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Pocket Knife Care Made Easy by Larry Clark

There are literally thousands of articles on the web that outline various methods of caring for your knives. In this article, I will break it down to the simplest terms using the KISS principle Keep It Simple Stupid to describe how to ensure your favorite knife lasts you many years. The information in this article is valid for all types of pocketknives, and can be used to care for all knives.

Whether you have one pocketknife or a huge collection of quality knives, including the full range of pocketknives, folding knives, fixed blade knives and pulti-purpose tools, you must maintain and care for them or they will deteriorate. I remember once when I pulled my favorite knife out of the leather sheath for the first time in a year, it was all stained and the blade was covered with rust.

Maybe you just gave your son or daughter their first pocketknife and want to teach them how to care for it. No matter if you are a hunter, hiker, camper, or wilderness backpacker, you know that a quality pocketknife is a valuable tool and, if properly cared for it will last you may years.

There are many brands of pocketknives and just as many levels of quality with varying degrees of corrosion resistance suffice it to say knives made with lower quality metals will require somewhat more care to ensure they stay corrosion-free. BUT for the purposes of this article, the prudent level of care described below should keep any knife in good working order.


1. USE YOUR POCKETKNIFE PROPERLY Remember a knife is not a screwdriver and a screwdriver is not a knife: Use your knife properly, cut only stuff your knife was made to cut avoid cutting cardboard or paper and never use a cutting board made of glass, granite, or other hard substances. And, of course, (but many people ignore this one) dont use your pocketknife as a screwdriver, chisel or a pry-bar.

2. STORING YOUR POCKETKNIFE When not in use wipe your pocketknife lightly with oil ( a good silicone spray lubricant can also be used) and store it in a dry place. NEVER store your knife in its sheath especially a leather sheath, as leather tends to hold moisture and can cause corrosion.

3. CLEANING AND OILING Many normal uses for your knife such as pealing citrus fruit, cleaning fish or skinning game can leave corrosive residues on your knife. After using your knife, always clean the entire knife with mild soapy water. Then dry it thoroughly and apply a liberal coating of clean oil before putting it into storage. Finally, if you dont use the knife frequently, take it out 3-4 time a year to inspect it for corrosion, and apply a new coat of oil. These actions will ensure a long life for your knife.

4. SHARPENING Always keep your pocketknives sharp. A sharp knife is more efficient and easy to use. There are a number of different styles of knife sharpeners the three primary styles are sharpening stones, diamond sharpening sticks, and ceramic crock sticks. All of these have their pros- and cons- but they all can sharpen knives effectively. When sharpening your pocketknife, I recommend you sharpen to the original angles of the blade. Just follow the instructions that came with the sharpener. Remember there is no need to grind the knife away – go slowly and check progress after every few strokes and stop when you have reached the desired sharpness. When done, dont forget to wipe the blade clean and apply a light coat of oil or silicone protectant.

IN CONCLUSION Take good care of your pocketknives and they will last for many years.

Keep your pocketknife clean and dry.

Oil your knife frequently; especially pivot points and the blade.

Keep your knife sharp; a sharp blade is safer than a dull one.

When not in use, remove your knife from the sheath and store in a dry environment

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History of Knives<!–

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//–> By Rajkumar Jonnala on February 23, 2010 0

Knives as Tools

Knives have always been an extremely useful tool to have. They are probably one of the only tools that we use daily that were used by our distant ancestors. The Bronze Age brought about the first significant change to knives, though since its softer structure didn’t make the strongest of knives, many still preferred the “older” stone tool. Stone blades and knives really remained the preferred material up until bronze was replaced with iron which was considerably stronger than bronze.

First Improvements

Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations are credited with the first folding knives as well as knives with ivory blades. It’s believed that this was a result of the popularity of cut fruits – ivory blades prevented the transfer of the taste of rust (or metal).

Manufacturing Knives

Between 1095 and 1272 there were a number of Crusades launched by the Europeans. During this time they traveled to all corners of the earth fighting for ground and more. Like so many other conflicts, this created an opportunity. France began its manufacturing of cutlery offering blades of various sizes and shapes and in a variety of materials. France had a corner on the cutlery market (including knives) until about 1789 and even today, you’ll find several cutlery manufacturers still in France.

The “Pocket” Knife

Today’s pocket knife is believed to be started sometime during the 15th Century – again out of necessity. Remember, knives were the main tool at that time, there was no cutlery, as we know it today – people ate their meals with the blades of their knife. This is when it is believed that multiple-blade knives made their first appearance and most likely resulting in more folding knives.

Material Improvements

While most early knives were created from carbon steel (or iron), today’s blades are made of surgical steel, carbon steel or from martensitic stainless steel. What has not changed much is the overall design of knives.

Nearly all collectible knives and Scout knives are created from carbon steel. The reason behind this is believed to be that while this knife can oxidize easily, it’s less expensive to manufacture, it’s very easy to sharpen and once sharpened it has a great edge.

Useful Knives

It seems like today you can find a knife for any purpose including fighting, multi-purpose knives, hunting knives and more. This development really came about during the 19th Century, material was readily available and more people were adept at creating knives. Whether you are looking for a simple purpose knife or a collectible folding knife, today you will have no trouble locating them. Whether your tastes run to plain handles or intricately designed handles, there is a knife available to suit your basic needs, or your desire to collect a piece that displays exquisite workmanship.


Today pocket knives are available for a fraction of the cost of what they used to be. You’ll find people from early teens to older adults, men and women sporting a pocket knife. Because of the impeccable record keeping that began around 1900, collectors have an easier time valuing and dating previously created knives, and particularly those rare hand-crafted ones. Knives are often used for wedding gifts, promotional items and more.

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Spyderco Knives – a manufacturer of quality, reliable high performance knives and sharpeners designed for superior function and ergonomic comfort in many applications …

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The Spyderco Store: Spyderco Knives | Byrd Knives and More

Find The Best Of Spyderco Knives At The Spyderco Store. Spyderco is known for producing high quality knives, and knife accessories. Byrd, Salt, and the Fixed Blade …

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Spyderco Knives – a manufacturer of quality, reliable high performance knives and sharpeners designed for superior function and ergonomic comfort in many applications …

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RE: Who's Best Benchmade or Spyderco?


Joe asked What is a good folding knife for everyday carry and self defense?

Im looking for something with a blade around 4″. I like the Spyderco military and Police knives but I’m wondering if any other brands that have similar models.

And got the following answer:

I agree with Jesse on this one.. I wouldn’t consider a knife a great defense weapon.. If I lived in a state where I can can have a CCW pistol, then that would be my first choice. Since I don’t, I rather carry a knife than not… I carry a Smith & Wesson titanium special ops knife I got from Big5 on sale for about $15 bucks. It comes in handy just to have around for other-than-defense situations (i.e. cutting the occasional box or string up or whatever). However, if I had some extra cash to throw around, Benchmade makes really quality blades.

Dan asked Which is the better spyderco knife?

I want a knife for edc use and not for self defense. For personal reasons i want it to be a spyderco knife. I was wondering which knife is better, the spyderco centofante or the spyderco cricket.

And got the following answer:

I would go with the Spyderco Cricket. Although, they are used for different purposes, the cricket is a better all around knife. It is easy to carry because of its size and it is a great knife. I included a link that has some pretty good prices on Spyderco knives and sometimes they have good reviews also.

asked What tool do I use to move the pocket clip on my spyderco tenacious knife?

I just bought my awesome new spyderco tenacious but I want to move the pocket clip but I don’t have the right tool I tried my smallest Allen wrench but still to big.

And got the following answer:

Buy a very small knife called micro U knife on ebay.
I hope this helps. 

wolfbane asked Whats the best knife sharpener?

Looking for a really good knife sharpener for my Spyderco Native (CMPS30V) I know about the new spyderco knife sharpener that is out now but don’t know how good it is. I’m planning on buying more knives (most likely EDC’s) so i want something that will last and that WORKS! So please let know what you would recommend.

And got the following answer:

About 25 years ago I discovered Lansky. I am on my second set. They last a long time.

When I first got into knives, I dreaded using a new one because there was no way to get a factory edge back once you dulled the knife. After Lansky, I consider the factory edge too dull to use.

You will not go wrong with a Lansky kit, and they were around $35 on Amazon the other day.

MichaelG asked What is the best brand of knife?

I buy mostly SOG and SPYDERCO knives, but would like to try others. I just don’t know much about other brands. I use most of them for daily tasks( boxes etc..) but I also buy some to collect. I’ve been looking at Ontario knives, CRKT and Gerber. I just don’t want to get stuck with some flea market junk. I buy most of my knives on eBay ( poor_fish_store) and I also know of some knife auctions. Any help would be great.

And got the following answer:

One of the best knifes i have found is made Kershaw. Kershaw is one of the few USA made knifes around and they make some really good quality knifes. And they have some great hunting and tacktical style ones that i use every day at work.

jimmy522 asked What do you think of the Spyderco Police knife?

I was just curious of people’s opinon on the Spyderco Police Knife?
What do you think of it?

And got the following answer:

One of the most efficient Spyderco designs to date, the Police Model provides exceptional strength in a slim and comfortable carry. This knife has as much blade as could possibly fit in the handle, with a distinctive grind atop the hollow ground blade. The large, yet ergonomic handle features a secure front lock and a clothing clip for easy accessibility. The Police model is especially well-suited for the heavy daily use typical of all law enforcement work. In short, the Police Model does everything a knife needs to do.