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Enjoy outdoor adventures uninterruptedly with outdoor edge knives

If you are thinking of spending a lot
of time outdoors, then you should always carry hunting or outdoor
edge knives. Famously known as survival knives, these sharp cutting
objects are carried by hunters or the people who go for outdoor
activities such as camping, hunting, mountaineering, rafting or
outing in dense forests and natural places that are not frequently
visited by people. These knives are not only useful for hunting
purpose but also for the hunters’ survival from unknown danger.
Hence, these knives serve various purposes.

Fixed blade knives and lockback or
tactical folding knives are the two common types of knives. Although
both types of knives s have their own unique benefits, yet their
selection mainly depends upon your own needs and hunting styles. The
thing that makes a lockback or folding blade knife remarkable and
useful is their one-handed opening feature. It allows your thumb nail
to open the blade instantly. Being smaller in size, these knives are
the best and safest to carry and wear on the belt. Additionally,
these knives cover less space owing their ability to get folded

On the other hand, fixed
blade tactical knives or hunting knives are more durable and
versatile. That is why they can be effectively used for cutting,
slicing, gutting, piercing and trimming plants as well as animals. A
fixed blade is an invaluable gift for the purpose of wilderness
survival. When hunters or adventure-loving people carry these knives
with them, they can easily clear small bushes, skin small animals and
cut ropes. These knives are carried in a sheath on the belt, leg or
boot to avoid physical injuries. The clip point blade, skinning blade
and the drop point blade are the three common types of blades
primarily used by hunters in their journey to forests. You can easily
find these blades clad in either fixed or hunting knives.

elegantly crafted and designed knife can make things easy for you if
you are going to skin the animal or cut up the meat. When your bag
has some sharp knives, you can easily spend every leisure moment in
excitement and adventure. As the quintessential tool for outdoor
adventure and survival situations, the knife serves a symbolic
purpose by providing security. Whether you look for cutting game and
wood, warding off danger, administering first aid or feeling safe,
outdoor edge knives come out to your rescue and overcome your

Whether you
choose tactical folding knife or fixed blade knives, make sure your
selection should match your recreational and hunting needs directly.

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Camping Sodbuster Knives – Article Search Engine

Sodbuster Knives

Over 150 years ago the Sodbuster Plough was invented to plough the hard dry ground of the Great Western Plains of the USA.

Because of the dry arid conditions, the topsoil was baked into an extremely hard crust known as ‘Sod’.

Traditional iron ploughs were not strong enough, and the ‘Sodbuster Plough’ made of steel was introduced to do the job.

The 1862 Homestead Act provided 160 acres of free land to anyone willing to set up a farm in the Great Plains. The top layer of earth or Sod was so tough that it was used as building bricks by Homesteaders in the Great Plains. Other inventions around this time were, barbed wire to fence off and protect farm land, horse-drawn reapers, binders and threshers and combine harvesters.

The Sodbuster Knife is a large size, low cost, single bladed folding knife. The size has been scaled down recently and UK legal carry Sodbuster Junior knives are available.

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Guitar player 17 asked Are switchblades or spring assisted knives illegal in Illinois?

What im wondering is, are switchblades illegal to own in Illinois? are spring assisted knives illegal to own in Illinois? And also is it illegal to conceal and carry either?

And got the following answer:

Short answer: Switchblades illegal to possess or carry in IL. Spring-assist legal.

Long answer:
720 ILCS 5/24-1. Unlawful Use of Weapons. (a) A person commits the offense of unlawful use of weapons when he knowingly: (1) Sells, manufactures, purchases, possesses or carries any… knife commonly referred to as a switchblade knife, which has a blade that opens automatically by hand pressure applied to a button, spring or other device in the handle of the knife

Since a switchblade is described in the law, a knife not fitting that description wouldn’t be classified as a switchblade. Since most spring-assist knives are imported and come through US Customs in tact, they cannot be classified as switchblades, because switchblades are illegal to import, per the Supreme Court’s interpretation of chapter 19 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

wikipedia has a good list of state-by-state switchblade laws which are kept pretty up-to-date by knife dealers (like me) and knife enthusiasts who are privy to current knife laws.

blah blah blah asked Is carrying a spring assist knife illegal?

I just got a spring assist knife today that’s less than about 3 or 4 inches. Is it illegal to carry in MN?

And got the following answer:

It is illegal to carry.

ection 609.66. Dangerous weapons.
Subdivision 1.
Acts prohibited. Whoever does any of the following is
guilty of a crime… (4) manufactures, transfers, or
possesses metal knuckles or a switch blade knife opening
automatically; or
(5) possesses any other dangerous article or substance
for the purpose of being used unlawfully as a weapon
against another…

Jordan Patterson asked What are some good cheap spring assisted knives?

I want some good cheap spring assisted knives. I got one today I thought it was gonna suck but I love them. But wht are some good named brands.

And got the following answer:

Can’t carry any of them on an airplane which is about all this question has to do with this category.