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An X-ray operator for the Transportation Security Administration noticed the knife during an initial screening July 6 at Detroit Metro in Romulus, the report said. She then asked a colleague to check the mans bag. That TSA screener said in a written statement he discovered the artfully concealed knife in the lining of the left shoe. The passenger said he was told that if he put the knife under the insole that it would not be seen on the X-ray, the TSA agent wrote. The man told police the stainless steel Kershaw folding knife, similarly concealed, had not been discovered or confiscated by the TSA at the airport in Huntsville, Ala., three days earlier. As a result, police said, the man said he did not think it was a criminal violation of law to have the knife in his luggage. The suspect, who is from Alabama, had gone fishing at property owned by his grandfather in Clare and was returning home on a Sunday morning when he was stopped at the North Terminal. The man was handcuffed, arrested on a checkpoint violation and placed in a holding cell, according to the report.
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Chelmsford cops charge two with bank robbery – Lowell Sun Online

So, while I like and respect many Hondas, part of me has always found them too “safe.” But not this one. No, this Honda is special. Honda has always produced some extremely well-engineered cars, but they’re generally not considered “weird.” Sure, their really early kei-class cars had some unique qualities, and they’ve often had novel engineering, but never really out-and-out weird.
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Thrill To The Weirdest Honda Ever Made!

Thrill To The Weirdest Honda Ever Made!

A responding officer saw a folding knife through the car’s windshield at Delong’s apartment. Callahan was arrested after trying to rob a Santander branch in Lawrence, according to police. Delong is scheduled to be arraigned in Lowell District Court today.
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