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Tactical Folding Knives outlet. Best prices and largest variety of …

Tactical Folding Knives outlet. Best prices and largest variety of Tactical Folding Knives knives and accessories on the web

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Our Picks For The Best Tactical Folding Knives

COLUMBIA RIVER KNIFE AND TOOL (CRKT) First up we are going to talk about the CRKT M1614DSFG. The reason we are starting with the M16 style is because, in it’s many …

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One of the best Tactical Folding Knife – YouTube

Microtech SOCOM Elite. My thoughts on this knife and other knives like, Chris reeve, Rockstead knives etc.

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CopsPlus – Shop For Tactical Knives

Tactical-Military > Tactical Knives Tactical knives are designed for maximum versatility. Choosing the best combat tactical knife to use could easily be the …

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BEST Tactical Folding Knives by Nutnfancy – YouTube

My current favorites of all the folding tactical (defensive and EDC capabilities) knives I’ve rev…

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10-1/8″ Applegate-Fairbain Combat Folding Knife. – Serrated Edge(Manual Folder)

NOTE: This Knife(Applegate- Fairbain Combat) is a Manual Folding Knife. It is NOT Gerber F.A.S.T. nor Automatic. It is Approximatly (1.25)inch's Larger than …

G asked Are butterfly knives good for anything other than being flashy?

I see so many kids playing with their little butterfly knives, so I was just wondering if the only thing that sets them apart from other knives is the fact that you can swing them around a lot, kinda like a yo-yo.

And got the following answer:

In a real combat situation, if you can get em out in a hurry, keep em sharp, and pray they don’t snap on you, yeah there fine. The reason they are so popular is because of their size, there long enough to look intimidating, and skinny enough to be concealed, also the method in which there flipped out is meant to be intimidating. but in reality i prefer the CRKT M21-14SFG, it’s a tactical folding knife, reinforced, and with an automatic double locking feature.

Plus the blade on the stiletto isn’t meant to keep an edge, it’s meant to be a good sstabbing weapon.

brandon_0916 asked How good is the sog seal pup elite as a combat knife, survival, and tool? Mostly combat…?

Sugestions for other combat knives will help too…

And got the following answer:

Short answer is that it’s not that good as one, do it all tool. It’s rather short, blade geometry is not optimal for the uses you described.
Guerrilla Sauce was correct in his assessment of combat knives. You don’t use them to fight enemies, but mainly for pretty rough use, which might include prying, chopping and other heavy duty works.

As such, seal pup isn’t the best choice. AUS-8 steel used in it isn’t the best choice either. Hardened at 57-58 HRC it is an ok choice at best. It wont hold the edge as long as other other, better combat knives. That steel, especially at that hardness is pretty tough, but again, in such a short knife toughness isn’t very critical, because it’s not likely you can chop with it real hard.
The tip of the knife is also fairly delicate. It’s good for stabbing and delicate works, but those aren’t qualities you’re looking for in a survival knife.

One more thing if you are in US service and gonna be deployed it’s unlikely that you will be using that knife or any other.After exchanging numerous emails with US servicemen in various branches regarding knives, as far as I can tell pretty much nobody is using their own knife. You get issued standard bayonet and that’s your primary knife. Good folder is a welcomed complement.
Although, I know quite a few guys who use their Busses and Swamp Rats while in service.

For the other suggestions. For starters if you want one more or less universal knife then you’d need to go with something bigger – 7″ or more.
Jerry Busse makes exceptional combat knives with his proprietary INFI steel, but those are relatively expensive and pretty hard to get, but he offers discounts and priority service for active duty personnel.
INFI steel performance for hard use combat knives is extremely good.

Swamp Rat knives is very reasonably priced alternative to Busse line. SR-101 steel is modified 52100 steel and offers excellent price/performance value.

If you insist on SOG, they used ot make X42 Field knife out of BG-42 steel. It’s a lot more utility/field knife than the seal pup and better steel as well.

Strider makes good combat knives, sadly mainly with paracord handles, you’d have to hunt for G-10 handled knives, if you don’t like paracord.

Benchmade also makes some good and not too expensive field/combat knives.

Fallknives is also good choice, especially A1 for the survival/combat use.

There’s 50+ combat/field/survival knife reviews here –
Including Busses, Swamp Rats, Strider, Chris Reeve and others including relevant links.

Bunch of folders here –

Frogger asked Is a spyderco tenacious a good folding knife for self defense?

I carry a spyderco tenacious along with a pepper spray when I go outside since I live in a pretty messed neighborhood. Would this knife be ideal in a situation where I would need to defend myself?
I lvie in VA and the law here states that there is no length limit on a folding knife that you can carry in public.

And got the following answer:

Before I saw anything, I must tell you to use your non lethal weapon (pepper spray) on an attacker first. Only under dire circumstances should your knife be used as a weapon. I idealize my knives as tools that can be used as weapons, rather than the opposite.

Even if you can prove in court that your life was in danger and the attacker was killed or wounded in self defense, you will have some sort of a criminal charge on your record, if you’re lucky it would be a minor misdemeanor. It has even been said that consequences of using a knife in lawful self defense are worse than those of using a gun.

However, I do value my life vey much and would use my knife as a self defense weapon if it was absolutely necessary.

The Tenacious does not have an ideal blade shape for self defense. It is not the worst, but it isnt great. I prefer slashers for self defense. I believe stabbing blade shapes (spear point blade, dagger) can only be effectively implemented for offensive uses (e.g. Crime, ambush and assassination). Knife fight statistics have shown that the first three moves in any knife fight are slashes. A stabbing knife is therefore only effective in self defense if you can manage to evade a few slashes (not likely) that will inevitably come before you have an oppurtunity to stab.

Therefore, you are much more likely to survive unscathed in a self defense encounter with a blade designed to slash than one designed to stab

Some knives I think would excell in the role of self defense slashing would be:

– Spyderco Civilian: probably the most damage-capable piece of steel for its size on the planet. I would imagine you could easily open a person’s belly with this thing, or sever most of the muscles and tendons in any of their limbs, rendering them unfit for combat in one swift slash. This is my top choice for a folding self defense knife. Just looking at it makes me shiver. Only downside is that it is relatively expensive.

– Cold Steel Rajah II: 6 inch Kukri style blade. I don’t own one but it obviously would be very effective for slashing. The sheer size might scare off attackers. People aren’t used to seeing folding knives with blades larger than larger than 3.5″ *snicker*

If you’re into carrying really large blades, you might also look into the Cold steel Espada XL too. The thing dwarfs anything spyderco or benchmade make.

– Any Hawkbill shaped blade. They are born slashers. enough said. Spyderco SpyderHawk is a good choice. I have the H1 rust-proof Salt version and I carry it whenever I go swimming. Great, light knife. Very useful for EDC tasks too

– Any Karambit shaped blade. They require some training to be combat effective though. I believe some manufacturers even ship a training DVD with their karambits. The Emerson Super Karambit was designed for use by Navy SEALs and the British SAS. It is very pricy though.

– Recurve blade shapes. Benchmade 710 and Emerson Commander are exemplary. Recurves are good slashers and also can be can primarily be used as EDCs. If I could only. Carry one knife for EDC and SD, my BM 710 In M390 steel would be the one.

Hope it helped. Remember not to do anything you will regret. Only use your knife if you are sure your life or others’ are in danger

Good luck. I hope you will never have to be an a self defense situation, but if you are, you will be prepared.

Max White asked what are the knife carry restrictions in MA as a 16 year old kid?

Ok so I would like to know the knife restrictions for knife carry in MA. I currently carry a 6 inch smith and wesson combat knife (sheath knife) around on me at all times. I would like to know if this is legal. If it is can it be conceal carried or does it have to be open carry.

And got the following answer:

(1) DO NOT rely on legal advice provided in any Y!A forum. It could cost you a couple of years in jail.

(2) My understanding is that <>, there are no mentions of age or of blade length for fixed blade knives. Folding knives of many different types are limited to a quite short blade length.

(3) In Boston, there are limits of 2 1/2 inches to blade length. There are certain exceptions.

Just use any internet search engine to look up “massachusetts knife laws” and you will get tons of information.

IBLIS asked Are combat knives Illegal to carry in Indiana?

Is it illegal for me to have a combat knife on me in the state of Indiana

please provide sources for you answers

And got the following answer:

Indiana has no laws against most knives, with the exception of switchblades and throwing stars. The only laws in the Indiana Code that mention knives are IC 35-47-5-2 and IC 35-47-5-12.

So yes, a combat knife is legal in IN, even if carried concealed. Man, I am envious! I think that’s the only state that’s so easy on knife carry that you can carry a fixed blade.

Now, keep in mind that cities and counties are allowed to make their own laws more restrictive
Big urban centers often have much stricter regulations on weapons, regardless of what the state law is. For example, Indianapolis and Marion County it would be illegal to carry a combat knife, as the law forbids “dagger, dirk, bowie knife or stiletto” (legal-speak for “fixed-blade knife”) from being carried in public. However, folding knives with blades 5″ inches long or less are legal in these areas.

So try and look up your local county and city laws first before you carry that around. You can e-mail me if you want and I’ll find them for you.

Big Tuna asked What is the best combat folding knife?

I’m looking for a combat knife that is durable, sharp, and well made.

And got the following answer:

Depends on what you plan on doing with it, when and how you plan on carrying it.


Are you plan on carrying it in civilian clothing or just while deployed ?

Civilian carry :

You need to be aware of legal blade lengths — generally 3 inch’s is the max legal blade length, in some states its 2 3/4 inch.

Weight – anything more than 3 or 4 oz, is hard to carry, it just weights your pocket down to much

Military carry – you can get tactical knives with up to 5 inch blades that can weigh up to 8 ozs

2. What to look for :

a. Steel liners – most tactical knives have handles made of high tech plastics that provide very good grips, even when wet, but plastic is still plastic, so for strength and durability, the handle needs to have steel liners inside the plastic.

b. Blade material —

AUS8 Stainless Steel blade – stays sharp, easy to sharpen
154CM Steel blade – stays sharp, harder to sharpen, but is a very tough blade
VG-10 steel — very high quality, stays sharp, easy to sharpen and is tough

3. Qualitry knife makers:

Cold Steel
Zero Tolerance

cqbigfish asked Any stores selling tactical combat knives and folding knives in New York?

Hope can get the address information of such stores in New York.
I get hobbies of martial arts and collecting cold weapons and will visit New York next month for only 2 days.
No purchase from the internet for me.
Hunting knives and pocket folding knives also welcomed!
Pls tell me where can I get them in New York.

And got the following answer:

If you mean New York City, probably not. NYC has restrictive knife laws. So even if you find somewhere to buy knives, be careful that the knife you buy is legal for carry in NYC.