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Benchmade 710 – Get The High End Multi Purpose Pocket Knife

The next few paragraphs offers important tips and advice that could help you successfully pick a pocket knife for your needs. Find the best pocket knife and it will serve you well for years to come.

The Benchmade 710 was designed by custom knife makers Bill McHenry and Jason Williams. It is the end product of their hard work over the course of 4 years. The popular AXIS lock makes it possible for easy one-handed opening and closing of the blade without your fingers ever being in the path of the blade. The lock was also designed by Bill and Jason. The lock design is straightforward to activate without directions needed on how the knife works.

As simple as the lock is, perhaps its major selling feature is its brute strength. In testing, the lock supported a negative load of over 200 pounds with no damage. After the lock finally failed, the liners simply cracked over the locking pin but in no way would the blade have closed on the user hand in testing.

For great functional redundancy, the AXIS lock features two Omega shaped springs. The springs are lightly stressed and tests demonstrate they should last indefinitely. Even though one spring fails, another will still operate without any problems.

It is difficult to say if this is the most durable lock made in folding knives. The manufacturer states the Benchmade 710 is more robust than any other knives on market. The sizable 3.9″ D2 Tool Steel blade of the 710 features a reverse-curve grind for better cutting ability.

On the butt end of the knife, there is a detachable stainless steel pocket clip. The butt end position of the clip is required as a result of the locking system. If the clip were positioned on the pivot end, the knife would stick out much very far out of your pocket.

The belt clip is reversible and feels natural in hand. I have the 710 Benchmade and use it for everything – cutting paper and cardboard, cutting string, heavy duty plastic box straps, cutting into the occasional snack, etc. It holds its edge very well.

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History Collectible Knives Batman Batarang The New Trend By Smith K Lee on October 16, 2012 0

Knives have an important place in our daily lives. Even our ancestors depended on knives to survive. The major evolution in knives manufacturing came during the Bronze Age when soft structured knives were built. However, these new knives were not preferred by the mass as the older stone tools were more durable and functional. Nevertheless, collectible pocket knives, such as Batman Batarang and tac force kniveshave played a vital role for humans.The first evidence of folding knives could be seen from the artifacts collected from the Greek and the Roman civilization. Their society preferred cut fruits and vegetables on their tables and therefore, high quality knives as well as ivory blades were in demand among royals and wealthy individuals.

Today, Knives have become more than just a tool, it has become a necessity. Additionally, there is a new trend and passion among adventures individuals to collect knives, such as batman batarang of various designs, color, and style. Although folding knives were famous and extremely beneficial, there was always a need of special tool. Therefore, during the 15th century, innovators introduced a tool that has won the heart of millions of people: a multifunctional knife, such as the Swiss Army Knife and tac force knife.

In past, most of the knives were made out of carbon steel or in plain words, iron, but today many industrial applications have allowed manufacturer to use high-strength surgical steel and/or stainless steel. However, even today, you will still find knives that have carbon steel blades. The main reason behind the technique is that carbon steel blades are less expensive to produce and they can be sharped easily.

You will have no difficulty in finding a knife that is utilized for a basic purpose or a knife that has a historical value or a fancy collectible batman batarang and tac force knives. There is always knife available that will satisfy your aesthetic needs. One can be interested in buying a knife with a plain handle or a knife with a complicatedly fashioned handle, and he will be able to own one without any trouble. These Batman batarang is double bladed. They are made of stainless steel and utilizes aluminum made handle. The blades are sharp and they a special logo on the handle. These are extremely famous among batman movie fans.

One of the famous brands that has inspired knife enthusiast is Tac Force Knives. They have manufactured some of the best designed knives in the market, and a major advantage is that the prices are extremely affordable. Most of the knives are made of stainless steel, which has a double edged blade. Furthermore, they are categorized as spring assisted knives. The spring motion allows the knife to be easily opened and closed. Some of the blades are half serrated, with Tac Force Knives logo on the blade. This not only makes the design of the knife more appealing, but it provides an extra functionality. They also come with a softly sharp top edge. Although, some knife owners might prefer sharp top, but the reasoning behind this feature is to avoid any physical injury while closing the knife. Most of their knives come with unique design and are available in various colors. Additionally, the inner frame of the knife handle is made of steel and the outer frame is aluminum. Almost, all the tac force knives and batman batarang have these three common features: they have a pocket clip, a seat belt cutter, and a glass breaking end tip.

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Switchblade – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Automatic knife manufacture in Italy consists predominantly as a cottage industry of family-oriented businesses. … Florida: Legal: Limited …

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Automatic Knives

High quality automatic knives for the hunter, law enforcement, military or for every day carry. … We can ship to anyone in FL that is over 18 years old.

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Switchblade – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Automatic knife manufacture in Italy consists predominantly as a cottage industry of family-oriented businesses. … Florida: Legal: Limited …

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Automatic Knives

High quality automatic knives for the hunter, law enforcement, military or for every day carry. … We can ship to anyone in FL that is over 18 years old.

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Hunting Knives and Bowie Knives – Concealed Carry Gun Holsters

At Jax Knives your customer satisfaction is important to us. Manufacturers. Adventure Medical Kits Bear & Son … Jax Knives of Jacksonville, Florida …

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Brave_Sir_Robin asked How old do you have to be to buy a knife in Florida?

How old do you have to be to buy a knife in Florida? I live in Jax, btw. I want an OTF, but fine with other stuff. and what are the main restrictions concerning length, automatics, OTFs, and butterflies?

And got the following answer:

You have to be 18 most of the time, unless you find someone shady or trick your parents into ordering you one offline.

Automatics are unattainable unless your military or LE

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some dude asked Im going to florida for 10 days camping on an island…?

People have told me that there in the water like 9 hours a day and that there balls chaff really bad. How can i prevent this. I dont want to deal with any powdwe cuz that sounds kinda messy but i was thinking of wearing a speedo under my boardshorts so that there was no rubbing. Also we only get a small bag for our stuff so you prettymuch pack 2 swimsuits and 3 or 4 shirts and a bed sheet to sleep on. I dont want chafing balls plz help me.
yeah its seabase im goign next summer but i thought i would ask now cuz it was on my mind. Ik ill brign real chothes also. BTW sisce u have been there what should i bring.

And got the following answer:

Are you going to Flordia Sea Base?! I went there! From the details that you gave this sounds exactly like what I did down there. If you set up your profile so that you can send and receive messages from other users we can talk about this without getting in trouble or anything.

If you’re doing the thing that I did down there then honestly you won’t really get that much chaffing, the most you’ll really be in the water for is about 6-7 hours a day. Just wear something that you know is really comfortable and won’t give you that. I’d suggest either wearing a loose-fitting Speedo or a set of underwear under your board shorts, this will make life a lot easier for you! Also the guy who went with us had some Gold Bond Maximum strength stuff, according to him it wasn’t that much of a mess and he only used it when we got back from the water.

But if you are going to FSB/BEC I have a lot of background on our trip. Set up your profile so that you can send/receive messages by going to “My Profile”, then “Edit my Info” and then check the box about user communications (the first one under privacy that says ” Allow Answers users to contact me via email (Address not publically displayed)”)and we can discuss the trip.

((update)): Wow! You’re doing the Out Island Adventure to Big Munson! It’s a nice trip and 10 days?? That’s as long as National Jambos!

OK wow, I don’t even know where to start with here.

You can bring things like iPods, cell phones, ect. but remember that there’s no electricity on the island at all. You can store anything you’re not bring out to Big Munson in locked storage containers they keep there at Briton Environmental Center. Also pack a lot of stuff in your main bag if you’re flying in, about 90% of stuff going on a Scouting trip wouldn’t be let through by aiport security (we have LOTS of personal experience with pocket knives, fire starters, ect.).

I would highly recommend making/ordering customized Class B’s for the trip, FSB/BEC doesn’t mind if you don’t have Class A uniforms, as long as your troop wears a uniform scouting shirt to dinner each night it’s OK with them. Class A’s on the island is absolutely not required and is highly recommended against; you’ll have no real purpose for them on the island.

If you’re flying in to Miami just for the record it’s really a 4 hour trip to get there not a 3 hour trip as you may have heard. Actually Isamorada (where the main Sea Base is) is about 3 hours, 3 1/2 sometimes but BEC is really 4 hours. Also don’t rent rental cars to get down there either from Miami or from Key West, instead use a charter bus (they come in various sizes from about 30 person buses to the standard 54 person depending on how many crews you’re taking down. It’ll be a lot cheaper and everything will be so much more organized.

Like you’ve probably heard before about the trip: bring lots of cameras!! It sounds like you’re doing the 7-day, 7-night program so I’d say bring at least 2 disposable cameras and a water-proof one as well. Trust me, you’ll want to take pictures of just about everything on the trip.

About the widlife on the island: AVOID THE POISONWOOD AT ALL TIMES!! If you come into contact with this stuff it’ll likely require a hospital visit and a nice long stay in the “No Adventure Box” (the nurse’s office). They should be marked by orange tags on the trees but their sap is so acidic that it’ll melt these off eventually. NEVER stand under these when it rains, that’s just asking for a living nightmare of an experience. Don’t burn poisonwood if you have a fire, this would be an automatic trip to the ICU in Miami. Otherwise just about all other plants and animals on the island are OK, the gumbo limbo trees might give you a slight reaction but nothing like the poisonwood. You also can’t eat the barracuda if you catch one fishing, they have a toxin in them that I believe contains some mercury so FSB/BEC/BMI staff don’t want to take any chances will being liable to say it’s OK to eat that stuff. Otherwise you’ll catch mangrove snapper, yellow tail, maybe some mahi-mahi if you’re really lucky and other fish. When we were down there they caught a record cobia, now THAT was a fish for ya’! There’s a fish I forget the name of that always come up on the surface in the bay at Briton Environmental Center, I think the record was something like 16″ or so and they’re fun to pull in. Also if the spiders on the island have bright colors stay away from them, you really don’t want to take chances with them either.

The weather down there is probably a lot different than the weather you’re used to. Because of the sub-tropic climate the place is really active when thunderstorms roll through. If it starts to rain the slightest bit your best bet is to get undercover quick (and away from poisonwood trees as I mentioned before). The rolling thunder will keep everyone up all night if it comes at night; you’re all either in backpacking tents or hammocks so everyone hears everything on the island.

Typically what would happen is you’ll come in on what they call Day #1 around 3 PM or so. They might have a last-day luau for another batch of scouts leaving (oh, and bring a Hawaiian shirt for that too!) and you’ll get to at least eat the food they have but don’t worry about not playing limbo or Polynesian tug-of-war, you’ll get to do that your last night there. But you’ll get there and you’ll unload all of your bags and then you’ll sit in a circle in the chairs they have there with your island mates and you’ll tell a little bit about yourself and give a brief introduction. This is nice for people who have never met each other before like if you’re in there with some crews from other troops.
Sometime around here you’ll use the drink stand they have there, also note that the flavored drinks are very sugary and should be watered down, otherwise you’ll get really sick of them real quick. After this you’ll get your dorms set up for the night. Also bring bedsheets, these are really nice for both the island and the dorms they have there. Also old bed sheets are advisable; you might get the bedsheets messy from just the general island wear and tear. Now you’ll probably go down for your swim test that they do there. After this you’ll go down for flags at about 6, say prayer and eat. And eat good because this is the last chance you have of getting real food before you go on the island! So after dinner they’ll probably have a leader’s meeting and they’ll go over the basic stuff with them and all that stuff and during that time is the best time to use the ship store. Here you can buy hammocks for the island, ice cream, rope sandals and a lot of other odds and ends like t-shirts. After the leader’s meeting is over they’ll sit everyone down and go over things about the island: everything from poisonwood to vacacoons (I think that’s how you spell it), Key deer to some of the craziest spiders you’ve ever seen, they go over just about everything in this meeting. Typically after this you’ll load the motor boats (that you won’t be taking) with all the food and water you’ll be taking (these will be put out on the floating docks off the island waiting for you to bring them once you get out there). At one point or another you’ll get your dry bags as you pointed out and this is where pack rats get left behind: it might be a 5-galloon drysack but when folded to prevent water from getting in it’s more like 3.5 galloons. You should pack a pair of VERY comfortable sandals (wear your booties for your snorkel stuff on the kayaks or war canoes), at least 2 polyester shirts (preferably 3 in your case), 2 or 3 compression shorts, 2-3 underwear, toothbrush and maybe a pack of toothpaste the whole crew can share, a patrol first aid kit, a flashlight for each person, rain gear, any other toiletries you might need, your hammock if you got one, a compressed pillow (bean pillows are amazing out there), a hat, sunscreen and bug spray. That’s all I can name off the top of my head but you’ll know what else to pack. Also don’t pack aerosol bug spray or sun screen; you run out of either really fast if you’re not careful (you have to spray lightly so that it goes on you instead of half of it deflecting off of you) plus aerosol cans may burst in the heat down there if you go at the right time and the conditions are good for it. You don’t have to worry about packing your scuba/snorkeling stuff, that’ll be in a seperate bad that can get wet.

Your second day (Day #2) will be your deployment day typically, this is where you paddle out to Big Munson. You’ll either take their polynesian war canoes or you’ll take their 2-person kayaks. We kayaked out and it took us 4 1/2 hours to get out there, we were going into a strong headwind and headcurrent so the trip there was rough; be prepared for a long trip getting to the island. Hopefully if you’ll lucky you’ll get to kayak because if you come back with the war canoes you can make sails from things you find on the island and from things you bring with you. We found a 12 foot metal pole over in the “End of the World” campsite as they call it over by Little Palm island (the rich people’s place). THAT was a find but I don’t know what they did with it after that. But anyways the crews returning from the island will probably be coming in around lunch time, you’ll eat lunch and then you’ll head out for the island. Fill up your water bottle all the way and use the bathroom before you go (there’ll be some stops where you can jump out and go in the ocean, it doesn’t hurt the ecosystem and no one typically notices because the water’s so warm or at least that was the case when we went). If you have access to a rowing machine or can get one I would highly advise it, you’re going to be in the kayaks/war canoes for a good part of the time you’re on-island or in the waters just off the island. When you get there mind the jaged rocks; since the island lies on a base of limestone it erodes away in a funny way making for a trecherous trek to the island. Also deal with the sargassum; as nasty as that stuff is you’ll get out of it quick. So once you bring everything to shore you’ll bring the stuff to your campsite: the food, the water and your personal gear. They have the grills and cook boxes in the campsites already along with the tents; if you have 2-3 people who use the hammocks you should have only 1 person per tent. But I remember an island mate by the name of Mike had a spider hammock: it was a completely enclosed hammock that could be hung just about anywhere: in the trees or just above the ground, that was really neat. So after you get all that stuff set up you might go “fishing” off the floating docks, just wait for this!! Once you come back from fishing you’ll cook up anything you have, you might eat before you go or you might eat afterwards. But that’ll pretty much be your second day.

From here you might do a variety of days of different things, I’ll just list them out as we did them when we were down on BMI. You might also go off-island for a night maybe down to Key West but I’m not sure, we did a one-week trip with just about our entrie troop so doing the 6-day 6-night island trip would’ve been rough for us. Just be advised that your crew’s own schedule likely won’t be like this since you’re doing 2 extra days and nights over what we did on Big Munson.

Our third day (Day #3) was our island day when we didn’t have to use the boats at all. We basically took a big tour of the island, we saw the third largest buttonwood tree in the US (formerly the third largest in the world) and basically saw a little preview of just about everything. On this day you might do the mangrove maze, it’s basically a giant maze of mangrove trees really close over to Little Palm but there’s a whole bunch of entry points but there’s only 1 main channel that you can go through to get out. But anyways you might do a large combination of things on this day like you might go “fishing” off the floating docks on this day if you don’t go after you first get to the island. You’ll also go out in the war canoes on your island day at night and snorkel around just off the island. I won’t give away what you’ll see but it’s one of the coolest organisms you may ever see in your life.

Our third day on the island (Day 4) was our fishing day. You’ll pack lunches to take with you and you’ll take some pills that’ll keep you from getting seasick before you go (or at least they really advise you to). Around 9 or so you’ll head off for the floating docks and hop on one of the motor boats they use for various puroses. The boat captains will have their radios buzzing with fishing reports and brags (the cobia that I mentioned earlier became unbearable to listen to after a while) and you might either go to the Continental Shelf for mahi-mahi (also called dolphin fish but they’re not real dolphins). If you hook one of those you’re in for a legendary day of fishing. You might also go into the shallower waters a couple miles off the island’s coast and here there’s more guarenteed catching available; the mangrove snapper and yellowtail love these areas and wherever they are there’s also barracuda. If you pull up half a fish you know who took the other half. Once you get back with your catch you’ll cook that all up for dinner (also don’t overspice the fish as you’ve probably heard over and over if you’ve taken the cooking merit badge but overspicing on these is really easy to do) and it’ll be a nice little night provided it’s not raining.

Our fourth day on the island (Day 5) was our main snorkeling day. Now if you’re gonna get chaffed down on Big Munson then this is the day it’s gonna happen. Wear something really comfortable under your swimming stuff, it really can make a huge difference. But on this day you’ll go on the boats again with all of your snorkeling stuff out to some spots including Looe Key, I believe it’s either the second most dived spot in the world or the US, one of those. You’ll go to some other places and you’ll also occasionally find yourself in some shallow waters, even just 2 feet at times but you can still snorkel in this. In some spots schools of mangrove snapper will just swim right by you but you can’t fish in these spots, they’re generally protected waters. If you’re lucky you should see a turtle or 2 and you should typically see a barracuda so be ready with those water-proof cameras! Also if you’re scared of goign in the water you should wear something dark like a black polyester shirt because the barracuda are attracted to shinyness; this is how they’ve learned to identify their main food sources of mangrove snapper and yellowtail so if you dress in dark clothes the reflection off your skin won’t look as appealing as a person not dressed in dark clothes.

On the last night you’re on the island the island mates will leave you in a spot and you’ll wait around for a while, typically here you can get some great pictures with the sunset (also get more pictures at sunrise, we got these absolutely incredible pictures of the sunrise looking like an atomic bomb had gone off) and get pictures of families there too! And also bring a crab with you to this and make sure that it’s fast and not easily scared, you’ll see why when you get there. I’m not giving anything about this part away but I’ll just say it was very interesting.

For your trek back you’ll load all of the stuff back on to the motor boats and you’ll head out again in either the kayaks or the war canoes, whichever one you didn’t use to get out there. The trip back will be much faster than the one getting there, the return trip for us was an hour and a half in the war canoes with sails (the wind was about 2-3 MPH, nothing much at all even though we had this massive sail). When you get back you’ll reclaim a dorm room and set up camp again except in a place with RUNNING WATER and SHOWERS! Also bring a LOT of quarters for the laundry machines, you’ll really want to do a lot of laundry after the trip. Detergent would also help but they may have some in the ship’s store but I’m not sure about this. The laundry machines are located right in the pen with the storage bins with your stuff in them are right off the main dining area. That night you’ll have your luau (wear the Hawaiian shirt of course!) and even if it’s raining you’ll still have fun. Of course before all this you’ll need to clean out the garbage bins from the island (mmmmm… maggots…) and put away the stuff. You’ll also do some skits and things so you might want to be ready with something for this per each crew. Also if you have a song or something like that made up by your troop, council ect. The last day is the best day to do it. Also if your troop hasn’t been there before bring one of your council’s main patches (upper left sleeve patch) and a troop number (also sold in the ship’s store for sure), they’ll stapple it up on the ceiling in the enclosed dining area as proof that your troop was there.

Your last day will basically be your goodbye day, you’ll get emails from island mates and other scouts that were down there with you, it’s sad leaving but you’ll have some great stories to tell (like me, look at all this I’ve typed!!!)

If you want to share this with your trip/unit leaders then feel free to, this is the advice I would give anyone going out to Big Munson Island out of Briton Environmental Center.

And last but not least if you meet any island mates or staff who were island mates by the names of Mark Roberts, Mike, Gaar (pronounced Ghar, kind of like the stereotypical pirate saying) or Rachael tell them that their 4th of July 2006 crews said hi!

handsome heckler asked Carrying automatic knives “switch blades” in Florida?

Does anyone know if it is legal to carry switch blades in Florida with a Florida CCW?
FYI a Florida CCW is a concealed weapon or firearms license, and The Jack Hagler Self-defence Act defines concealed weapons or firearms as follows: handguns, electronic weapons or devices, tear gas guns, knives and billies.
Just wonder if that means switchblades are fine.

And got the following answer:

You can buy, own and collect switchblades, but as soon as you carry it, it is CCW.

By your question, I am reading it that you have a Concealed Carry Permit? Just a note here. If you are caught with an illegal switchblade, you will lose the Concealed Carry Permit upon a conviction for the blade.

Best of luck and I hope this is useful

Amari l asked I live in florida and it bans a swichblad knife is it called a swich blade if it dosent have a swich or btton?

It has a little thumb stude but it has no swich or button or enething like that is that knife legal its the gerber paraframe

And got the following answer:

It has to be automatic to be considered a switch blade. So if you have to use any force at all it’s technically not.

Michael asked whats the best legal switchblade knife under a hundred?

i’m looking for a good durable knife that looks nice, is cheap, is legal, and has a big blade.

And got the following answer:

Depends on what state you are in for sure.

(Florida they are legal).

Word of caution though, getting a cheap automatic knife (the actual name of them) is flirting with disaster. Most of them that are actually good are going to be over a hundred. Good meaning will retain their spring, throughout hundreds and thousands of openings, versus one that works good for about 2 or 3 months.

Personally, Microtech is considered the “King of Spring” they make the best automatic knives there are. I would suggest ponying up a little more cash for 120 or 130 you can pick up a Mini Socom Elite, which is what I consider to be one of the better everyday carry tactical automatic folders you can get. Go to a gun and knife show in your area and you can probably pick up one for just about 100 bucks. You can also grab cheaper ones but remember you get what you pay for.

You can pick up some HALOs one way out the front knives from Microtech for about 100 bucks.

Kershaw knives have what is called an “assisted opening” which if automatics are illegal in your area, assisted opening knives generally aren’t. Assist opening basically means the blade flies open with a slight nudge of your thumb in opening it.

Emerson makes incredible knives, that would fit your price range and have what is called a WAVE. Which is a stud that sticks out of the knife that allows it to open as soon as you pull it from your pocket, by catching on the edge and opening the knife for you. For the money that is the fastest deploying knife you can get. (No buttons or opening needed, the simple act of pulling it out opens the knife for you).

“Big Blade” depends on your definition, most states have blade length limits, and the bigger the blade the more expensive it is going to be in an automatic, and it has one extra issue. If it is a fast auto, a bigger blade has more weight behind it, and I have seen people lay themselves open when a big bladed automatic pops open and throws the knife out of their hand.

Here is a good one that could meet your needs:

It uses Microtechs dual action hidden bolster. Which will open like a regular knife and by all means look like a regular folder. But also has a way to open it automatically with the touch of a button (that is hidden). That design has gotten so popular (the original Microtech LCC is amazing) that it is widely copied. Keep in mind, Microtech does it better than anyone else, and at a Gun and Knife show you can probably get one, but you will pay for it.

Somethings to keep in mind, if you ask for their Microtechs, you are immediately going to garner the respect of a knife salesman. Similarly if you ask for Emerson, MOD, or Strider knives.

Masters of Defense (MOD) also has some really great tactical folders in Automatic. I would highly suggest the CQD Dieter Mod II. But really any MOD is nice.

That would be my best advice though is to check at your local Gun and knife show, or any Blade show that comes to town. The best place to get some AMAZING deals on knives is at Blade Magazine’s annual Blade show in Atlanta. I got knives 50 to 60 bucks cheaper there then anywhere else.

Additionally really know what you are looking for as far as what is legal in your state. It would suck to spend any amount of money on a knife, then get arrested and have it confiscated. Know your laws and carry exactly what is legal to carry.

Mackin asked Will you sign this letter and send it to your local makers?


All guns should be legal, it is the only way we can use our natural God given rights that are supposed to be protected by the United States Constitution from being infringed upon. States with high regulations are trampling over our rights and it needs to stop.

Keep the 4473 background checks but America will forever remain a hypocrisy since our rights are being infringed upon until the laws are changed.

1. Lower age to 18 to by a handgun
2. Stop all waiting periods in states like CA
3. Allow any legal citizen to purchase any firearms in any state they want
4. Lift all weapon restriction turning all “Title II” firearms into “Title I” firearms
5. Disband all ccw and open carry permits because legal gun owners don’t need a piece of paper to carry
6. Allow all legal gun owners to conceal carry and open carry in any state they want.
7. Lift all ammo restrictions
8. Lift all firearm traveling restrictions
9. No state shall require a permit to purchase any firearm
10. Lift all magazine restrictions
11. Lift all firearm importation restrictions

I know it’s asking for a lot but it is the only way we the people can truly use our 2nd amendment rights with out being infringed upon. Somebody needs to stand up to Dianne Feinstein and her outrageous proposals.


And got the following answer:

Ehh. I have a couple issues. Mostly due to Government errors in the back ground check.

#1 – I AGREE 100%. If your old enough to serve in the Military then you should be old enough to legally own a hand gun… IF you can pass a background check that should include offences when you were a Minor.

#2 – No, I don’t agree with this until the government fixes the back ground checks that do not work 100% of the time. I don’t wait because I have a CCW here in Florida, and if Background checks were more reliable I would say lift them all.

#3 – If they can pass a background check and are of sound mind and free of felony crimes then yes.

#4 – Ehh, maybe maybe not. Fully automatic weapons and explosives in the hands of everybody I think would be do crazy. Keep these weapons to people wanting to go through the trouble of getting a license to own them.

#5 – I agree with this one, though I have a carry permit myself I think this shouldn’t be regulated as long as you can legally own a gun.

#6 – Were getting their, sort of, but you still need a permit. How about this for an edit. Make all the rules for CCW from state to state the same. Example Florida my state CCW means any weapon including guns, knives, clubs, ect. Georgia I was told only includes Firearms not knives or ‘other’ weapons.

#7 – Explosive rounds may be a bit over kill for self defense LOL. Yes I know the 2nd amendment was written for the people to be able to over throw a government. But if it ever came to that some how I doubt having explosive rounds or tracers would be a huge difference against tanks and drones.

#8 – Ehh, I don’t know about that one. Loaded weapon on a plane or on a cruise ship… Sometimes I think it would be better for a weapon to be in a secure lock box rather then on your person were an accidental discharge in the bathroom could be catastrophic. Cabin pressure and all, possibly hitting hydro or electrical lines, ect.

#9 – Kind of goes back to #4 on your list.

#10 – YES! I am lucky Florida and many states and or cities don’t have these restrictions… Yet…

#11 – YES! I was so sad when I heard the Administration stopped millions of M1’s from coming back home from what was it Korea? I want one of those Rifles SO FRIGGIN BAD, American history in my hands, General Patton’s favorite weapon, but no they were not allowed to come home… ๐Ÿ™

Connor asked Is It illegal to own a switch-blade (or any other sort of automatic knife ) or is it just illegal to carry?

I would like to have a switch-blade in my knife collection but I’m not sure it is illegal to own or just to carry
I guess I forgot to mention I live in the United Kingdom

And got the following answer:

it depends on the state and their laws, here in Florida if the switch blade is Manufactured in FL it is legal to carry with a CCW