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The updated knife also has a two-stage Zytel locking mechanism to prevent accidental opening. The new design adds a little weight compared to past models, but at 24 g (less than an ounce), it won’t exactly be cumbersome. As was true with the Cardsharp2, the 2.5-in (65-mm) stainless steel blade is ready to slice and dice with just three folds. The blade technology was originally designed for the medical industry, and while you might not be doing much out-of-pocket surgery in the future, that background makes it sharp enough for all kinds of tasks, including food preparation and cutting through automobile seat belts in an emergency.
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CRKT’s Latest Everyday Carry Knives Are Anything But Everyday

Waved knives like everything have pros and cons and do require proper training in indexing and deploying the blade. I recommend the stud mechanism or hole like on a Spyderco or Benchmade TFK. These mechanisms are simple to deploy and will not open without me. Assisted opening knives often compromise the grip on the knife in order to actuate the assist mechanism which could lead to major problems during standing grapple and in-fight weapon access. 5) One Hand Opening- The folder you choose must allow you to open it one handed. During a critical incident your primary or support hand may be tied up fending or striking your opponent.
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TSA to Allow Pocket Knives On Planes – ABC News

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Based off of a classic folder type design, the similarity ends there. The two come equipped with all the features youd want in a well-built knife. Both utilize the patented OutBurst assist that deploys the blades quickly when needed. The Argus has an AUS 8 steel blade and a cold-forged aluminum handle for superior grip. Meanwhile the Cobia has a 1.4116 steel blade and a stainless steel handle with an attractive fish scale texture. Whichever you choose, both will make you look goodeven when youre not cutting anything. The Argus knife manufacturers suggested retail price is $130.00.
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Best Pocket Knife Tips Offered By Pocket Knife Authority Blog In Time For Summer Activites – KOAM TV 7

A pocket knife to serves a variety of purposes and should be of good quality and dependable. Pocket knives are very good companions because they are portable and make themselves useful in many situations, said Michael of When you have to choose one, make sure that the knife meets your needs and is according to your preferences, he added. According to Michael, more choices are available, as traditional knives, single knives, Swiss knives, tactical knives and multi-tool knives have started to emerge. When comparing models, what matters most is the durability of the knife, the grip, the overall quality. Customer reviews by existing owners can help provide insights on each brand.
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The GERBER GDC Hook Knife

Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images Starting April 25, passengers flying on U.S. flights will be allowed to carry small pocket knives blades less than 6-centimeters, up to two golf clubs, ski poles, as well as sporting sticks used for hockey, lacrosse, and billiards. Baseball bats will remain on the no-fly list, though wiffle-ball bats and souvenir baseball bats (less than 24-inches long) will be allowed. These are popular items we see regularly, agency spokesman David Castelveter told Bloomberg News. They dont present a risk to transportation security. The move comes following a recommendation by a TSA working group that such items are not a security threat.
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