Gear Review: Sog Aura-hunting Knife Passes Her Tests With High Marks

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Never plan a gear review anticipating a successful hunt. I went out turkey hunting with high hopes; after all, I was with professional outdoorsman Patrick Kalmerton. My goal was to use my new SOG Aura-Hunting knife to field dress a turkey. I must have jinxed my hunt. NEVER plan on a successful hunt, no matter how great your guide and location is. Even though the thunderstorm brought gobbles out of the gobblers, we could not get them in close enough for a good shot. We tried everything to get the weary bird to come hither, from alternating decoy set ups to changing locations. I did get a few good lessons on calling, and learned about decoy layouts. That meant two things, no smoked turkey for my Cinco de Mayo guests the next day, and no turkey to test my new knife on. In turn, I did the next best thing. The Aura was used to cut up my entire Mothers Day steak dinner, and also cut up an old grouse from the freezer. I had to leave in a hurry one day and had to freeze a grouse in full feathers. Things to consider while choosing a knife After conducting research on how to pick out a good hunting knife, I made some observations about the SOG Aura-Hunting knife. I found that it meets all my requirements for my field dressing. There are a few things to consider while picking a good knife. Over all, it depends on personal preference, and purpose of the knife. Things to consider are knife style, the handle, and tang. The blade size, material and design are also extremely important. My purpose was met right in the name, SOG Aura- Hunting knife. I wanted something strong, durable, and easy to carry. The Aura felt good in my hand; clearly they had ergonomics in mind while designing this bad boy. The length is 10 inches, and it came in a nylon sheath. The ridges at the top of the blade near the handle (jimping) worked extremely well to prevent the knife from slipping and gave me greater control of the blade.
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Companies such as Case, Puma, Gerber, Kershaw and Buck all make excellent folding knives well suited to the demands of deer hunting. Sheath knives are more robust by virtue of their one-piece construction and can handle the demanding tasks of heavy duty butchering very effectively. They should have a sturdy leather or synthetic sheath to keep the blade out of harms way and should not be carried on the belt where they are potentially dangerous in a fall, or will snag on bush. Carry a sheath knife inyour daypack and wear a folding knife such as aLeatherman for the day-to-day tasks. Once again, look for a strong blade with plenty of sweep for skinning, a drop point is the best.
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Capel Hendre man ‘pulled knife on complete stranger’, court hears (From South Wales Guardian)

South Wales Guardian: The incident happened in Penybanc Road.

Kevin Jones, prosecuting, told the court how on December 3 last year Lawlor and Gareth Richards passed each other as they walked in Penybanc Road, Penybanc. Lawlor said something and Mr Richards asked him what he had said. Lawlor asked him if they knew each other and Mr Richards replied: No. Lawlor then produced a hunting knife with a six-inch blade from a rucksack he was carrying and walked towards Mr Richards while waving it in the air. Mr Richards became so concerned he ushered a young boy away from the scene and prevented other members of the public from getting close to Lawlor.
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