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Buck Knives History of Hoyt H Buck by James Huff

One of the most trusted names in pocket knives and hunting knives is Buck knives. Buck knives is the name of Quality in the world of knives. Buck knives where created by Hoyt H Buck. Hoyt Buck started making hunting knives as a apprentice in Kansas over 100 years ago. He later moved to Idaho and then started to make knives. After the bombing of Pear Harbor. When the military asked for help to arm the troops Hoyt Buck started to make knives for them to help in the fight, and got knives into the hands of as many troops as he could.

Later he and his son moved Buck knives to San Diego and started making knives on a much larger scale. This is where the Buck knives that we all know was made. It is called the Buck folding hunter and is one of the most copied knives in the world. Witch supports the claim that Buck knives is one of the greatest manufactures in the world and is why Buck knives are second to none.

Buck knives also made a survival knife called the Buckmaster. These knives where made for the military and also one of the knives that you know from the Rambo movies. Later Buck knives where also made for the navy seals. This knife is called the Knighthawk. This is another testament to the quality of Buck knives, one of the best makers of pocket knives, hunting knives, or survival knives world wide. If Buck knives are trusted by the U.S. military then I think that we all can trust them.

Later in 2005 Buck knives moved back to where it all started, back to Idaho where the first knives where made so help the war effort Buck knives has a history of being the best. From the first knives that Hoyt H Buck made to the Buck knives of today when we go hunting or fishing or on our camping trips, and all the knives that have served our young men and young ladies in the military. So if you want the best, buy Buck knives and you cant go wrong. They are just great knives.

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All Knife – World’s Best Knives, World’s Lowest Prices

We do not carry cheap knives, … quality knives made with superior materials by the best knife manufacturers in the world. … Advanced Folding Knife Techniques.

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Best Survival Knife

While not as durable as fixed blade knives, a folding knife may be the best survival knife option for you. Folding knifes are more …

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EDC Items, 10 Good EDC Folding Knives

720HD Showing some of my Every Day Carry items. Also showing 10 different folding knives of different sizes and price ranges that you might consider for your…

S S asked What is the best way to dull a knife blade??

I have a souvenir pocket knife, but I want to dull the blade, so it can’t be dangerous. I don’t have any interest in it ever being used as a knife. Any suggestions on how to do that? Would removing the blade and just keeping the commemorative casing be possible? Thank you for any help you can provide.

And got the following answer:

just super glue it shut. then you wont have to worry about the blade at all. and you still get to keep it as a paper weight., but if you want it to stay functional, then just abuse the blade. cut rocks, bricks, and what not.

. asked Is it possible to install a tracking device on 1960s vehicle?

My childhood friend spent 50k to design a custom car for me, and I am afraid of someone breaking into it. I don’t live in the safest neighbor, and this is the first car that I ever owned. I watch programs like “cops” and “bait cars” and they show how suspects use pocket knifes and screwdrivers to steal the cars.

And got the following answer:

You mean a GPS? Of course it is. Your friend should be able to do it since he built the car for you.

Harold asked I heard a song during a movie trailer, can you identify it?

Hello. I saw “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” earlier today, and at the beginning – it was in either one of the trailers, or an advertisement, or something – I heard a song. I wrote down some lyrics, planning on looking it up later.

rode rocket ships to the stars
lost my pocket knife
now we’re in hell
whistling keeps the wolves away

There’s also mention of “Johnny” in several other lyrics.

I searched for these lyrics, but to no avail! I don’t recall what the advertisement or trailer was for. Any ideas?


And got the following answer:

It could possibly be I Got a Rocket in My Pocket or Rocket in my Pocket.

Jo asked when you were a little boy did you have a pocket knife?

my 6 year old son likes pocket knives(sp) his grandfather has given him a couple of them and he had one in his pocket today and got sent home from school for having a weapon. I understand the potential problem of taking a knife to school, but as soon as he remembered having it, he took it to his teacher. I quess I just think its sad that little boys cant be little boys anymore…even though I agree with the school position. Did you or your children have little pocket knives when they were kids?

And got the following answer:

Yes, and all of my friends carried them also. We used to play a game called mubbly pegs (?) at recess time on the school play ground. This is another example of the advantage of growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. No one ever thought of using the knife as a weapon.

By the way, congratulations to your son for doing the right thing when he realized he had a “weapon” in his possession. It’s sad but the school must have and enforce this policy. With the crazy things I read and see on the news, credit goes to the teacher also. Sometimes teachers and administrators go too far in cases like this. I read a year or two ago a child was suspended under similar circumstances.

Tell your son we’re very proud of him.