Bring A Gun To A Knife Fight

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In this case, you can bring a gun to a knife fight, and it still wont give you any meaningful advantage. This amusing weapon from MTech USA looks like a revolver when folded, but opens up to reveal a knife blade. It most certainly wont fire bullets, is 100% NOTTSA-approved, and is more than likely going to get you in a heap of trouble if you whip it out anywhere.
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He was taken to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. A witness, 26, told police that Andrea Williams, 31, stabbed Heath with a black folding knife while he was in the passengers seat of a red Toyota Camry, the report states. Another witness told police he saw a small female chase Heath down Chestnut Street. Police found Williams at her South Spruce Street home, where she admitted to swinging the weapon at Heath, but claimed she was unaware that she injured him, the report states. She told police she gave the knife to her cousin, who took it to a Walnut Street house. At the officers request, the cousin turned the knife over to authorities.
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Severe finger cut leads Iditarod musher to product liability claim in federal court | Alaska Dispatch

The fact that he won the Iditarod the following year showed the minor impact that loss of the digit had on dog mushing, the company said. Seavey bought the knife in about 2008, but he said no instructions or warnings came with it; he purchased the last one ina Sportsman’s Warehouse display case. It didn’t matter that he didn’t receive backup paperwork, the manufacturersaid. Seavey admitted he doesnt read the packaging materials and that unless there was a warning that specifically warned him against using the gut hook to cut plastic ties, he would not have heeded the warning, the company said in its trial brief. Seaveys attorney argued that the instructions that would have come with the knife, do not warn against the use and danger that caused Seaveys accident and, therefore, those warnings would not have altered Seaveys (or any reasonable users) conduct. No field test Seavey argued that placing a gut hook on the outside of the knife was a defective design because of the location of the release at the top of a curve on the handle. Kershaw did not conduct any testing of the knife to determine how consumers would use the knife, Seavey said in his trial brief.
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