Give Your Folding Knife Assisted Opening Capabilities With Zip Ties

Cardsharp folding knife goes full metal

The GERBER GDC Hook Knife

You can do the same trick with many folding knives using zip ties. To do this trick, your knife must have a hole in the spine (such as with most Spyderco knives) and a pocket clip that when worn the tip of the knife points up. As shown in the video above by YouTube user WilliamCutting08 you’ll insert a zip tie in the hole and ratchet it down as far as possible. You may have to use a second zip tie if the first one moves wiggles around after being locked down. Cut off the excess zip tie material and you’ll be ready to go. To use the assisted opening feature, you pull the knife out of your pocket at an angle so that the zip ties catch on the edge of your pocket and open the blade. Watching the video demonstrates this much better than trying to put it into words.
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Baseball bats will remain on the no-fly list, though wiffle-ball bats and souvenir baseball bats (less than 24-inches long) will be allowed. These are popular items we see regularly, agency spokesman David Castelveter told Bloomberg News. They dont present a risk to transportation security. The move comes following a recommendation by a TSA working group that such items are not a security threat. The move will conform to international rules that currently allow the small knives and sporting goods. Frankly, I dont want TSA agents to be delayed by these, Pistole told the audience. Adding that TSA screeners at Los Angeles International Airport in the last three months of 2012, seized 47 of the small knives per day. The Flight Attendants Union Coalition, which represents the 90,000 flight attendants on carriers nationwide, blasted the announcement calling it poor and shortsighted. Continued prohibition of these items is an integral layer in making our aviation system secure and must remain in place, the statement said.
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TSA to Allow Pocket Knives On Planes

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The Cardsharp4 makes use of a 2 mm-thick aluminum casing, which Iain Sinclair says adds robustness and strength. The updated knife also has a two-stage Zytel locking mechanism to prevent accidental opening. The new design adds a little weight compared to past models, but at 24 g (less than an ounce), it won’t exactly be cumbersome. As was true with the Cardsharp2, the 2.5-in (65-mm) stainless steel blade is ready to slice and dice with just three folds.
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Selecting a Folding Knife for Personal Protection

Tactical Folding Knives

Various locking mechanisms are available to include traditional lock backs, liner locks, rolling locks, lock-pins, mono-lock and the axis lock. Most commercial grade Tactical Folding Knives feature one of these type locks and they are all suitable on a personal protection folder. One caution; carefully test out any lock-back knife if considering it for ElocksDC for personal defense. Depending upon where the lock mechanism is placed along the spine of the folder, one of your fingers could depress the lock causing it to close when gripping the knife tightly such as during a critical life or death situation under extreme stress.
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