Hong Kong: British Woman Stabs 5m Python With Pocket Knife To Save Dog’s Life

Oakland High teacher suspended for pulling out pocket knife in class | The Tennessean | tennessean.com

Her husband remembered he had packed his pocket knife and pulled it from his backpack. “Dexter was starting to weaken and he eventually stopped struggling altogether. At that point we really thought we had lost him. So when I suddenly saw the snake’s head, I just started stabbing furiously,” Link said. “Apart from some nasty bite wounds to his chest and legs, Dexter has made a complete recovery and he is back to his exuberant and hyper self. “I deeply regret I had to seriously injure a protected animal, but I acted only to save the life of my dog,” Link concluded.
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The principal at the school interviewed students as part of the investigation, Evans wrote. Each student interviewed interpreted it as a joke, including the one in which it was directed. In the statement, Evans said the distance between the teacher and student was at least six feet, and the knife was held vertical to the floor. It was not pointed at the student. The action on the part of the teacher, although inappropriate, was not threatening, the statement said. Evans added that the district and the school do not take these types of incidents lightly, which is why it was immediately investigated thoroughly and the teacher has been disciplined. Evans said he was not aware of any previous reprimands regarding Johnsons employment.
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Auction of Richie Farmer items brings in more than $21,400 – Frankfort & Franklin County, Kentucky

Im a Case knife collector, Doucet said. When I saw they were coming up, I didnt even know they existed so it felt good to get something I didnt know existed out there. The auction netted $21,415 for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, considerably more than the $15,903 spent for 25 rifles and 52 knivesby the agency in 2008 for the Southern Association of State Departments of Agriculture conference in Lexington. The guns and knives sold Monday were intended for visiting agriculture officials during the conference, but instead were kept by Farmer.
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