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Pocket Knives | 5,000 In Stock With Fast Shipping | Knife Depot

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asked Can I carry a small folding knife in the trunk of my car in NJ?

I’m a tad bit of a doomsday/emergency prepper. I have a small bug out bag located in the back of my trunk. In this bag I have a gas mask and some filters which are sealed in a very thick plastic shell that must be cut open. I would like to carry a small folding knife in this bag (not a switchblade) so I can cut open the canisters when need be. Is this legal?

Ps- I drive a sedan and have no trunk access unless I pop it open. If a cop pulls me over and asks the usual “are there weapons in the car?” I will start by saying “No, but I have a knife for survival purposes”

Thanks ahead of time.

And got the following answer:

yes you can

somerandomdude asked What’s the best steel for a utility blade, and the best way to sharpen it?

I am looking for a small folding knife, keychain size, for daily work/utility stuff. The blade only needs to be about 2 inches long, but I’d like to get one made of high-quality steel, that will keep an edge.

I’d also like to know the best way to sharpen one, in order to keep it sharp and durable.

Any help would be appreciated.

Oh, it needs to have a keychain hole.

And got the following answer:

Check out AG Russell, if you have not seen them already. They have a lot of info on qualities of steel and sharpening knives. They also have forums there where you could hook up with an expert, if you can’t find what you need on their site.

I have a handful of knives, but I finally gave in to a whim and bought their “Funny Folder.” I worked the edge over quite a bit and now sharpen it on a razor hone and strop. It holds the edge VERY well and I rarely have to sharpen it. They say the metal is ATS-34 steel with a Rockwell hardness of 60-61.—aluminum-and-aus-8-/p/RUS-FF3AL/

I recently bought a Victorinox Sentinal on a whim. Notice a trend??? I wanted to see how that one-hand opening deal worked. So-so… I can’t comment on the hardness of the steel, because I have barely used it, but it does have a loop for a keychain.

I don’t really care for the “modern way” of sharpening knives with that fairly blunt edge (if you know what I mean), but I prefer to just do them by hand on an Arkansas stone with oil. Sometimes, as mentioned, I keep it touched up with the fine wet stone – a razor hone.

bballjames16 asked Is there an age limit to buy small folding knives?

I live in NY and I want to buy a small folding knife I saw at walmart. I don’t think that my mother will allow me to buy it as she doesn’t want me to get into any trouble with it. ( Which I won’t ) So is there an age limit to buy small folding knifes? ( I’m aware it is illegal to purchase automatic knifes and switchblades but that’s not what I’m asking )

And got the following answer:

no, there’s no age limit

T to the C asked Is it legal to carry a knife in your pocket in Italy?

Not interested in US law, I am traveling to Italy and would like to know if it’s legal to carry a small folding knife in pocket.
Any info on concealed knife carry in Italy would be useful.

And got the following answer:

If you are travelling by plane it may cause problems at the airport before you even get to Italy.

In Italy you aren’t allowed to carry a knife unless you can prove you have legitimate reason to carry a knife and there are not many reasons seen as legitimate by the Italian police.

Walking through the streets of an Italian city with a knife, even a pocket one, is illegal.

As for Italian police many are paramilitary and you are best off not going around with a knife anywhere in Europe full stop.

Italian Police

asked in canada, is it legal to carry a knife in your car?

I’m a female, 20. I live in a sketchy area and I’ve been in situations where I’ve been defenseless and terrified. I’d like to be able to carry something in my car that I can use for personal safety, and I think just a small knife would be fine. Like, a small folding knife that you would take camping.

Would it be legal for me to keep a knife like such under my carseat or in the glove compartment of my car? If it’s not legal, what are my options?
Thanks, Francesca. Does anyone know anything about the requirements for me to be able to legally have it in my car?

And got the following answer:

Knives are perfectly legal in Canada — provided they do not have a spring or gravity assisted blade and aren’t a sword.

It is perfectly legal to carry a knife in your vehicle. You can visit a Canadian Tire and buy 20 boxes of steak knives, pocket knifes, camping knives, etc. if you wish.

It is illegal to carry a concealed weapon (of any type) on your person. It is perfectly legal to carry a knife in a sheath, you just can’t conceal it in a pocket or belt. It is illegal to take any weapon to a ‘public gathering’. This is generally means any public building such as a school, city hall, arena, etc.

If is generally stupid to carry a knife in the glove box. If you are pulled over by the police… they can think you were reaching for it rather than the insurance papers. If it generally stupid to rely on any weapon in a vehicle. If you have enough time to reach in a glove box or under the seat, take out a knife, open the blade, and use it… you could have hit the horn, locked the door, or just driven away. If he has the ability to smash in a window… a knife isn’t going to help you. You are also at a huge disadvantage trying to fight while seated and taking out any weapon is far more likely to cause your attacker to draw their own weapon or otherwise escalate to lethal force.

If you take out a weapon prior to someone breaking into your vehicle, in most cases that is considered premeditation to commit assault/murder. In Canada, self defense cases can only be made if you *had* to use such force. If you had time to take out a weapon and you didn’t call the police, drive away, etc. you can’t claim self defense.