How Can You Help? Wish List From Local Nonprofit Organizations, Dec. 21


For more information, call 262-898-7250. Racine Vocational Ministry Inc. Racine Vocational Ministry Inc. assists unemployed and under-employed individuals prepare for, find and retain employment. RVM also provides employers with quality ready-to-work employees. For more information about RVM, visit: Our current needs include: Colored copier paper (green, blue, other colors) Matching set of bookshelves Cleaning supplies (shop broom, dust pan, industrial mop, bucket) Committee members for the board, including marketing, human resources, resource development and finance. To donate items, contact Racine Vocational Ministry, 214 Seventh St., Racine, at 262-633-8660 between 9 a.m.
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Joseph Medical Center. At the party, Makueeyapee is the clear outsider, Streano said. Everybody else knows each other, is related or grew up together. Hes in an area he doesnt know, with people he doesnt know. So Whitford opened the trunk of the car, where the car stereo speakers are located, picked up a small folding knife thats there to work on speaker wires, and put it in his pocket, his attorney said. He goes into the house, sees a group of people, comes up, and makes a comment he meant to be humorous, Streano said. Hey, wheres all the Blackfeet at? He quickly realizes this was not the thing to say. Whitford is told that people get jumped for that, Streano said, so he showed his knife and tells them, I hope you dont think youre going to jump me. The knife was tiny, Streano said, with a 2-inch blade. They all pull bigger knives, Streano went on, so he walks away, and goes to see if Adrian is ready to go. *** Afterbuffalo and Carmellia Kenmille were sitting in the car talking and listening to music, court documents say. Whitford spoke to Afterbuffalo in Blackfeet, which caught Pierres ear and began the conversation that led to the alleged attack, followed by the stabbing, Streano said.
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Polson homicide trial begins, will turn on claim of self-defense : Local

| TSA Food Rules “We do thousands of Voodoo donuts everyday,” Irwin said. “We’re very proud of the fact that people are bringing them through.” Remember, all food must go through the x-ray machine and must be wrapped or in a container. When in doubt, Irwin encourages passengers to pack their gifts in their checked luggage. Wrapping gifts: While wrapped gifts are not prohibited, if a bag alarms security officers may have to unwrap a gift to take a closer look inside. We recommend passengers wrap gifts after their flight or ship them ahead of time, to avoid the possibility of having to open them during the screening process.
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