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Best Pocket Knives In The World News:

Benchmade Knife Company – World’s premier manufacturer of the …

Benchmade Knife Company was founded on the premise of designing, manufacturing and delivering the highest quality, functionally featured, sporting cutlery, knives …

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io9 – We come from the future.

We come from the future. … Don’t read Alan Averill’s The Beautiful Land expecting a plot-driven thriller with a ticking bomb and an evil conspiracy.

Original Source: Victorinox Swiss Army Champion Plus Pocket Knife …

A lot of knife for not a lot of money. The Victorinox Champion features a main blade, scissors, metal saw, wood saw, magnifying glass, and much more – truly a value …

Original Source: Buck 110 Folding Hunter, Lockback Folding Knife …

The 110 Folding Hunter–Buck’s signature knife–originally debuted in 1962, making it a good year for knife safety. The Folding Hunter is equipped with a nail-notch …

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Benchmade Knife Company – World’s premier manufacturer of the …

Benchmade Knife Company was founded on the premise of designing, manufacturing and delivering the highest quality, functionally featured, sporting cutlery, knives …

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Pocket Knives – The ” best ” small knife

For me the best small EDC blade is one that is not to expensive, has a high utility value, is light, small, and easy to open and close one handed.

SPRICE asked What are all the different pocket knife types and what are they most useful/built for?

I just care about knives like case brand knives for this question. I’m wondering about trapper vs congress vs stockman etc. What are all those types of knives and their uses?

And got the following answer:

Hopefully one or a combination of all of them will give you the answer to your question.

Wikipedia.Search ResultsTypes of pocket knives | Collectible pocket knives
To delve into the interesting world of knives, here are the different types of pocket knives. Automatic switchblade knife is one pocket knife that is very popular …​article-guide/types… – Cached
Knife – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Materials and…|Types of…|Rituals and…|LegislationLayers of different steel types are welded together, but then the stock is manipulated to … Traditional pocket knives and Swiss Army Knives commonly employ the nail nick … – Cached.Different Types of Pocket Knives
Pocket knives can be used for a variety of things from work to opening your mail. These can make tasks simple and easy. Choosing the right pocket knife for you can …​Pocket-Knives&id=… – Cached
Different Types of Pocket Knives – Free Online Library
Free Online Library: Different Types of Pocket Knives by “Business, regional community”;​Different+Types+of+Pocket+Knives… – Cached
Knife Blade Types – Knife Knowledge
… color: #000000; } Knife History Making of a Knife Knife Terminology Tips for Buying a Knife Knife Blade Types Knife Blade Steel Types Knife Types Popular Pocket Knife …​blade-types.html – Cached
Knife Depot: Types of Knives
Types of Knives. Knives can be categorized based on … to traditional folding knives or pocket knives. There are several styles of and sizes neck knife from several different …​13.html – Cached
A description of the different types of pocket knives.
Traditional pocket knives, lock backs, liner locks, and assisted openers. Helping you choose the right pocket knife from Pocket Knives ‘R’​knives

Nick Riggs asked I have an old pocket knife that I need some information on. Can anybody help me?

It is an old World War 1 or 2 military knife with a marlin spike, a tin opener, and the knife. It also has some kind of clasp on one side of it to hang on a belt maybe or a keychain I guess. On the knife and tin opener, the nam Roberts Sheffield is engraved.There are no other kind of engravings on it. The handle is black. Any help such as information or value about this pocket knife would be greatly appreciated.

And got the following answer:

theres a sheffields thread on theese forums youl get all the details on there

Ryan asked What are the top 5 coolest/unique looking knives or blades?

Im looking for any unique pocket knife,fantasy blades,any sharp weapon really because fathers day is tommorow and i need a list of 5 from least favorite to most favorite! PLEASE HELP ME!THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

And got the following answer:

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Ethan Sandrue asked What is a similar blade to what Im looking for?

I’m looking for a good folding blade. Not so much a pocket knife as a folding sword or even bowie knife. I like the idea of the Boker folding kukri ($20), and I really like the Cold Steel Spartan (a hefty $60). Are there any other blades like this on the market for me? Links would be appreciated, best answer gets ten points. Thanks in advance.

And got the following answer:

A kukri is not a “sword,” but a type of machete. There are no folding swords, because swords must be stronger than a folding action will allow.

The Spartan is less than a foot long. It’s basically an extra-large pocketknife, comparable to a folding hunting knife.

If you like the Boker or the Cold Steel, buy them. There aren’t many other designs that fit your description, and even if they are, they’re marginally useful in the real world.

John asked how much would it cost to have a pocket knife with a 4″ folding blade made out of black sapphire made?

sapphire is as hard as titanium so i think it would be really cool to have a pocket knife made out of it. it wouldn’t get dull it would be really hard to break or chip. why not just get a knife made out of titanium? because a black sapphire pocket knife would look way cooler. i know gemstones are pricey but if i ever have the money i want one made. any ideas what this sort of thing would run?
if not sapphire are there any gemstones that would work? something durable that will hold up when used not like a trophy knife?

And got the following answer:

Impossible the worlds largest sapphire is but 536 carrots and but just an inch or two in size and priceless. Secondly the material may be hard as in able to keep a sharp edge but it is also brittle and would chip or break easily.

Blaze asked I would like to get my boyfriend an engraved pocket knife for his bday?

and I was wondering where in the world could you do it? I thought maybe jewelry stores, but most of them don’t even sell pocket knives…

And got the following answer:

buy the knife and then take it to a jewler to be engraved you dont have to buy it there for them to do it. also just check your local phone book i bet you can find a few places.

asked What is the most extreme location you’ve visited? How did it make you feel?

Have you climbed a high, desolate mountain? Camped alone in the middle of the desert? Trekked through the jungle with just a pocket knife and a clean pair of socks? Jumped head first into a foreign city where you didn’t know a soul or speak the language?

How did you feel during and after your experience? What are your favorite memories? Is it something you would do again? Would you recommend it to others? Did you ever fear for your life during your trip?

And got the following answer:

I was a Peace Corps volunteer and sent to a tiny spec in the middle of the Pacific 400 miles from Guam called Pohnpei (in Micronesia). No electricity, running water and it is one of the rainiest places on Earth. But WOW, what a wonderful world. And at night, when lying on the roof of an abandoned Japanese WWII building, you could see the entire Milky Way. And if you stared long enough up into the night sky — you felt like you were falling … falling up. It was amazing.

lovebirds37013 asked Where can I find real direct wholesalers or buy from importers in the USA?

We are looking for fleece blankets(baby and larger), tools, cameras, victorian dolls and other collector dolls as well as collector pocket knives.

And got the following answer:

If you want the real thing, you should check out World Wide Brands at

Their suppliers have over 3million products and sell over 4000 name brand items. These are legitimate wholesalers and drop shippers.

Best of luck

Allen Lundy