Gear Review: Sog Aura-hunting Knife Passes Her Tests With High Marks

A Handmade Hunting Knife

Blade When picking out a knife, determine if you would rather have a folding or a fixed blade. I sought to find a knife that will be used for cutting up game, mainly deer and turkey. The weight was important since I try to keep my gear bag as light as possible. The overall weight of the Aura was 5.4 ounces. If I was looking for an everyday knife I could put in my pocket, I would have searched for a folding blade oppose to a fixed. Besides a fixed blade being stronger, it also has fewer parts, or things that could go wrong with the knife. Tang When I hear the word tang I used to think of my favorite orange childhood drink. When I hear tang now I think of the most important strength features of a fixed blade. The back portion of the blade that extends into the handle is called the tang. In order for the knife to be tough, the tang needs extend into the handle. The Auras tang extends into the handle, making it darn tough. If the tang does not extend through the handle the knife could break easy, and I need durability with my rough cuts. Handle When choosing a good hunting knife, pay close attention to the grip. The Aura also checked out in the handle category. It was made of high impact and tough glass-reinforced polymer handle that is over-molded with a more pliable material for non-slip comfort. One of the most unique features was hidden in the handle. A carbide sharpening device was convenient at the end of the handle should you every need a touch up in the field. Heck, you could even sharpen your fishing hooks with this little dandy. Steak & Grouse Conclusion I realize you can clean a grouse with your bare hands and eat a steak dinner with a table knife, but lets face it, I was desperate to let you know how great of a knife this is. It was also kind of fun. Nothing says elegance of eating a fancy Mothers Day meal with a Rambo knife. My husband didnt marry me for my ladylike qualities at the dinner table I hope. The knife tore into the steak like no other; maybe I should lose my table knives. It also, took care of the grouse with ease. Overall, the SOG Aura-Hunting knife checked out meeting all of my expectations. I would recommend this brand to all my friends and relatives. Hopefully I will get to try out the gut hook should I be lucky enough to take a deer this fall. I know one thing for sure; I certainly wont expect it. But I will try my best.
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This Incredible Amazon Review For A Hunting Knife Is Your Road Map To Immortality

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This is the kind of knife you’ll pass on to your grandchild. The Norwegian Helle knives are functional works of art and the curly birch-handled Tor is no exception. One of Helles hunting knives, the Tor has a smooth wooden 4.3-inch handle with leather inserts for contrast. The handle is deep but narrow, with a generous contoured grip that feels natural when you hold it in your palm. The knifes 4.2-inch stainless steel blade is strong and I found it held an edge whether I was whittling, whipping up a backcountry feast, or cleaning the days catch.
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I did not even have to open the box. Sensing my presence, the knife cut itself out of the box. Taking the knife into my hand, I could feel it leading me. I followed it deep into the wilderness where I slaughtered my first boar. I dragged the boar back to my house and prepared a feast for the entire neighborhood.
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