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The next few paragraphs offers important tips and advice that could help you successfully pick a pocket knife for your needs. Find the best pocket knife and it will serve you well for years to come.

The Benchmade 710 was designed by custom knife makers Bill McHenry and Jason Williams. It is the end product of their hard work over the course of 4 years. The popular AXIS lock makes it possible for easy one-handed opening and closing of the blade without your fingers ever being in the path of the blade. The lock was also designed by Bill and Jason. The lock design is straightforward to activate without directions needed on how the knife works.

As simple as the lock is, perhaps its major selling feature is its brute strength. In testing, the lock supported a negative load of over 200 pounds with no damage. After the lock finally failed, the liners simply cracked over the locking pin but in no way would the blade have closed on the user hand in testing.

For great functional redundancy, the AXIS lock features two Omega shaped springs. The springs are lightly stressed and tests demonstrate they should last indefinitely. Even though one spring fails, another will still operate without any problems.

It is difficult to say if this is the most durable lock made in folding knives. The manufacturer states the Benchmade 710 is more robust than any other knives on market. The sizable 3.9″ D2 Tool Steel blade of the 710 features a reverse-curve grind for better cutting ability.

On the butt end of the knife, there is a detachable stainless steel pocket clip. The butt end position of the clip is required as a result of the locking system. If the clip were positioned on the pivot end, the knife would stick out much very far out of your pocket.

The belt clip is reversible and feels natural in hand. I have the 710 Benchmade and use it for everything – cutting paper and cardboard, cutting string, heavy duty plastic box straps, cutting into the occasional snack, etc. It holds its edge very well.

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Sodbuster Knives

Over 150 years ago the Sodbuster Plough was invented to plough the hard dry ground of the Great Western Plains of the USA.

Because of the dry arid conditions, the topsoil was baked into an extremely hard crust known as ‘Sod’.

Traditional iron ploughs were not strong enough, and the ‘Sodbuster Plough’ made of steel was introduced to do the job.

The 1862 Homestead Act provided 160 acres of free land to anyone willing to set up a farm in the Great Plains. The top layer of earth or Sod was so tough that it was used as building bricks by Homesteaders in the Great Plains. Other inventions around this time were, barbed wire to fence off and protect farm land, horse-drawn reapers, binders and threshers and combine harvesters.

The Sodbuster Knife is a large size, low cost, single bladed folding knife. The size has been scaled down recently and UK legal carry Sodbuster Junior knives are available.

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Digging A Pocket Knife

Metal Detecting Finds.

Raiden asked What is stronger and holds a sharper edge for longer, carbon steel or surgical steel?

I’ve been looking for a set of knives that will hardly or almost never need sharpening and wont break easily, or at all. Can anyone tell me whether its carbon or surgical steel Im looking for?

And got the following answer:

Case pocket knives used to be made of surgical steel, they were fairly easy to resharpen and held an edge. Carbon steel can mean anything from the cheapest knife sets to some high quality makers. Carbon steel can be super springy or hard and brittle, all depends on the steel formula and the manufacturing. My only real suggestion is to buy a couple name brand high quality knives instead of a whole set of cheapo’s. I have a million different knives, but end up using the same couple over and over. One is a Kershaw chef’s knife the other ,one of those all stainless steel paring knives that the FFA kids sale.

[email protected] asked Maximum legal pocket knife length in Michigan?

Ok so I found this really high quality pocket knife I wanted to buy a few days ago (for self-defense reasons) online and I had noticed that the blade itself happened to be 3.75 inches. I’m pretty sure that the maximum length the knife had to be to carry it around legally could be no longer than 3 inches. Am I right or is there a loophole for the knife I found? Just wanted to get a second opinion before I bought it.


And got the following answer:

Three inches is correct.

Don’t listen to the brass knucklehead. Those are illegal in Michigan too.

Ferahgo asked I need a good pocket knife?

I need a high quality pocket knife. It needs to be made in America, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, etc. No China or anything like that. Any suggestions?

And got the following answer:

Get a Swiss Army knife, they are really useful. I use mine everyday. Get one with a good amount of tools, they are from $30 – around $100. Trust me they are great.

ace asked Whats the best folding pockets knife, and a cheap place on the internet to get one?

I’m looking for a folding knife that wont dull easily for less than $45 and a website that sells high quality knifes for cheap. If anyone knows let me know.

And got the following answer:

My preference is Cold Steel but I don’t know if they make a folder for under $45. Smith and Wesson makes a great knife for under $45. Just be sure that you stick with carbon steel blades and, whatever you do, DO NOT get a serrated blade. They are a pain in the butt to work with and are extremely difficult to sharpen properly. They may be OK for cutting rope or such things but as a hunting knife, I can tell you that they really suck. I know, I have one and it spends all its days in a box at home. I will never take it into the woods and I don’t have the heart to give it to a friend. Before ordering any knife, be sure to actually handle one and look it over carefully to be sure that it is the size that you want; too large and it will become uncomfortable to carry in your pocket, too small and it won’t do the job. Does the handle fit your hand comfortably? Does the blade open and close smoothly? Is the handle material something that can stand up to actual use in the woods or is it just for show? Will the handle get slippery when you get blood on it and become a dangerous thing ready to slice open your hand? You can do this at the better sporting goods stores, knife shops, or knife and gun shows. As for the best place to find a good knife on line, I don’t know which place is best. Just search around and see who has the best prices.