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Pocket Knife Care Made Easy by Larry Clark

There are literally thousands of articles on the web that outline various methods of caring for your knives. In this article, I will break it down to the simplest terms using the KISS principle Keep It Simple Stupid to describe how to ensure your favorite knife lasts you many years. The information in this article is valid for all types of pocketknives, and can be used to care for all knives.

Whether you have one pocketknife or a huge collection of quality knives, including the full range of pocketknives, folding knives, fixed blade knives and pulti-purpose tools, you must maintain and care for them or they will deteriorate. I remember once when I pulled my favorite knife out of the leather sheath for the first time in a year, it was all stained and the blade was covered with rust.

Maybe you just gave your son or daughter their first pocketknife and want to teach them how to care for it. No matter if you are a hunter, hiker, camper, or wilderness backpacker, you know that a quality pocketknife is a valuable tool and, if properly cared for it will last you may years.

There are many brands of pocketknives and just as many levels of quality with varying degrees of corrosion resistance suffice it to say knives made with lower quality metals will require somewhat more care to ensure they stay corrosion-free. BUT for the purposes of this article, the prudent level of care described below should keep any knife in good working order.


1. USE YOUR POCKETKNIFE PROPERLY Remember a knife is not a screwdriver and a screwdriver is not a knife: Use your knife properly, cut only stuff your knife was made to cut avoid cutting cardboard or paper and never use a cutting board made of glass, granite, or other hard substances. And, of course, (but many people ignore this one) dont use your pocketknife as a screwdriver, chisel or a pry-bar.

2. STORING YOUR POCKETKNIFE When not in use wipe your pocketknife lightly with oil ( a good silicone spray lubricant can also be used) and store it in a dry place. NEVER store your knife in its sheath especially a leather sheath, as leather tends to hold moisture and can cause corrosion.

3. CLEANING AND OILING Many normal uses for your knife such as pealing citrus fruit, cleaning fish or skinning game can leave corrosive residues on your knife. After using your knife, always clean the entire knife with mild soapy water. Then dry it thoroughly and apply a liberal coating of clean oil before putting it into storage. Finally, if you dont use the knife frequently, take it out 3-4 time a year to inspect it for corrosion, and apply a new coat of oil. These actions will ensure a long life for your knife.

4. SHARPENING Always keep your pocketknives sharp. A sharp knife is more efficient and easy to use. There are a number of different styles of knife sharpeners the three primary styles are sharpening stones, diamond sharpening sticks, and ceramic crock sticks. All of these have their pros- and cons- but they all can sharpen knives effectively. When sharpening your pocketknife, I recommend you sharpen to the original angles of the blade. Just follow the instructions that came with the sharpener. Remember there is no need to grind the knife away – go slowly and check progress after every few strokes and stop when you have reached the desired sharpness. When done, dont forget to wipe the blade clean and apply a light coat of oil or silicone protectant.

IN CONCLUSION Take good care of your pocketknives and they will last for many years.

Keep your pocketknife clean and dry.

Oil your knife frequently; especially pivot points and the blade.

Keep your knife sharp; a sharp blade is safer than a dull one.

When not in use, remove your knife from the sheath and store in a dry environment

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History Collectible Knives Batman Batarang The New Trend By Smith K Lee on October 16, 2012 0

Knives have an important place in our daily lives. Even our ancestors depended on knives to survive. The major evolution in knives manufacturing came during the Bronze Age when soft structured knives were built. However, these new knives were not preferred by the mass as the older stone tools were more durable and functional. Nevertheless, collectible pocket knives, such as Batman Batarang and tac force kniveshave played a vital role for humans.The first evidence of folding knives could be seen from the artifacts collected from the Greek and the Roman civilization. Their society preferred cut fruits and vegetables on their tables and therefore, high quality knives as well as ivory blades were in demand among royals and wealthy individuals.

Today, Knives have become more than just a tool, it has become a necessity. Additionally, there is a new trend and passion among adventures individuals to collect knives, such as batman batarang of various designs, color, and style. Although folding knives were famous and extremely beneficial, there was always a need of special tool. Therefore, during the 15th century, innovators introduced a tool that has won the heart of millions of people: a multifunctional knife, such as the Swiss Army Knife and tac force knife.

In past, most of the knives were made out of carbon steel or in plain words, iron, but today many industrial applications have allowed manufacturer to use high-strength surgical steel and/or stainless steel. However, even today, you will still find knives that have carbon steel blades. The main reason behind the technique is that carbon steel blades are less expensive to produce and they can be sharped easily.

You will have no difficulty in finding a knife that is utilized for a basic purpose or a knife that has a historical value or a fancy collectible batman batarang and tac force knives. There is always knife available that will satisfy your aesthetic needs. One can be interested in buying a knife with a plain handle or a knife with a complicatedly fashioned handle, and he will be able to own one without any trouble. These Batman batarang is double bladed. They are made of stainless steel and utilizes aluminum made handle. The blades are sharp and they a special logo on the handle. These are extremely famous among batman movie fans.

One of the famous brands that has inspired knife enthusiast is Tac Force Knives. They have manufactured some of the best designed knives in the market, and a major advantage is that the prices are extremely affordable. Most of the knives are made of stainless steel, which has a double edged blade. Furthermore, they are categorized as spring assisted knives. The spring motion allows the knife to be easily opened and closed. Some of the blades are half serrated, with Tac Force Knives logo on the blade. This not only makes the design of the knife more appealing, but it provides an extra functionality. They also come with a softly sharp top edge. Although, some knife owners might prefer sharp top, but the reasoning behind this feature is to avoid any physical injury while closing the knife. Most of their knives come with unique design and are available in various colors. Additionally, the inner frame of the knife handle is made of steel and the outer frame is aluminum. Almost, all the tac force knives and batman batarang have these three common features: they have a pocket clip, a seat belt cutter, and a glass breaking end tip.

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Hunter asked Can I carry a small folding knife in the trunk of my car in NJ?

I’m a tad bit of a doomsday/emergency prepper. I have a small bug out bag located in the back of my trunk. In this bag I have a gas mask and some filters which are sealed in a very thick plastic shell that must be cut open. I would like to carry a small folding knife in this bag (not a switchblade) so I can cut open the canisters when need be. Is this legal?

Ps- I drive a sedan and have no trunk access unless I pop it open. If a cop pulls me over and asks the usual “are there weapons in the car?” I will start by saying “No, but I have a knife for survival purposes”

Thanks ahead of time.

And got the following answer:

yes you can

hendrixfan108 asked Having a fixed blade survival knife while hiking in California?

What are the laws for having a fixed blade large survival knife in California?

And got the following answer:

I am pasting an answer I gave for another question about transporting a knife to a campsite. Essentially, the state law allows you to carry a knife as long as it is not concealed (i.e. must be visibly carried on your belt or whatever). No switchblades or knives in your boot and such. Local municipal laws may vary. If you’re hiking in L.A., don’t carry a knife; anywhere rural, you should be fine. Check with local law enforcement before you go or ask the Park rangers.

“Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
As long as the knife is not a switchblade, dagger, ballistic knife, etc., there should be no special precautions needed. California law states that fixed blade knives not be concealed upon the person when carried. That means you can’t have a knife hidden in your boot, or inside your shirt where no one else can see. It must be carried (when on your person) visibly on the belt. If you are headed camping and have a blade in your pack, you should be fine. If an officer pulls you over for a traffic violation and asks if you have any weapons, calmly state that you have a legal blade for camping in your pack. Without catching an attitude, and with all due respect, state that you understand the knife to be legal to carry and that you are en-route to your camping location. You may want to call ahead to the park or camp ground to which you are headed and ask if they have any specific limitations on what campers can bring. If you are headed to any government building or ‘public meeting’, California law prohibits blades longer than 4 inches. If, however, you live in LA, they have a local ordinance against any knife over 3 inches.
Oh, and you shouldn’t have any throwing stars with you, either. You’re gonna have to fight any rabid squirrels up close with your knife.
BTW, what kind of ‘survival knife’ are you talking about?
here’s the link to the relevant California penal code:
section 653k covers folding knife laws. section 643 covers how to appropriately dispose of fetal remains (look it up). hey, we all go camping for different reasons.”

Bradley asked What do you have in your wilderness survival kit?

I have:
Waterproof matches.
Flint and steel.
Space blanket.
Trash bag.
Fixed blade survival knife.
Regular folding knife.
Knife sharpener.
Small tin coffee can with lid.
Zip lock bags.
Steel wool and battery.
Coffee Filters.
2 emergency candles (burns for 7 hours)
Fishing kit.
Copper wire for trapping.
Headlight with extra batteries.
Maglite flashlight.

And a few misc. items. Any suggestions would be nice.


And got the following answer:

just the usual.I keep matches,lighters,Norman Rockwell paintings,knives,a compass,power window motor from a 1989 Ford F250,baling twine,cigs,snuff,peroxide,aspirin,preperation H,and a Happy Gilmore dvd