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Benchmade 710 – Get The High End Multi Purpose Pocket Knife

The next few paragraphs offers important tips and advice that could help you successfully pick a pocket knife for your needs. Find the best pocket knife and it will serve you well for years to come.

The Benchmade 710 was designed by custom knife makers Bill McHenry and Jason Williams. It is the end product of their hard work over the course of 4 years. The popular AXIS lock makes it possible for easy one-handed opening and closing of the blade without your fingers ever being in the path of the blade. The lock was also designed by Bill and Jason. The lock design is straightforward to activate without directions needed on how the knife works.

As simple as the lock is, perhaps its major selling feature is its brute strength. In testing, the lock supported a negative load of over 200 pounds with no damage. After the lock finally failed, the liners simply cracked over the locking pin but in no way would the blade have closed on the user hand in testing.

For great functional redundancy, the AXIS lock features two Omega shaped springs. The springs are lightly stressed and tests demonstrate they should last indefinitely. Even though one spring fails, another will still operate without any problems.

It is difficult to say if this is the most durable lock made in folding knives. The manufacturer states the Benchmade 710 is more robust than any other knives on market. The sizable 3.9″ D2 Tool Steel blade of the 710 features a reverse-curve grind for better cutting ability.

On the butt end of the knife, there is a detachable stainless steel pocket clip. The butt end position of the clip is required as a result of the locking system. If the clip were positioned on the pivot end, the knife would stick out much very far out of your pocket.

The belt clip is reversible and feels natural in hand. I have the 710 Benchmade and use it for everything – cutting paper and cardboard, cutting string, heavy duty plastic box straps, cutting into the occasional snack, etc. It holds its edge very well.

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Anthony asked What are the laws on carring pocket knives?

I want to know the laws reguarding pocket knives. I’ve heard if it’s smaller then your hand your fine or if it’s over 7 inches then it can’t be conceled or hiden, or if it’s bigger then your hand it has to have a clip on it. I’m not sure but I need to know, if it helps I’m in California. Thanks.

And got the following answer:

Cal law 16000 addresses knives and many of them from belt etc. A folding knife, as long as it cannot become a fixed blade knife(having a lock in mechanism when opened seems to be legal to carry as long as it is only a 4″ blade? Presumably a 4″ blade would carry a 4″ housing to be folded into.
But section 16000 is a start and from there 171.00, 17290, etc

Danny asked Is it illegal for a minor to have a pocket knife ?

I live in Florida, and I would like to own a pocket knife. I’ve been looking on Ebay and my father told me that it has to be bigger than a certain measurement to not be considered a concealed weapon, but that over another measurement it will be considered a weapon. Anyone know this law and could explain it to me ? Thanks.
My father told me that above 3 inches in length, it is NOT considered a concealed weapon and I am allowed to possess and carry it. Is he correct ?

And got the following answer:

You can own and carry a regular folding pocket knife with a blade that does not exceed 3 inches in length.}{

Angie asked What is the legal size limit for a pocket knife?

In California? Like if you’re carrying a pocket knife within city limits, how big is too big legally?

And got the following answer:

Summary: Anything capable of ready use as a stabbing weapon is illegal. All concealed knives are a felony (except non locking folders).
Max length: chaotic
Specifically illegal: Switchblades, gravity knives, exotic conceal methods (pen, lipstick, whatever)
Relevant laws: PC 653K, PC 12020(24), California Laws, Commentary (apparently removed – someone know where?)
Note that interpretations by cops and judges are wildly varied. Police have actually told law-abiding citizens to break the concealment laws, and a judge has deemed a blunt-point knife (Spyderco Mariner) a stabbing weapon.
Quirks: Pens may be illegal (potential stabbing weapon).
Local restrictions:
Los Angeles
Three inch limit for open carry without a good explanation.

Caleb asked What can you do with a bigger knife that you cant do with a smaller pocket knife?

So i want to know what you can do with a survival knife with a bigger blade that you would not be able to do with a pocket knife. Thanks 😀

And got the following answer:

you can cut through bigger things faster for instance you could skin or gut a dead deer with a bit larger knife than a smaller pocket knife however you do have to use reason like you dont need a machete to skin a racoon for instance

O_o asked What is the legal blade length for a pocket knife in Arkansas?

What the the maximum length of the blade for a pocket knife in Arkansas. Fort Smith, Arkansas; if that that make any difference.

And got the following answer:

3 inches is the legal limit of a pocket knife. If you can fit the knife blade into the palm of your hand and it is the same length then it is legal to carrie on you. Anything bigger than 3 inches will more than likely be taken away from you if caught with it.

But usually ppl who carry bigger knifes are sportsmen like hunters, fishermen…etc

asked What are the legality’s of carrying a pocket knife in public?

Just wondering, I’ve heard that theirs a 3 inch rule, and a can’t be bigger then the palm of your hand rule. but that would mean if you have large hands you could carry something large? just wondering if in California I can carry my hiking pocket knife witch is about 3 inches around with me if I were to go for a walk. I’m not a gang banger or anything, I just want something to defend myself with if I get attacked by a pit bull or something. Thanks!

And got the following answer:

There is no state law regulating knife possession by length, except for some laws applicable in specific places like school grounds and government buildings. There is no “3 inch rule.” A law regulating something by the random factor of somebody’s hand would obviously be silly, and Iknow of no such laws.

A switchblade with a blade 2″ or more in length cannot be carried in public. An ordinary folding pocket knife with a 3″ blade could be lawfully carried just about anywhere, concealed or unconcealed. (A knife with a blade which locks in the open position could not be carried concealed with the blade open.) There may be some applicable local ordinance, particularly if you are under 18, so you may want to check that.

That said, a folding knife is a terrible defensive weapon. If you are worried about dogs, a spray bottle with ammonia would be far better. If you are 18 (or 16-17 with parents permission) you can carry pepper spray as well.

cmpuma asked What happens if you have a pocket knife and you get searched? Would you get in trouble?

If you have a pocket knife in your pocket and you get pulled over or searched but you don’t cause any disturbance with the pocket knife or do any activity with it, what would happen? please be specific

And got the following answer:

Every state is different but the big thing is blade length like here in TN as long as the blade is less than 4 inches its legal to carry and is not considered a weapon.