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Pocket Knife Care Made Easy by Larry Clark

There are literally thousands of articles on the web that outline various methods of caring for your knives. In this article, I will break it down to the simplest terms ? using the KISS principle ?Keep It Simple Stupid? to describe how to ensure your favorite knife lasts you many years. The information in this article is valid for all types of pocketknives, and can be used to care for all knives.

Whether you have one pocketknife or a huge collection of quality knives, including the full range of pocketknives, folding knives, fixed blade knives and pulti-purpose tools, you must maintain and care for them or they will deteriorate. I remember once when I pulled my favorite knife out of the leather sheath for the first time in a year, it was all stained and the blade was covered with rust.

Maybe you just gave your son or daughter their first pocketknife and want to teach them how to care for it. No matter if you are a hunter, hiker, camper, or wilderness backpacker, you know that a quality pocketknife is a valuable tool and, if properly cared for it will last you may years.

There are many brands of pocketknives and just as many levels of quality with varying degrees of corrosion resistance ? suffice it to say knives made with lower quality metals will require somewhat more care to ensure they stay corrosion-free. BUT for the purposes of this article, the prudent level of care described below should keep any knife in good working order.


1. USE YOUR POCKETKNIFE PROPERLY ? Remember a knife is not a screwdriver and a screwdriver is not a knife: Use your knife properly, cut only stuff your knife was made to cut ? avoid cutting cardboard or paper and never use a cutting board made of glass, granite, or other hard substances. And, of course, (but many people ignore this one) don?t use your pocketknife as a screwdriver, chisel or a pry-bar.

2. STORING YOUR POCKETKNIFE ? When not in use wipe your pocketknife lightly with oil ( a good silicone spray lubricant can also be used) and store it in a dry place. NEVER store your knife in its sheath ? especially a leather sheath, as leather tends to hold moisture and can cause corrosion.

3. CLEANING AND OILING ? Many normal uses for your knife such as pealing citrus fruit, cleaning fish or skinning game can leave corrosive residues on your knife. After using your knife, always clean the entire knife with mild soapy water. Then dry it thoroughly and apply a liberal coating of clean oil before putting it into storage. Finally, if you don?t use the knife frequently, take it out 3-4 time a year to inspect it for corrosion, and apply a new coat of oil. These actions will ensure a long life for your knife.

4. SHARPENING ? Always keep your pocketknives sharp. A sharp knife is more efficient and easy to use. There are a number of different styles of knife sharpeners ? the three primary styles are sharpening stones, diamond sharpening sticks, and ceramic ?crock sticks.? All of these have their pros- and cons- but they all can sharpen knives effectively. When sharpening your pocketknife, I recommend you sharpen to the original angles of the blade. Just follow the instructions that came with the sharpener. Remember there is no need to grind the knife away – go slowly and check progress after every few strokes and stop when you have reached the desired sharpness. When done, don?t forget to wipe the blade clean and apply a light coat of oil or silicone protectant.

IN CONCLUSION ? Take good care of your pocketknives and they will last for many years.

? Keep your pocketknife clean and dry.

? Oil your knife frequently; especially pivot points and the blade.

? Keep your knife sharp; a sharp blade is safer than a dull one.

? When not in use, remove your knife from the sheath and store in a dry environment

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coollabdog asked Should a ten year old kid have a pocket knife?

My son realy wants one for crhistmas and I need to know if I should get him one? Allsow where can I get one?

And got the following answer:

As a Boy scout leader our cub scouts age ten and older who have completed training in the handling and usage of pocket knives (folding blades under 2inches) are allowed to carry and have possession of them. Under no circumstances are they allowed at school or any other event or activity outside of BSA related uses. If caught doing so the scout loses the privilege. Any parent or guardian should take these type of precautions in teaching their young ones the safe use of these very valuable tools and skills. Ten years of age is the perfect age to begin this instruction. So my answer is a definite yes. Get him a Schrade available at most ace or truevalue hardware stores

Brett asked Can I bring a butterfly knife into the us from the philippines?

Can I bring a butterfly knife into the us from the philippines

And got the following answer:

yes. butterfly knife is obviously can be seen in airport xrays no matter how thoroughly you keep it between sheet of towels or clothing. One of the basic is placing it in a container, if the butterfly knife is too small then pick a small baby powder container like Johnson’s and Johnson’s the size of the knife, fold it and remove first the talcum powder and place the knife and place back the talcum powder and reseal the container. In an xray it can be seen as a letter “I”. Either the airport security suspect something wrong or just forget the whole thing. The other option is declare it from the custom section of the airport, but it might be confiscated. It is your call. But all in all butterfly knives can also be bought or sold in the US so why bother yourself buying this in the Philippines and bring it to the US for?

Butterfly knives was first seen in the movie of Michael Pare in 1984 movie “streets of fire”. When he was accosted by two punks inside a train holding a butterfly knife which in the Philippines we call it “balisong” and openly sold in Batangas. He immediately grab the knife and shows the two punks how to fold and swing a butterfly knife. The two punks immediately run off.

Frogger asked Is a spyderco tenacious a good folding knife for self defense?

I carry a spyderco tenacious along with a pepper spray when I go outside since I live in a pretty messed neighborhood. Would this knife be ideal in a situation where I would need to defend myself?
I lvie in VA and the law here states that there is no length limit on a folding knife that you can carry in public.

And got the following answer:

Before I saw anything, I must tell you to use your non lethal weapon (pepper spray) on an attacker first. Only under dire circumstances should your knife be used as a weapon. I idealize my knives as tools that can be used as weapons, rather than the opposite.

Even if you can prove in court that your life was in danger and the attacker was killed or wounded in self defense, you will have some sort of a criminal charge on your record, if you’re lucky it would be a minor misdemeanor. It has even been said that consequences of using a knife in lawful self defense are worse than those of using a gun.

However, I do value my life vey much and would use my knife as a self defense weapon if it was absolutely necessary.

The Tenacious does not have an ideal blade shape for self defense. It is not the worst, but it isnt great. I prefer slashers for self defense. I believe stabbing blade shapes (spear point blade, dagger) can only be effectively implemented for offensive uses (e.g. Crime, ambush and assassination). Knife fight statistics have shown that the first three moves in any knife fight are slashes. A stabbing knife is therefore only effective in self defense if you can manage to evade a few slashes (not likely) that will inevitably come before you have an oppurtunity to stab.

Therefore, you are much more likely to survive unscathed in a self defense encounter with a blade designed to slash than one designed to stab

Some knives I think would excell in the role of self defense slashing would be:

– Spyderco Civilian: probably the most damage-capable piece of steel for its size on the planet. I would imagine you could easily open a person’s belly with this thing, or sever most of the muscles and tendons in any of their limbs, rendering them unfit for combat in one swift slash. This is my top choice for a folding self defense knife. Just looking at it makes me shiver. Only downside is that it is relatively expensive.

– Cold Steel Rajah II: 6 inch Kukri style blade. I don’t own one but it obviously would be very effective for slashing. The sheer size might scare off attackers. People aren’t used to seeing folding knives with blades larger than larger than 3.5″ *snicker*

If you’re into carrying really large blades, you might also look into the Cold steel Espada XL too. The thing dwarfs anything spyderco or benchmade make.

– Any Hawkbill shaped blade. They are born slashers. enough said. Spyderco SpyderHawk is a good choice. I have the H1 rust-proof Salt version and I carry it whenever I go swimming. Great, light knife. Very useful for EDC tasks too

– Any Karambit shaped blade. They require some training to be combat effective though. I believe some manufacturers even ship a training DVD with their karambits. The Emerson Super Karambit was designed for use by Navy SEALs and the British SAS. It is very pricy though.

– Recurve blade shapes. Benchmade 710 and Emerson Commander are exemplary. Recurves are good slashers and also can be can primarily be used as EDCs. If I could only. Carry one knife for EDC and SD, my BM 710 In M390 steel would be the one.

Hope it helped. Remember not to do anything you will regret. Only use your knife if you are sure your life or others’ are in danger

Good luck. I hope you will never have to be an a self defense situation, but if you are, you will be prepared.

Aidan asked How to not cut yourself with a Swiss Army Knife?

I just got my first pocketknife a few days ago and have yet to cut myself. I was wondering if there were any good tips on not cutting yourself and some good healing remedies?

And got the following answer:

How about this – Take a short length of Scotch tape & fold it over the sharp edge until you get used to the knife. Kinda like training wheels. But, cuts are going to happen when you handle an edge, just the way it is. I’m semi-retired Army SFC, so I’ve carried & handled sharp edges for forty years, & last Christmas I cut myself bad enough that I needed stitches while trying to open a present for my grandson. Felt like a idiot, but, it happened….