardless of price what is the best fixed blade survival knife for general purpose woodland survival? Kabar, Kershaw, Benchmade, Gerber, Cold Steel, Ontario, Fallkniven, SOG, Busse…etc? What make and model in your opinion? I want a full tang design. Please don’t tell me a Rambo knife with compass and a hollow handle for holding fishing line and hooks. lol.

And got the following answer:

There is an endless debate what a survival knife should be, small utility blade or larger one that can take and dish out lots of punishment.

If you go with second definition, then Busse knives are probably on top of the list. Very tough, pretty much indestructible and unusually high wear resistance and edge holding for those types of knives.

I own (and owned) Busses, Cold Steels, Sogs, Benchmades and bunch of other fixed blades. The toughest are Busses for sure.
As for the Cold Steel tests I am very skeptical about those, because they void the warranty if you try to replicate the tests.

My vote for heavy duty blades goes to Busse or if you are on the budget then Swamp Rat knives(SRKW).

Busse reviews –
SRKW review –

If you want something more exotic the kukris are also quite versatile and very tough use knives.
Kukris –

Those are the knives that you can cut, chop and pry with.

For more utility type knives benchmade Nimravus is pretty good and not too expensive.
Fallkniven A1 is also quite tough knife from decent steel VG-10.

Cold Steel SRK was a good knife in older version of Carbon V steel. new ones are not as good unfortunately. Though, nowhere near to Busse or SRKW in heavy duty use.

All of those knives are full tang design.

More fixed blades here –

chum the troll cat asked What is the best brand for a pocket knife?

And got the following answer:

Unfortunately there is not a best brand of pocket knives just as there is no best knife steel.
It all depends on your requirements, your preference(s), designed use of the knife and man other factors.

If your question was about best quality and build, then obviously custom folders take the 1st place, and there are many custom knife makers that build very high quality knives.

From production knives, Chris Reeve, Benchmade, Spyderco, Kershaw, Microtech, they all have very good or good build quality. It also depends on the product class and materials used.

Some of those folders are reviewed here – if you want the specifics.

In the end, pocket knives have rather limited use, but still they can be used for many tasks, so if you narrow down what do you expect from your knife it’ll be easier to pick better fit.