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Best Survival Knife – Survival Gear Guide

Hands down the best survival knife in an outdoors or wilderness survival scenario. These knives are are designed to take abuse.

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Folding Knives | Best Survival Knife Guide

Gayle Bradley has been making hand-made custom folder and fixed blade knives since 1988. After becoming very successful selling his knives, he partnered with Spyderco.

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SOG Specialty Knives and Tools FF-25 Escape 3.4-Inch Partially Serrated Folding Knife with Pocket Clip, Tactical Black Finish by SOG Specialty Knives

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Folding Knives | Best Survival Knife Guide

Gayle Bradley has been making hand-made custom folder and fixed blade knives since 1988. After becoming very successful selling his knives, he partnered with Spyderco.

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DNews – Top 5 Survival Knives (and How to Choose the One That’s …

One tool which can make or break you in a survival situation is a good knife. And although it’s said that the best knife is the one you have with you, and a lot can …

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Pierre asked What is the best fixed blade and or best folding pocket knife for around $100?

Just got into looking into different steels for knives and noticed the hudge difference in them. What is the best steel on the best knife for affordable and reasonable prices? I bought the bear grylls ultimate knife, its a great knife minus the steel… Very soft and loses sharpness fast… What would be a comparable knife outside of gerber with a greater steel? I know that’s like 5 questions in one but gimme some advice and or some good input. Thanks guys

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Take a look at this little puppy.

Bradley asked What do you have in your wilderness survival kit?

I have:
Waterproof matches.
Flint and steel.
Space blanket.
Trash bag.
Fixed blade survival knife.
Regular folding knife.
Knife sharpener.
Small tin coffee can with lid.
Zip lock bags.
Steel wool and battery.
Coffee Filters.
2 emergency candles (burns for 7 hours)
Fishing kit.
Copper wire for trapping.
Headlight with extra batteries.
Maglite flashlight.

And a few misc. items. Any suggestions would be nice.


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just the usual.I keep matches,lighters,Norman Rockwell paintings,knives,a compass,power window motor from a 1989 Ford F250,baling twine,cigs,snuff,peroxide,aspirin,preperation H,and a Happy Gilmore dvd

Ben asked What is the best survival knife within the 100 dollar range.?

Looking for a survival knife 100 dollars or less. Fixed blade not folded. Is Gerber any good?

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I love the gerber series
I have that knife and its awesome only 38 dollars

Hunter asked Can I carry a small folding knife in the trunk of my car in NJ?

I’m a tad bit of a doomsday/emergency prepper. I have a small bug out bag located in the back of my trunk. In this bag I have a gas mask and some filters which are sealed in a very thick plastic shell that must be cut open. I would like to carry a small folding knife in this bag (not a switchblade) so I can cut open the canisters when need be. Is this legal?

Ps- I drive a sedan and have no trunk access unless I pop it open. If a cop pulls me over and asks the usual “are there weapons in the car?” I will start by saying “No, but I have a knife for survival purposes”

Thanks ahead of time.

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yes you can

Thomas Child asked Is The Gerber Gator Folder Knife Any Good?

It is more expensive then the Gerber Freeman Folding Knife, which is better? Why? Whats the difference between the two? Also try and compare the Bear Grylls Ultimate Folder if you can.
So whats the difference between the three? Which would you recommend?

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I have had the Gerber Gator for about 15 years and its a great knife for any outdoors man. I like it because it works well when wet in an outdoor environment. It’s all about grip living here in the Pacific Northwest, it rains here just a bit. All are good knives but it comes down to personal preference, do you want a folding or fixed blade? How long of a blade do you need? Are you gutting deer or fish with it? The Gator and Bear Grylls knives are folding knives and have better grip I think when wet and the Freeman is a fixed blade. They all come in various forms to fit your needs. Here are the descriptions I got from, they got all these knives at low prices by the way. I don’t think you’ll go wrong with any of these knives, Gerber makes a good quality knife.

Gator Folders – Serrated – $28.00
Ever notice how alligators are completely indifferent to the weather? Well these prized knives are the same way, because they perform to their fullest whether the conditions are wet or dry. If there’s a job to be done, our Gator Folders are more than up to it. But that’s not just us talking. The Gator Folders employs advanced thermoplastics with an alligator skin texture to deliver a stunningly reliable, ultimately comfortable grip. Who could have guessed that the feel of reptile scales would be so satisfying? All models feature a lock-back mechanism. And a blade made of high-carbon stainless steel that’s as rugged as they come.

Overall Length: 8.58″
Closed Length: 4.96″
Blade Length: 3.76″
Weight: 5.4oz

Freeman Guide Knife – Drop Point, Nylon Sheath, Clam Pack – $20.01

Full tang construction and a TacHide(TM) onlay make the Freeman Guide Fixed blade a must have for hunters.


– Lightweight Handle – Easy to carry
– TacHide(TM) Onlay – For secure grip in all conditions
– Large Finger Grooves – For comfort and security
– Full Fine Edge Blade or Gut Hook
– Nylon Sheath – Wear resistant


– Blade Length: 4.0 in.
– Overall Length: 8.4 in.
– Weight: 4.4 oz.

Bear Grylls Series – Folding Sheath Knife – $19.93

Based on the Ultimate Knife. For people who want a serious blade, yet compact, fold-able and able to fit neatly into a sheath, on a belt and out of the way.


– ½ Serrated High Carbon Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade – Ideal for edge retention and cutting rope
– Dual-Sided Thumb Stud – For easy single-hand opening
– Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip – Maximizes comfort and reduces slippage
– Lock Back – Locks blade securely in place and maximizes safety during closing
– Nylon sheath – Lightweight, military-grade, mildew resistant sheath allows for horizontal or vertical carry
– Priorities of Survival – Pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials


– Overall Length: 8.5″
– Closed Length: 4.9″
– Blade Length: 3.6″
– Weight (with sheath): 5.3 oz.
– Weight (no sheath): 4.3 oz.

Ben Martin asked What is a good folding survival/work knife?

Looking for a new knife. I need it for work and outdoor use. It needs to be a folder. I currently have the American Lawman and love it. Any suggestions?

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Some of the best folding knives are made by Spyderco, Kershaw, Benchmade, SOG and CRKT. Lately, Gerber knives quality seems to be going down a bit. But honestly, there are too many models too list and it really depends on how much you’re willing to spend. For an excellent list top folding knives take a look at: