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CRKT Hammond Cruiser: Affordable Tactical Folder Option

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Draco R asked how good is a 440C Teflon Coated boot knife ?

just looking for a good cheap knife this one caught my eye and looked like the best one out of many others i have looked at but i am not sure about the metal.

And got the following answer:

Not sure if you want it for the kitchen or not.
Anyway, AISI 440C is high carbon stainless steel alloy, exact chemical composition –

By itself that alloy is much better than standard steels used in the kitchen knives such as 440A and German counterpart X50CrMoV15 used in mid/high end Wusthofs and Henckels.
440A vs 440C vs X50CrMoV15 composition comparison –,440A,X50CrMoV15
As you can see 440C has the highest amount of Carbon and same amount of Chromium as 440A. So, it’ll hold the edge longer and you can get it sharper too if it’s heat treated properly.

In terms of steel performance it’s a good one. Back in 1980s 440C was one of the best stainless steels. It’s decent even today if done properly. BTW, the original Rambo first blood knife was made out of that steel.

Teflon coating – it’s pretty good for rust protection, but scratches and wears easily, although, due to the nature of the teflon, it penetrates the pores in metal and even after it’s worn off from the surface the protective layer is still there.

As for the rest, boot knife will not fare that well in the kitchen. Being a knife collector myself, I’ve tried all sorts of knives in the kitchen and nothing really works well, all the combat, tactical, etc knives are too thick and edge geometry is not designed for the light cutting needed in the kitchen.
Exception is the heavy knives as the meat cleavers. Although, in that case you risk chipping or denting the edge on the thick bone ๐Ÿ™‚

Still, you can make it work, so so… If you like it.
here’s the reviews of the combat knives that worked more or less well in the kitchen –

Ninja Scion asked Does a knife have to look ornamental in order to be shipped into the UK?

I’m on holiday in Morocco and want to mail a knife to myself at home (don’t have any luggage to check). It’s longer than 3 inches and has a fixed blade; it’s plain, meant for camping and doesn’t look like a tactical commando knife or anything. Would it be allowed through customs?

And got the following answer:

You can mail it with FEDEX or DHL, but it’s so expensive it will cost you more than 700 MAD ,
chronoposte is cheaper “less than 250MAD”, if they hesitate to ship it, you can easily grease their palm with +20MAD :/, don’t forget you are in Morocco nothing is impossible.

Erei asked Is it legal to carry a Balisong comb in Singapore?

Carry as in carry about in public.

I found a shop called Black Tactical (they have a website) that sells Balisong combs and I got one. Very nice, and cheap, since two of the three models are actually from Benchmade.

I know that carrying gravity knives in Singapore is illegal, and so is possession. Is this the case for the Balisong comb?

It’s a comb, and I use it as such, while doing some tricks and flips when I feel bored, but it’s in the shape of a Balisong. Looks almost identical, in fact.

And got the following answer:

As far as I know, the Singaporean law forbids people to carry items that “might cause public panic”.
There’s no particular law on the legality of carrying Balisong comb, but if it looks like a knife from far away, the police might confiscate it.

jerlaak97 asked What is some cool stuff to buy on amazon?

I’m ordering new headphone tips for my bose headset. I can’t find them on any store locally and only place i found them online is amazon. But they cost 5$ and because they won’t ship something so cheap and small
(some add on thing that if I want to buy add ones to anything it has to be more than 25$. Or I’ll buy something else with the tips. The point is that I need to get something that brings the price to at least 25. Pardon my english)

I thought of buying new hockey skates but I decided to buy it from local store because I can fit them. So no clothes or anything like that. I don’t want anything usual. I want something cool and weird. Something that’ll amaze my friends.

I don’t want you to suggest anything that’ll cost over 30$ because you don’t know what kind of things I’m in to.

So suggest just about what ever you want. Whatever you think that’ll just won’t be waste of 20$ but not too ordinary.

And got the following answer:

perplexes maze game
s107 radio controlled helicopter
throwing knives
gun stock throwing club from ‘cold steel’
throwing spike
blow dart gun also from cold steel
red line tactical flashlight
nun chucks
monster mask